Red Ryzin; Okuza



Revelin would never in her life sleep with someone after just having met them! 
Why it went against her girl code! 
But from the instant he walked up to her with the golden Ares mask, it was like she just couldn't think straight anymore... 
And Ryzo had different thoughts entirely. 
Revelin's mistake; she should have never looked into his beautiful slanted green eyes... 
 (Ninja, Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks, Witches, the legend of the Genji, the first Japanese Empress, Fujiwara, Okuza, the Japanese Sun Goddess, and the Pallid & Jade Councils.



         "And why should we help ye? This Council has no bearing in either Japan or China." Hugo snapped, and Fujiwaraa frowned.

         "Because this will benefit not only Japan, but you as well." He stated as he took a seat.

         "I can not see how that is." Cremora untered rolling her eyes.

         "We shall bequeath the first fruits of the empire to your Council. As well, you will be allowed to govern not only Japan's, Council but China's as well." Fujiwaraa replied, and Cremora grinned.

          "Surely the Emperor isn't in line with this?" Xavier questioned, and Fujiwaraa smiled.

          "His time is limited, as well as his son's and daughter's. We shall not have a woman rule Japan." Fujiwaraa spat, and the women at the table frowned.

          "Seems to me if more women ruled, fools like ye would never be able to incite war." Luanna spat back, and Fujiwaraa's grin only deepened.

           "What is it ye would have us do?" Hugo questioned, and Fujiwaraa smiled again.

            "It involves the one Gwyneth. I need for something to be gotten rid of." Fujiwaraa stated, then slid the scroll Xavier and Hugo's way. Hugo looked up from the scroll then frowning.

             "But is he not Okuzo?" Xavier asked surprised.

             "Yes, and the elder will be taken care of by Okuzo themselves. It is this one here I need to be rid of right now, but I need it in a way, where he will always remember what and who I am." Fujiwaraa hissed, and Xavier nodded.

   Fujiwaraa put the purse on the table, then motioned his guards forward, and the Council members gasped as the trunks began to enter the room.

              "The first fruits." Fujiwaraa smiled as he waved his hand, and Xavier and Hugo grinned.

              "Then by all means, we are at yer service." Xavier smiled as he bowed to Fujiwaraa.

             "I believed you would see it as I have." Fujiwaraa cajoled, and they laughed.                                         

Japan, 1053...

Phoenix Hall, Byodoin courts

Ryzo looked up at the moon, then donned the hood.

            "Shit." He whispered to himself. Master Mishima wasn't supposed to be here. He felt the presence too late, and he realized it as the darkness swallowed him up.

           "Bring him this way." Master Mishima commanded frowning. What had gotten into Ryzo? He was never this foolish.

The guard threw Ryzo into the chair, and then slapped him across the face to wake him.

          "What is the meaning of this? Why have you done this?" Master Mishima shouted, and the guard put the samurai to Ryzo's throat.

         "You have to ask this?" Ryzo spat.

         "This will not bring her back, and you know this."

         "But it will give me some semblance of justice." Ryzo growled back, and Master Mishima sighed, then motioned for the guards to release him. They untied his hands and he got to his feet rubbing his wrists.

          "Can I not deter you from this path my son? Your mother would not wish this for you." Master Mishima pleaded, and he shook his head no.

          "But my father would." Ryzo hissed, chin rising.

          "Then it is blood that will get blood. As well, if this is your course, then you must dig two graves." Master Mishima stated, and Ryzo's chin lifted just a tad higher.

          "If I have to die to gain the justice for what he did to my parents, then it shall be. They will never rest if I do not do this." Ryzo hissed, and then left the room.

Master Mishima sighed again shaking his head. The young never learn. He knew Kinji would have Ryzo killed this day, even if Ryzo didn't. But he would never believe him, because he was blinded by revenge. Master Mishima motioned for the guards to leave him, and then kneeled. He lit the incense, and sat down to pray.


There wasn't much else he could do.

    As he was in the midst of reciting his prayer to the Sun Goddess, he heard the commotion. He jumped up, but by the time he got to the court yard, Kinji's men already had Ryzo.

        "I am quite surprised you allowed this brother?" Kinji stated, and Master Mishima frowned as he looked at Ryzo and saw the blood. He noticed Fujiwaraa and the woman as well. Kinji nodded to one of his men, and he ran Master Mishima through the chest with the samurai. Ryzo screamed struggling against the men who were holding him.

        "I'm will, kill you for that, and that is a promise Kinji; even if it is with my last breath."

        "That it shall be." Kinji grinned and waved the woman forward. Ryzo looked up and gasped. She was beautiful, and her eyes were emerald pools. He sighed as she drew close to him, and then screamed as her fangs sank into his throat. The guards let him go, and he fell to the earth. He could hear the faintness of his heartbeat. He looked up as she caressed his face. He closed his eyes then.  Kinji would pay he promised himself, even as he felt the life ebbing from him.






 I looked at the sign, and then sighed. I could feel the guy behind me patting his foot, and I turned and frowned at him. He rolled his eyes and turned his head. I grinned despite the fact that he was being rude, because he was so gay.

        "I'll have a 9 pump chai, with 7 pumps gingerbread." I told the girl, and she nodded and asked my name.

        "It's Revelin."  She looked up from the cup then grinning.

       "Wooh, that's a wicked name." She commented and I smiled. The young always seemed to like it; I on the other hand hated it. My father was Irish, my mother African-American and Japanese; and my Dà believed in giving us the name. My brothers were Fagan, Énán, Curran, and Alby.

     Yup, I have four brothers, so I don't date much. I took my cup and walked out then. As I got into the car I sighed. I did not want to go to this meeting. My parents were so proud I had made dean, but I swear at 34 I felt old already.

I pulled out of the parking lot, then sighed again as the administration building came into view. I parked, grabbed my chai, briefcase, then the pod just encase. James was rather long winded.

      As I walked into the building, I saw Gary and waved. He was such a cutie I thought smiling. We had this lil thing going on where we both wanted each other, but for two years neither him nor I actually made a move. We just flirted a whole hellva lot. He walked up to me and took my case, then linked his arm with mine and we walked into the meeting together.

    An hour and a half later, we all left frowning. I fucken hated budget cuts, and the programs they wanted to cut, almost always had to do with social issues. I threw my case into the front seat, and then sighed.


The Glendon Bar &



I looked at my watch, and then frowned. Mel had already been waiting ten minutes. As I pulled up, I frowned because I didn't see any parking, so it meant I would have to pay. Crap, I hissed frowning again, and then drove into the parking structure.

      I took the little ticket, threw it in the window, then grabbed my purse and locked the doors clicking the alarm.

   The guy coming out held the door for me, and I smiled. He was hot. He smiled back as I went through the door, and we both did thet last look thing; then both laughed.

I saw her in the corner at a back booth.

            "Hey, I'm so sorry. You know yourself James never fucken shuts up." I said taking a seat, and she laughed.

           "I told you, his ass needs some pussy." She stated and I choked on the water as the server came to our table. She looked at us both, then started laughing.

          "I'll have a scotch and water." I said, and she nodded.

           "I'll have a tequila shot, a pale ale, and a platter of the dollar tacos, and hummm, oh the spinach dip." Mel replied and she nodded and left.

           "So are we still going to the festival tomorrow?" She asked as I dipped the chip into the salsa. I nodded, and she grinned.

          "And have you picked a mask yet?" She inquired and I shook my head no.

         "Well don't you think you should find one like now?" She cried, and I laughed.

          "I did, I saw this one on Sunset in a quaint little shop. I'm gonna get it in the morning."

The server brought the platter of tacos then.

         "Good, cuz I've been anticipating this for six months now, and you?re going even if I have to drag you there by your hair." She snapped playfully, and I threw the napkin at her.

We sat and chatted for like two hours, when finally she said she had lectures in the morning; and I nodded. I put the tip on the table, and she said it was her turn, so she grabbed the bill. We hugged and said we would see each other tomorrow, and then parted.

       I felt very solemn on the way home. I sighed as I opened the door, then kicked off my shoes and put my briefcase on the foyer table.

I needed another drink; I thought as I grabbed the scotch bottle, then put a couple of cubes in the glass and went to the sofa. I sighed again, and then wondered what the heck was wrong with me.

       I put the glass on the table, then got up and went into my bedroom and opened the closet taking the costume out. It was a bit risqué, but beautiful all the same. I was glad I would be wearing a mask, I thought grinning as I looked at the skirt of the dress. It was practically shredded, and the sheer material left very little to the imagination.

       What had caught my eye was the bodice, and my mom had laughed and said I would look like a wood nymph or sprite. I laughed and thought yeah huh. I guess I was drawn to it because of all the Irish legends my Da' use spend when I was a kid. He was one for the Blarney Stone, I thought laughing.

I put the costume back,  then went into the bathroom to take a shower.

    An hour later I was snuggled down in the comforters, and happy as a sissy in cc camp. Ask me what the hell that means, and I can't tell you. I just know it means happy, at least that's what my mother said. I could feel the pull of sleep and grinned into the pillow. 



The next day flew by, and as I looked up at the clock it was 5pm. Wow, I thought as I saw Mel outside of my office talking with Karen.

        "Hey." She said as she walked in my door.

        "Hey yourself. Am I picking you up, or are you picking me up?"

        "Neither, I rented a car service for the night, because I know how you are. If you have to drive, you won?t have one drink." She stated grinning and I laughed.

     "And this is one nite I want you drunk off your ass." She grinned, and I couldn't help but laugh as I shut down the computer, and we both walked out of my office.


West Los Angeles...


   I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I looked good, even if I said so myself.

I looked towards the living room as I heard the knock. Peeping through the peephole I saw it was Mel and opened the door. She gasped.

        "Damn, that's sexy. When and where did you find that?"

        "In this little shop off Sunset.?"I replied smiling as I picked up the mask.

        "Aphrodite?" She laughed, and then raised hers; and I laughed too because it was Venus.

We left my house.


Crystal Manor

Mulholland Drive...

      It took us about an hour to get there with all of the traffic. In L.A Saturday nites were for clubbers. I was surprised as the town car pulled into the gates, and the expanse of the front yard was huge. There was a water fountain in the front, and I laughed because it was a statue of Athena.

    We got out, and the driver told Mel he would park the car with all of the rest. He was a hottie too. Coco brown skin, with light brown eyes that sparkled. He had to be at least 6'2, with a sexy ass goatee and a beautiful smile. I laughed as Mel handed him the Apollo mask, and he grinned. Yea, these women would love him, you could tell just by his swag.

         "Enjoy." She said and he laughed.

         "No doubt." He replied as he drove off.

         "Invitations." The guy at the front door said, and she handed him ours. He looked at the list, and then crossed off our names. He took two of those little name tags, then wrote something on them; and handed them to us. I laughed as I looked at mine. I guess no real names were used, because mine said Athena. He moved, and then gestured to the entrance.

       As we walked in, we both gasped as we looked up and saw the huge crystal chandler, the winding staircase, and the Japanese samurai statues in the foyer. They reminded me of the Terracotta Soldiers. I looked up and there was a woman standing at the entrance of another set of doors beckoning us. She pushed open the French doors, and I sighed as I saw the back.

       There were small white lights around the trees, sheer netting tents, regular tents, and tables set up with massive quantities of food; and a chocolate and champagne fountain.

     On the left there were like those lounge chairs you see at really fricken expensive hotels, draped in netting; and people were lounging on them in conversation. On the right, was a huge ass tent, and as I peeked towards that way; my breath caught, because it was furnished. I could also see there were touches inside of it, but as I tried to get a better look; a man suddenly stood in front of the doorway frowning. I laughed as I shrugged my shoulders. Just behind it was a beautiful built in water fall, and my eyes widened.

Fuck, these people must be rolling in loot!

        As I looked the other way I laughed as I saw the jugglers, and the guy suddenly spit fire from his mouth. It looked like a mixture of a Renaissance fair, and a Greek Festival. I laughed again as the mime came up to me. Mel rolled her eyes, and then put up her fist, and he gave her a sad face; then walked off.

            "You're so evil." I said laughing, and I could tell she was grinning behind the mask.

           "I'm starved, come on." She commanded pulling me towards the tables. I took one of the plates, and then started at the head of the table. When I looked up, Mel was gone. I looked around frowning, and then grinned as I saw her taking to some really tall guy with a theater mask on.

    Most of the people there were actually drinking, laughing and basically intermingling, so I was the only one at the table. I looked up at the huge speakers, as the music suddenly changed from Renaissance music, to modern pop music.

      I sighed and closed my eyes as I heard Alicia Key's Unthinkable. I opened them again to look up at the speakers, then closed them for the second time. I loved this song; it just seemed to say something to me.

     And I was so ready for someone like that. I opened my eyes again and looked up from the fruit, and there was someone standing on the other side of the table. He cocked his head to the side, and then stared at me for several moments.

         I moved along slowly, and he did the same. I smiled and he grinned. We both reached for a piece of fruit at the same time, and I gasped as I felt something go through me; and he did the same eyes widening. I drew my hand back, and his grin got wider. I looked to where Mel was, and he turned too.

         She was deep in conversation with the guy she was dancing with. He put the plate down, then walked around the tables and extended his hand to me. I looked up, and could see the most beautiful piercing green eyes I had ever seen looking out at me through the eye holes in the mask.

         He took my hand, and guided me to the dance area.

I gasped again as his hand encircled my waist and he smiled, as he pulled me closer. I closed my eyes then, just as Alicia said; you give me a feeling that I've never felt before..., and I was so feeling that. He made me feel strange. I looked up again, and he placed my arms around his neck smiling. We swayed to the song, and I could feel every word of it, because I was ready. Could he be him? I wondered as I looked up at him again.

        He turned me in his arms so now my back was against his chest, and he placed his cheek to my temple; and the smell of him enveloped me. He smelled heavenly, and I breathed him in. I noticed the lights got dimmer, until only the white Christmas tree looking lights lit up the entire backyard. He turned me again in his arms, and his lips hovered over mine.

       As his head lowered and his lips covered mine, I swear an electric shock went up my spine. He cradled my head, and then deepened the kiss and I sighed. I closed my eyes, and then felt him draw away from me gasping.

When I opened my eyes, and he was gone. I looked around shocked. I snatched off the mask, and then looked around me, but he was no where in sight.

        I put the mask back on totally dejected. I saw Mel still dancing with the guy, sighed and walked to the other side of the yard and sat down at one of the tables frowning. I was so ready to go home now. I thought as I got up and went to the outside bar and asked for a shot of tequila. At least the drinks were free, I thought grinning as I asked for a beer then.




 Ryzo watched her from the upstairs balcony, and then snatched the mask off gasping.


     He hadn't meant to kiss her, but something in her drew him and he couldn't help it. He was surprised as he'd heard her thoughts. She wondered if he was the one, and he grinned as he promised her from the balcony he would be. He turned from watching her and went into the house still grinning.

         "Sir, where are you going? These are your guest." Menge asked frowning.

         "There's no need Menge, I just found what I was looking for." He said grinning, and started out of the hallway again.

         "But sir, what shall I do with the guest?" He cried.

         "Let them stay, then around 2am send them home. Come." He commanded and Menge walked with him to the balcony.

         "See her?" He asked and Menge nodded.

         "Take the gold card and give it to her." He grinned, and Menge smiled, then bowed.

     Ryzo watched him walk out to the open yard and up to her. He handed her the card, then walked away. She opened it, and then looked around, and he stepped back so she couldn't see him as she looked up at the balcony. 

    She took off the mask, and then moved her hair to her left shoulder, and Ryzo felt something in him stir, he hadn?t felt in centuries.

Yes, he whispered; he was the one.


        I looked at the card, and frowned. It told me to turn it to the side, and then find a treasure. I did, and then looked up. It was pointing to that big ass tent. I got up then, absently forgetting the mask. I walked to the tent, slowly brushed the curtain aside, and was shocked because it was beautiful. There was candle light, a basket of fruit of every kind, champagne, and chocolates.

      Okay, I thought grinning. I looked up at the speakers, because the Alicia Key's song started again. I looked up again as he walked into the tent from the opposite side, and I could see the grin under the mask. I reached up, then realized I had forgotten the mask.

          "Shit!" I whispered as he walked up to me.

          "Ye don't need it, yer just as beautiful." He whispered back, and I looked into his eyes then. Gone was the Ares mask, and this time I noticed the mask only covered the top portion of his face; like a golden Zorro mask. He took me in his arms again, and I frowned slightly.

          "Aren't you gonna take off your mask.?

          ?No, then the ambiance would leave us." He said as he pulled me even closer.

         "Why did you kiss me?" I questioned a bit breathless, and he smiled.

          "Because I couldn't help it, ye draw me." He whispered, and I looked up at him again, and before I could say anything else; he kissed me again.

He walked me backwards, and then eased me down on that huge fricken bed.

          "We can't.? I cried, as he drew the skin in the curve of my neck into his warm mouth.


           "Because we don't know each other." I said, my resolve quickly fading, as he began to kiss my bare shoulders; and I felt that same electrical current go up my spine and cried out.

         "See, even yer body knows we belong together." He replied softly, then brought his lips back to mine, and any protest  I might have had left me. I felt as if he was a drug I needed to have. He slipped the dress over my head, then shed his clothes and came back to me; and I gasped, because he was a little cold.

As his hands began to roam my body I moaned.

     I sighed as his head dipped, and I felt the combination of cold and the warmness of his mouth on my breast at the same time.

     He drew my nipple into his mouth, as his hand reached up and caressed the other one with his thumb. Another moan left me, and he brought his lips back to mine as his hand slid between my legs, and he parted them slightly. I felt his fingers slip inside,  and my hips immediately rose to meet the rhythm of his hand of their own accord.

      My moan deepened, and he chuckled. He was suddenly above me then. But he had yet to take off the mask.

          "And you're not gonna take the mask off?" I whispered, and he shook his head no again.

      He parted my legs, and then pushed his hips forward, and my hands sank into his soft mane, as he brought my hips up to meet each thrust. He paused to look down on me, and his fingers went to my nipples squeezing them and I moaned again.

         "Damn, yer fucken beautiful! I want ye on top." He suddenly whispered, and I was instantly on top of him. ?Ride me.? He demanded softly, and I eased myself down, but very slowly.

   He moaned, and I smiled.

       I dug my knees into the bed and placed my hands on his chest, and began to move slowly. He grabbed my hips and pulled me forward; causing him to sink even deeper and my head went back.

           'Oh, my, God!" I moaned and he grinned.

           "Yes, ride me." He whispered again, then sat up and my arms went around his neck.  

      He took them down and pushed me backwards so my entire body was tight, and I felt him hit something, and it was a combination of both pleasure and pain, as he continued to raise his hips to thrust up through my body.

      He moved my hips again, and a deep moan left my throat.

        "Open up for me love." He commanded softly, and brought me down forcefully. He brought his hand between us and I screamed.

          "Are ye ready?" He whispered and all I could do was nod my head.

   He pulled me back towards him and rocked my hips forward again, and I cried out as his rhythm sped up, and to my complete and total surprise; he bit me. What I felt at that moment nearly caused me to pass out as he began to move faster and harder.

      I was suddenly under him again, and he brought my legs up and spread them so he could slam into my body, and I felt the orgasm begin to rise throughout my entire body.

      With each stroke, each thrust my screams echoed the cascading sounds of the waterfall, louder and louder.

       It hit me with full force and a blinding scream left my throat, as he pushed his hips forward again as the orgasm hit me. He drew the skin in the curve of my neck into his mouth and I felt a slight nick again, as the pleasure spread throughout me; and a long scream left me a second time, and seconds later he echoed me and then collapsed on top of me.

      I sighed as he smoothed the hair from my face smiling. I tried to remove the mask, but he caught my hand and shook his head no.

          "No, it'll only spoil it." He whispered as he kissed me.

I nodded and closed my eyes taking deep breaths. When I opened them, he was gone. I jerked up and looked around the tent, but he was nowhere in sight.

     I sighed as I felt the shudder go through my body, and then closed my eyes. I had never had sex like that in my entire adult life! I moaned to myself, as I felt the tremors in my legs, and my entire body shivered just thinking about it.

I looked at the clock, and was shocked. 

It was 2am.

I scrambled up from the bed, and then quickly got dressed. Damn, I seriously had to find Mel.

       As I walked out of the tent, I spied her at the other end of the court yard with the guy. He kissed her, and then she hugged him and waved.

          "Mel!" I hissed, and she looked up then. She grinned as she trotted over to me.

          "Where the hell have you been?" She cried, and I grabbed her by the arm and propelled her towards the gates.

          "You will not believe what I just did Mel." I cried, and she started laughing as I pulled her towards the car.                                                          




    Ryzo watched her from the balcony with a smile. Yes, she was the one. He whispered with a grin. 

He never knew a woman could carry that much passion.

          "Everything go well sir." Menge asked, and he grinned as he turned towards him, his green eyes twinkling.

          "Better than well Menge, more like superb."

          "Well good sir, oh and Saix called while you were otherwise detained." Menge grinned.

          "Really, what'd he want?" Ryzo asked with a frown as he turned and walked into the house.

          "Don't know sir, but he said it was urgent." Menge replied, and Ryzo nodded and went down the stairs into his study. He picked up the phone and dialed Saix's number.

          "What say ye?" He asked, and Saix commenced to tell him what it was he needed.

          "Fuck! No shite? Well damn. Okay, I can ask Menge. Yeah, I'll be there in a bit." He said frowning as he hung up. He walked out of the room then.

          "Meng, what do ye know that can cure a spell which would cause someone to go into coma?"

          "I don't know sir, but I can research it." Menge replied frowning now himself.

          "Good, I'm gonna take a shower, then head over to Radiance. I'll be back before sun up." Ryzo called over his shoulder as he went up the stairs, and Menge nodded; still frowning as he headed towards his lab.