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My  novels;

Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn, Midna's Farie Tale, Teach Me the Night,  To Teach is Divine, Precede with Caution, Teaching Can be Murder, Dark Premonitions,  A Kiss Between Midnight and Dawn, The Gargoyle Keeper, Red Ryzin, Blackwind's Song, Cycles of Change, Carousel, Loose Connections, Hidden Shadows, Renewal and Nuaduh's Revenge;

are Paranormal thrillers, which deal with the Celtic and Finnish legends of long ago, Ast's infamous Book of Magick, the Diary of Sir Wyatt, and lost images of both time and history. I believe my books are a fresh new take on this genre. Not only do they bring a feel for the urban, (and when I say urban, I mean true urban lol)but they incorporate the journey of the myths themselves, entertaining, and educating at the same time.

The industry is chalk full of talented Paranormal writers, but the voice of the minority woman is still quietly vacant. Even though the industry continues to grow each year; at the same time the multicultural aspect is still very lacking.  Each of my Novels have their own feel for the urban, and educated.

  This works together to help portray Paranormal Romance in a different perspective. I believe by bringing a different cultural aspect into a genre which has been predominately "Caucasian", it will draw a new type of reader all together, while staying true to the "faithful die-hard fan".

It's been my dream to be a writer since I was a teenager, and although I'm older now and have had several different careers, it's still my #1 dream.  I grew up with a Cuban father, and my mother is Native American, Puerto Rican, Irish and African-American; so culture was a huge concept in my house. I grew up listening to people like Celia Cruz, Harry Belefonte, Tito Fuentes, Earth, Wind & Fire, just to name a few; with a mixture of Coltrane, Miles, "G", Beethoven, Bach, and Green, because this was my parents.

    Yet, at the same time my abuelito, my pappi taught me to Salsa on his feet, and swing to big band. My family was and still is very eclectic. I speak both Spanish and English, and I embrace each of my backgrounds fully, which makes it kind of hard finding just the right niche sometimes.

 However, I tend to believe love is color blind, and am in love with the idea of being in love. It is my express wish to show this, and hope others feel the same way. 
To me, a delicious looking man, is just that; and color, race or creed has nothing to do with it. 
Yummy is yummy! 

Sometimes  identifying with the character is not  all that matters, its the aspect  of being taken outside of your comfort zone to experience someone else's cultural background;and their life as they see it.          

To my amazing children, who still love me even when I'm being mom.  To Mom, love always. My Nieces, Sisters, Brothers and Cousins. Thanks a bunch( Tootles Biaches!) hahah, j/k.

Mwa! Love y'all

I would like to Acknowledge the wonderful legends and myths of not only the Egyptian people, but the Scottish, Irish, Romanian, Greek, Italian, Carpathian, Balkan, Japanese as well (I could go on and on lol). 

Equally, to those of you who continue to be as fascinated by them as I am, and continue to write about them. Without my love for mythology, none of my books would be possible.

   As well, thanks to the internet and all those novice scholars who post pages on Wikipedia; without you we would be nothing. 

Not always cited correctly, but kewl just the same ;).


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