New York 1889...

    Finnlagh looked at the woman in the corner and smiled. She would definitely be going upstairs with him tonight. He looked towards the stage, smiled as the women began the Can-Can, and his posse started laughing. The woman at the piano smiled at him again, then began to sing and Tavish elbowed him laughing. 

She was a very beautiful woman too, he thought as he watched her lithe body twist and turn this way and that enticing the men as she walked towards the stage. She beckoned him towards the stage too, and his friends sent cat calls after him as he left the barkeep and walked to where she was.

      He watched her mesmerized as her hips swayed. He was definitely in love, he thought laughing as he looked back at his boys and raised his glass; and they hooted with laughter.

      When her number was over, she sauntered her way towards him, curled her finger into his shirt and led him upstairs grinning.

Finnlagh looked at his friends, and they raised their glasses to him nodding.

Once they reached her room, she began to disrobe him, and  Finnlagh's smile got even wider as she pulled the dress over her head. He noticed her ample bosom, and if his grin could get any wider, it did.

      "Come here." She purred, and he did.

      "And yer name fair lady?" He whispered into her neck, and she grinned.

      "Monica." She purred as her lips went to his neck, and as her teeth grazed his skin, it sent a tingle up his spine.

      "Monica, yer name is as beautiful as ye are." He whispered as she eased him down on the bed, then straddled him.

      "Ye lover, are mine." She said softly, and  Finnlagh moaned as her teeth sank into his neck.

      "If I leave ye here, ye'll die." She said, and  Finnlagh looked up at her through half closed eyes. He could feel what he thought might be his life seeping from him.

      "Wh...what have ye...done?" 

      "It is yer choice my love. Ye can be mine, or die." She stated as she looked down on him grinning.  He finally noticed her eyes, and the way they began to spin. 

      "Fine...do it." He whispered hoarsely, and she brought her wrist to his lips. "But I will never be yers."  Finnlagh hissed as he felt himself dying, and she removed her wrist to frown down on him.

      "We shall see lover." 



Chapter One...

San Fernando Valley  


      I looked at the phone, then frowned. 

I was shocked; he'd just broken up with me after seven months of his shit. 

Wow, I wasn't sure what I should feel like; crying, smiling or being pissed as fuck! 

I'd put up with so much shit from him and his Conservative ass, then to just break up with me without any qualms?

    People seem to think a person's political views have no bearing on their personal relationships, but to me it's a load of bullshit! 

I'm a liberal at its finest, and I had the bright idea of dating a Conservative.

     Boy did my friends get a kick out of it, and laughed for weeks. 

None of them expected it to last this long, so it wasn?t like I could call any of them and vent; because Steven would be the first one to give me an, "I told you so'" it's what you get for dating the big C.

I sighed again, then frowned.

     I got up and slammed the phone into its cradle, then walked to the liquor cabinet and pulled out the Tequila. 

The phone ran again, and I looked at it for several seconds before I walked across the room and picked it up.


      "Hay gurl, what chue up to?" Kendal asked laughing.

      "Tequila shots." I muttered, and she laughed again.


      "He broke up wit me." I countered, and she gasped.

      "That asshole! How are you?" 

      "I guess I'm fine...I don't really know Ken." 

      "Okay, we're going drinking." She stated, and I sighed again.

      "I'm not sure if I should." 

      "Why the hell not? Not to mention, you're already drinking, it's Friday, and you finally got rid of the tool." She countered laughing, and I blinked back the tears.

I suddenly felt like crying.

I guessed she sensed it, because she sighed.

      "I'm sorry Abseil. Okay, I'm coming over." 

      "Ken that's so not necessary." 

      "It is. I'll be there in an hour." She said cutting me off, then hung up before I could respond.

    I sighed again as I walked into my bedroom, then took out something to wear; because there was no way she would let me stay home on a Friday night, with me just getting dumped.

    I took a shower, put on my tightest jeans, took out my black hooka boots, then the slinky black top with the back out.

    I turned on the mini hot curlers, then curled my hair as I did my make-up.

An hour later, she rang the bell and I hopped to the door as I zipped up my boot.

    As I opened the door, we both laughed because she was dressed almost the same.

      "Good, let me pee, then we can head out." She said and I nodded as I moved back from the door to let her in. I grabbed the tequila bottle as I passed and took a long draw off of it as I grabbed my coat, then my purse as she came from the bathroom.

      "Kewl, let's be out." She grinned, and I sighed as I nodded.

As we got into the car, she looked at me frowning.

      "Please tell me you are not this broken up about it?" She wailed, and I sighed for what seemed like the millionth time.

      "Actually I am." I wailed back, and she gave me that bullshit look.

      "You are not! Half of the time you couldn't stand him to begin with, and the other part of the time you were bitching about something he did." 

      "Yea, but I still had feelings for him Ken." 

      "Yea, sexual feelings." She laughed, and I pinched her since I couldn't punch her because she was driving.

That was one thing Thomas and I did have, a sexual connection. I didn?t think I'd ever met anyone who was as freaky as he was.

    The mild mannered Conservative thing as far as sex was concerned was so not who he was in bed. I'd surprised myself anyway by even dating him. I?d thought since I seem to never find love in my own field of academics, maybe if I dated a normal guy; not some pompous literature elite, I'd actually find it. Ironically, Thomas turned out to be exactly what I'd been running from.

     And there in lied our problem. 

Two intelligent minds who couldn't agree on shit, and the least little thing like what fucken restaurant to eat at started a full blown argument!

      "You thar?" Kendal called, and I came back to the here and now.


      "Stop thinking about him. It's his fucken loss Abseil. I think you're better off because he left." She stated rubbing my arm. I nodded blinking back the tears. 

I told myself I wouldn't cry over him, and I meant that.

      "Let me call Jason and see if he can get us in on the guest list." Kendal commented as she stopped at the light, then took her phone from her purse.

    I listened absently as she made all the arrangements, then sighed as I looked out the window.

Stop thinking about it!

I screamed at myself, then frowned as we pulled up at the club.

      "I kinda thought we'd just do a bar." I retorted, and she laughed.

      "Wit the way you look right now? Hell to the Naw." Kendal replied, and I couldn't help laughing.

Kendal was the ghettoiest white gurl I'd ever met. 5'10 ½, fiery red hair, blue eyes, and if she didn't open her mouth; one would never know. 

I liked to tease her and call her my very own female Eminem, because Kendal grew up in Jamaica Queens; and was one of the hardest chicks I knew.

    Shit, she was more black than I was. I thought laughing to myself as we both got out the car and gave the keys to the valet.

    My mother is Costa Rican and African-American, and my father Israeli. 

So Ima a Catholic Jew.

    Kendal pulled me to the front of the line, and the shit talkers in the line started talking shit.

      "Whateva." Kendal retorted bobbing her head as she waved them off.

      "You do realize you're a white gurl right." I laughed as T.J ushered us into the club, as some Rican chick called her a bitch.

      "Yup, and I can hold my own too." Kendal returned laughing as she pulled me towards the bar.

   The place was packed, and as I looked around I was so not really feeling it.

As I saw the twenty something's with most of their bodies exposed, I suddenly felt old at 33.

      "Shots to take your mind offa da asshole." Kendal said as she handed me the double shot. 

I frowned, then said to myself what the fuck ,as I knocked it back.

   She ordered two beers, then pulled me towards the other side of the club.

We watched for a while, and there were actually some hot guys in the place, but they all seemed to be in their twenties; and I had no desire to baby sit, or be someone's mother.

    I got the feeling someone was watching me and turned.

I noticed the two girls in conversation, and the guy yelling at them to get them to hear what he was saying; but I didn?t see anyone else.

I suddenly got the urge to rub the back of my neck. It was an eerie feeling. Not menacing, but eerie just the same.

    The song changed to Medina's You and I, and I knocked back the next shot, finished off the beer and let Kendal drag me out to the dance floor.

Was it ironic this song would be playing or what?

    I felt the tequila rush to my head, but I didn't care as I lifted my arms over my head and just swayed to the music. I swear she was expressing  exactly what I felt right now.



    Finnlagh spotted her almost immediately when she walked into the club. He walked out to the balcony and just watched her from his perch. He guessed she must have felt him watching, because she?d turned and looked behind her. 

He chuckled to himself then, because she had no thoughts to look up.

    If ever he wanted a woman, she was it. He watched as she swayed her hips, and the way she danced as if she was actually a part of the music. He suddenly got an image of someone else, and frowned. 

Had it not been the enticement of hips long ago which got him caught up in the first place?

He frowned as he looked up to see Vexin walking his way.

    He?d had no intention of meeting at a club, but since Sephoroth owned this one, and the elders were back he'd had no choice. He needed to hand off the prophesy, and he knew from O'Grady  none of the 12 houses were safe at the moment.

    Vixen grinned as he saw him, and  Finnlagh smiled slightly. 

He hadn't seen this ass in at least half a century.

As he approached him, they embraced.

      "Bloody anorak. Tis been at least sixty years since I've clocked yer ugly mug." Vexin said as they both drew back from each other.

     "Too right. Now here, I'm done with the lot of ye. Tell Rom it's a done deal."  Finnlagh returned grinning.

     "Nae mate, the elders want ye to hand it off yerself to them." 

     "But what the fuck for? Yer just as capable as I am." Finnlagh stated frowning.

     "Because, tis muck up to the eyeballs mate, not to mention it involves ye." Vexin replied as he motioned for  Finnlagh to move towards the empty booth in the back.

     "Shite, I've stayed away from this bollix since that bitch Monica turned me. I don't have the stomach for vampire politics."  Finnlagh hissed, and Vexin nodded.

      "Tis neither here nor there old chum, neither did Ry, but he mans Night. Not to mention, especially since Stenos woke." 

      "Yer havin a piss?"  Finnlagh cried disbelievingly, but Vexin shook his head no.

     "Ry, fucken master? Truly, Stenos is awake?"  Finnlagh screeched, then looked around him, but most of the people were doing their own thing.

     "No mate, I shite ye not. Tis about six months now. The shite has finally hit the fan." 

     "Bloody hell. I don't want this!"  Finnlagh wailed, and Vexin frowned.

     "Ye think the lot of us do tool? I can promise ye Seph doesn't." 

     "Fuck a motherfucken got damned duck."  Finnlagh moaned. "When am I to be there?" 

     "A.s.a.p. Like yesterday mate, they need ye and this now. I only just flew in tonight, but I'm to be there in the morning. I'd suggest ye do the same mate." 

     "Brilliant, just bleedin brilliant. God blind me, I can't ever escape this shite." 

     "Ye should have known that a hundred and twenty-two years ago mate." Vexin replied, and  Finnlagh shoved him frowning.

     "Fine, where?" 

     "Night, at 8am. Some kind of meeting with the elders. But the lot of us, Sipher, Dimyx and I aren't privy to it. It's mostly the higher ups." 

     "Lumme, fine. Then why am I invited to the party?"

     "Because what Nin's wife saw includes ye." 

     "Nin married? To who?"  Finnlagh asked shocked.

     "Ye'll learn it all on the morrow." Vexin said grinning, and Finnlagh sighed nodding.


This was all he needed.

     "Bloody annabels. On the morrow then."  Finnlagh muttered, and Vexin nodded, embraced him, then left him standing there.

Finnlagh walked down the stairs, then went to the bar and ordered a drink. It wasn't like he would feel the affects of it, but it always seemed to sooth his nerves anyway.

    He leaned against the bar and just watched the crowd. He spotted her again, and smiled. 

Finnlagh pushed off the bar, then walked to the edge of the crowd. He noticed he wasn't the only one watching her, and she was oblivious to it too, he thought laughing to himself. He looked up at the balcony frowning. 

Shite, he wanted no part of this, his mind moaned.

Someone suddenly bumped him, and he came face to face with her all of a sudden. She looked up surprised, then smiled slightly.  Finnlagh killed the beer, sat it on the passing cocktail server's tray, then looked directly into her beautiful green eyes.



    I looked up surprised at the man suddenly standing before me.

My brain immediately screamed Oh, My, God

He was beyond hot! 

I could cum from just looking at him. 

I watched a little wide-eyed as he placed the beer bottle on the server's tray, then was directly in front of me.

     I felt  very flushed, lightheaded, and my mouth was dry; all from just looking at him. He had shoulder length black hair, and as I looked up and into his eyes, I become conscious that they were a deep aqua blue color; with the longest black lashes I'd ever seen in my life.

    He had a half smile on his lips.

As he pulled me close, I nearly moaned from just being that close to him.

    I felt the liquor rush to my brain again. 

He pulled me even closer as the tempo of the music slowed. 

I realized it was Chaka Demus & Pliers' Murder

I grinned then. 

I saw Kendal on the other side of the club with this tall chocolate dream, she gave me thumbs up, and I started laughing.

    I turned, and I could feel his chest pressed against my back.

As his hands slowly come to encircle my hips, I felt him keep the beat as he taped my hips. I noticed even with my hooka boots on, I was still shorter than him. 

    His chin rested on the pulse at my throat because his head was bent. I was so lovin that!

    The song changed again to Trey Songz Say Ah.

    To my surprise he could actually dance. 

We both swayed with the music, and he turned me, then pulled me close again. So close that, when I looked up his lips nearly covered mine. As I looked up into those beautiful aqua blue eyes of his, he grinned. 

His lips hovered over mine for an instant, and I would swear he was just about to kiss me, when Kendal came over to us, tapped her watch, then held up two fingers.

I looked at her dazed.

It was two a.m. already?

I nodded, shook his hand, then turned walking off with Kendal waving at him. I noticed his frown, but Kendal pulled me towards the coat check, then out the front door.



Finnlagh frowned, then started laughing.

    If he'd ever been cocked blocked in his life, it would be at this exact moment; and by a woman no less. 

He shook his head as he put his jacket on still chuckling, then shuffled from the club with the rest of the patrons.

    He caught her scent, then ebbed to the other side of the building to where his car was.

    As he got in, he immediately hit the automatic window locks, then caught her scent again as the window lowered.

He pulled out the spot, then followed the red B.M.W.

     "No Dubois, I am not a stalker." He mumbled to Dubois, even if he wasn't there. He knew what he'd say if he was. 

He just wanted to see where she lived.

The car hit the 101 frwy, and he smiled. He would have never thought her a valley girl in a million years.

    It exited on Shermanway, then turned left. 

As the car turned onto Kittredge Ave, he slowed.

    He watched as she kissed her friend good night, ran up the steps of the condo, unlocked the double doors then went in to wave at her friend as she pulled off. 

Finnlagh took the keys from the ignition, then ebbed from the car.

    As he stood in her hallway, he did suddenly feel like a stalker.

He ebbed back to the car, sighed, started the car and pulled off. 

    When he reached his house he let himself in, tossed his keys on the foyer table, and headed straight for the bathroom for a shower.

An hour later, he walked out with a sigh.

Finnlagh filled the glass, then frowned as he raised the glass and it reflected the light.

    He hadn't taken human blood in a hundred years, but there was just something about her which made it almost next to impossible for him to control the urge.

    He walked across the kitchen, put the glass in the microwave, then sighed again.

     "Fuck wanker, get over her!" He yelled at himself as the microwave dinged.

   He took the glass out, then padded into the living room and turned on the flat screen. It wasn't like he was actually sleepy anyway. 

He had another four hours before death claimed him, and with the new shifts in power, who actually knew.

   He was nowhere near to an antediluvian, shite, he was only a hundred and twenty-two years old; but now it seemed as if he were actually near what Vexin would be.

Finnlagh drained the glass, then turned off the TV and walked into his bedroom. He lowered both sets of blinds on his side, but left the front one open, then flipped the stereo on.

    He moaned as Rihanna's Skin seeped into the room, groaning as he pulled the pillow into his body.

    He immediately got an image of her, and groaned again. 

She was in bed, the blankets had risen, so one smooth thigh was exposed.


Finnlagh whimpered.

He closed his eyes, then gasped because he was suddenly above her.

     "Are you real?" She whispered as she encircled his neck with her arms, then kissed him deeply.

     "Yes." He whispered back, then deepened the kiss.


He thought, she was liquid heat.

He felt the rush, then took a deep breath. 

He needed to control himself.

His eyes sparkled with laughter, as he reached out and pulled her to him kissing her. She rolled to her stomach, and he growled as he slid up behind her. Her breath caught as he pushed his hips forward, biting her neck at the same time, and she moaned.


His brain screamed, as he tasted her. 

My, God!

He thought gasping to catch his breath. He'd never wanted a woman this bad in his life, and her blood just seemed to sing through his veins. But he knew he had to be careful, as she pulled him back to her.                                          



    He drew me to my knees, bending me slightly and I moaned as he moved his hips back, for a fraction of a second, then pushed them forward with such force I cried out. It was a combination of both pleasure and pain, pleasure ruling out.

    He reached around me, and my head went back to rest on his shoulder, as he kissed me backwards. He leaned me forward, and drove his hips forward again and again, until I felt the pressure of the orgasm rising.

I'd never had sex like this before in my life!

    He found his rhythm, then brought me twice. He turned me, and as I looked up panting, he was above me. My hands played in the soft downs at the nape of his neck, and he shivered at my touch. He laid his lips against the side of my neck not quite kissing me, then drew my skin into his mouth,  drawing a sharp breath from me.

    I could have sworn I felt the nick of his teeth, then the most amazing feeling I'd ever felt in my life came over me.

    His fingers splayed against my thighs, spreading them slightly, as he ran the tips of his fingers up my thighs, I screamed.  There was such strength in his hands, I thought, as he ran them over my body, his mouth dipping to follow his hands.

   He drew me to the edge of the bed, pushing his hips forward, and I arched my back crying out.

     "Shit, God you're killin me." I moaned, then heard him chuckle.

     "The same luv, I swear." He whispered, then moved his hips forward again. I felt the small waves of pleasure building. He sped up his rhythm, then suddenly paused, right as the orgasm was about to hit me.

     "Not yet beautiful." He whispered grinning, and it looked as if his eyes began to spin.

He moved his hips back grinning down on me.

    I glanced down my body, as he pushed his hips forward again. He did it again, and my fingers tightened in the bed sheets, as he moved his hips back, so only the tip of him was actually touching me, then slammed his hips forward again over and over.

     "Yes, Yes, Yes!" I screamed as he rolled his fingers, and my back arched as I felt myself soaring higher and higher.

     "Yes, oh my god, you feel so good!" I screamed and looked up to see he was smiling.

    He pulled me to the edge of the bed again putting my legs over his shoulders, one hand still caressing me, and began to thrust up through my body as I screamed again.

     "Oh...my...god! I swear you're killin me! Fuck yes, yes!" I screamed over and over.

   When it hit me, it ripped a deep long drawn out scream from me, as his teeth sank into my left breast, and the orgasm became blinding! I gasped as it hit me again, taking the breath from me.

He stiffened, and I jerked awake to look around the room.

     "Fuck me." I whispered as I ran my trembling hand through my hair. 

Never in my life had I ever had a sex dream like that!

     "Shit." I moaned, then fell back on the bed panting.

     "And it'd felt so real fuck." I moaned as I threw the blankets back, then got up and wobbled from the bedroom.

     "And he was a freak too." I thought laughing, because I could hear Rihanna's Skin in the background.

    I sighed as I took the glass from the cabinet, and noticed my hand was still trembling from the mind blowing orgasm.

     "Damn." I whispered again as I filled the glass with ice from the ice maker, then water and gulped it down like I'd just left the desert.

Yet, the crazy part, is it was the guy from the club tonight!

    I sighed, put the glass in the sink, walked from the kitchen and back into the bedroom.

    I got into bed, then sighed again as I wiped my forehead. 

Shit, I was still sweating. I'd never had sex like that in my entire adult life, so that point alone told me it was a dream.

I took a deep breath, then closed my eyes.

Like I could really sleep now? 

I muttered to myself, then turned over and turned on the TV.

I finally fell asleep, but I had no clue what time it was.                                                         



Finnlagh jerked up from the trance panting.

     "What the fuck?" He whispered harshly, then looked around his room.

    The stereo was still playing, and the light from the outside lamp flickered into the room through the window, but the room was the same.

He would swear he was with her!

    Out of all his many vamp gifts, that wasn't one of them. He'd never been able to dream travel, so what the fuck just happened?

Was it her, or him?

Blimey, he'd never had sex like that in all his hundred and twenty-two years! 

He moaned, then grinned as he felt the scratches on his back; which proved he was with her.

     "Fuck, I'm in love." He moaned into the pillow, then caught an image of her sleeping.

He got up, then felt light headed.

     "Okay, what the bloody hell?" He wailed as he reached for the chair to keep from falling. 

He felt as if he was actually drunk! 

Not to mention, he had a sudden thirst for water.

    He walked into the kitchen, got a cup and drank as if he'd been parched for centuries.

    He looked at the cup, then his brow furrowed as he realized he'd just drank his first glass of water in a hundred and twenty-two years.

      "Okay, what the bleedin e'll is goin on?" He muttered, walked back into the bedroom and got back into bed.

There was something about her he was missing.

He thought as he lowered the furthest set of double blinds as he saw the first shards of daylight.

    He frowned sighing as he felt death's slight pull, then vowed to himself when he woke he would find out everything he could about her.

     "Fuck, I don't even know yer name." He muttered as death claimed him, well at least for the day anyway...