Loose Connections; making choices...


Margaux had no idea what the hell a Werecat was when he told her.
Then he had the insane notion that he was half-vampire- half- tiger!
Had he lost his mind?
Nevertheless, after one Kiss from Regan, Maggy didn't care.
He kept saying she was his other half, she just had no idea he'd meant it literally!


London England

      "Have Snively send Regan as soon as possible. If I'm not mistaken, both Francisco and Rafael are in Japan right now, so he is the only one equipped to go. I'll not have those imbeciles taking everything over, and making a muck of it." Hugo stated, and Alice nodded, then left the room.

      "Do ye think he'll get there with enough time ma lord before the city is stormed?" Mildred asked, and Hugo frowned.

      "Let us hope. We can not have that fucken legend in the open. Do ye realize the chaos which would ensue? Not only would our rule be challenged, but it would send ripples down through the chain. I'll not have it on me head."

      "Surely not ma lord? If so, tis a clear invitation for Delineate?" Mina cried, and Hugo nodded frowning.

      "Exactly, and I'll not have them here on my watch." Hugo hissed, then left the room, Cremora following suit.




Spain 1453...

    Regan looked at the annals and sighed. He was sick to death of this shite. Not only was he sent to Spain at the last minute; which took three bloody months, but he didn't wanna be here in the first place. 

He sighed, placed the book back, then walked from the room.

   The war between the species was getting way out of hand, and he'd even heard many were being kidnapped and tortured because of this bloody war on the outside. He frowned as he fingered his shoulder, then shook himself as the images of the Inquisition spun through his brain. 

He shook himself again, as if this alone would clear his head of the images.

   He thought about Devina then. She hadn?t made it, and even after 30 years he still missed her. He sighed again, then walked towards the rectory hall. The war had just begun, and already he was feeling the effects of it. The Council had sent him here to collect as much as he could, before they were invaded.

   Christians of the Burgundian Netherlands began tiring of Catholic rituals and priests, which helped to spark this in some ways. You had the Plague, and then the Pope moved to Avignon France in 1378 at the urging of the French King. The Great Schism then forms from 1378-1417, and Italian cardinals feared another French Pope. Because of this fear, Urban VI an Italian was elected, and the French Cardinals countered by electing Pope Clement VII, and he began to rule from Avignon. 

   This was one pope too many! But because of it, money was split, and the monarchy began to be more concerned with politics than religion.

   However, Northern Christians were getting fed up with politics of the church. As Feudal kings and princes began to lose power, Renaissance monarchy gained power and centralized the government. Urban centers began to grow, and what is coined now is the Rise of Capitalism. Ever-growing middle classes had disposable income for art patronage, better homes, and the buying of social clout. This is what the Council would not allow; a distancing from what they believe societal order should be.

   Regan groaned as he walked from the hall down the flight of stairs, then out the huge double solid oak doors and into the courtyard.

The church seemed to be the only sanctuary for any of them right  now, and as he looked up at the giant steeple he frowned.

   As Regan walked towards the back gardens, out of nowhere three men in masks grabbed him, put a hood over his head, then knocked him out.                                                              




Lower Dungeons...


    Regan woke on the floor of what looked like some kind of dungeon. He rubbed the back of his head thinking bloody arseholes. He got to his feet, fell forward, then realized his foot was chained; and the chain was linked to the wall behind him.


    He whispered, and jerked on the chain. The fact that he couldn?t break it meant it must be a derivative of Mercury. 

Fuck, he thought again. 

Mercury as most know is liquid at room temperature, but when it?s mixed with cinnabar and iron, it can form a solid base. He could tell it was, just by the simple fact that he could feel the itch to his skin.

     "That is quite unnecessary, since you will not be able to break it." Someone said, and he peered into the shadows.

The man leaned forward, and Regan took a step back gasping.

     "Who are ye?" He asked, and the man started laughing.

     "Who am I? Son, there is a certain hilarity to your postulation. Sit, you'll be here for a while. This is a pit stop to war boy." Raul del Riego y Nuñez Santiago grinned, then sat forward so Regan could see his face.

     "Shite, what are ye doin here?" He cried as he recognized the freedom fighter.

     "Mutiny boy, mutiny."

Regan frowned, then shook his head slightly. 

So far, the war had been brutal and bloody. But what he couldn't understand was why he was here.

     "Yes, but why are ye here?" Regan asked again, and he sighed.

     "A causa de aquel supid bastardo negativa a ver aquel el Francés está ganando, él basura a salario de él personas." What he spat was, because that bastard refused to see they couldn?t beat the French, then he refused to pay his people.

     "So ye just left?" Regan countered astonished. 

Raul grinned then.

     "No, they caught me raiding and marauding like una pirata. Cómo hacer usted opinión en ingles? Oh yes, a pirate? Is this not right?"

     "Yes." Regan replied smiling. "So what will they do with us now?"

     "That my young one, I have no clue. Had I not been turned vampiro, then I know I would be hanged for treason; but now I am not sure."

     "I thought I smelled something." Regan muttered. 

He couldn't stand vamps. 

They were too fucken emotional.

   They suddenly heard keys jingle, and the door opened. Regan squinted at the light. They were both dragged to their feet.

     "Where are ye taking us?" Regan spat.

     "To what you deserve." The man spat back, then shoved them both forward.

As they came out of what looked like a side door, Raul suddenly looked at him.

      "I am sorry my young one." He stated, and Regan screamed as his fangs sank into his throat.

   Regan could hear the shouts, but as hard as he tried to open his eyes, he couldn?t. He could feel someone had him, but he had no clue who it was; and finally gave himself up to the blackness which called to him.



   Regan jerked awake, then looked around the room.

He was shocked, it was exquisite. He moved the sheet back, realizing he was naked. He frowned as he looked down.

     "I see you are still sigue con nosotros? I am sorry, but in order for us to remove ourselves, it was a necessary evil." Raul replied as he walked into the room with a tray.

Regan only nodded as he sat on the side of the bed.

     "Yet, I dare say I had an urge to purr." He laughed, and Regan looked up at him, with a slight smile of his own.

     "Ummm yes, there is that." He said as he got up, then wobbled on his feet.

     "You must rest my friend. I took quite a large amount of blood, but I could smell what you were when they threw you in. I knew you would not die. Now, rest. You must make haste soon, for they will be on the hunt for you." He stated, and Regan nodded and let Raul put him back to bed.

     "But how does this work? I am what I am, yet ye bit me?"

     "Unfortunately for you my young one, you are very unique, and quite special now. I almost believed you would die after I gave you blood, and I must say I was happily surprised you did not. Now, because of this, you are basically a new species. You will have many of my strength and traits, however none of my weaknesses like the sun, or the lust; because I had to give you blood."

     "No lust?" Regan asked frowning.

     "Not like a normal vampire would."

     "Will I need to feed?"

     "Yes, but it will be along the same lines as me. Once or twice every two days or so if you feel the urge, but nothing more. However, you can also accept life-force if you choose, but it is your choice." He said grinning, and Regan nodded.

     "And the lust?" Regan asked again.

     "Oh its there believe me, but because you are both it will just manifest differently. My sire was a psychic, bastard that he was. But then, this might work to your advantage.

     On the other hand, there has not been one like you and this will surly incite the Council. Half pard- half- vampire? Yes, you must make haste at all cost my young friend. When the time comes, I will send someone to you. We are linked now, so I will always know where you are." He said as he smoothed the saturated hair from Regan?s face. As the spasms struck him all Regan could do was nod.                                                        



   When Regan woke three days later he was gone.

 He'd left a note and enough money for him to get home, or half way across the continent if he'd wanted. Regan knew he needed to get home. He wouldn?t be satisfied until he saw the queen's courts himself.

He quickly got dress, grabbed the bag, the purse, then hurried from the room.



December 10th 1453...

One week after Regan had settled back at home, she came to him.

     "Hello lover." She said as she suddenly appeared in his parlor, and he gasped shooting to his feet. My god,she was beautiful.  He thought and swallowed the lump in his throat.

     "No need to be afraid my love. I shall teach you all I know." She nearly purred and Regan?s eyes widened, then he nodded as she seemed to float towards him.

     "We my love shall teach you the art of seduction. Raul is a master, and if you can pick up at least half of what he has the women will fall at your feet." She grinned, and he nodded briskly as she took his hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom.

   As they walked into his bedroom she took off the satin robe, and he nearly choked. My god, his brain shouted as she pursed her beautiful red lips, then nodded to the bed. He sat down, and she began to artfully remove his clothes. When he sat before her naked and erect, she smiled, then her brow rose as a sly smile came to her lips as she looked down.

     "My...my...my..." She purred, and Regan could feel his cheeks tinge. 

    "That...my love...is nothing to be ashamed of." She giggled, then came to him.

   When she kissed him, he felt something leap through him from her, and moaned against her lips.

     "But I don't even know yer name." He whispered.

     "You don't need to...but if it will make you feel better, it is Mavaleen." She whispered back, and he nodded as she placed her hand on his erection, and he couldn?t help the groan which left his throat then.

     "Now, we shall teach you how to properly love a woman. This my love...will be one fantastic Yule Tide gift." She giggled then straddled him. After that, Regan was completely lost to her charms.





    I gasped, sighed, then closed my eyes as he spoke into the phone.


   His voice was like the finest of silk being ran across your thighs. I started laughing to myself then.

   Did I really just think that?

   I shook my head chuckling again.

   He was asking me to dinner tonight.

   I put the pasta back, then hung up and dialed his number. He picked up on the third ring.

     "Hey ye. Are ye calling to accept my invitation?" He asked, and I could tell he was grinning.

     "Yes, what time?"

     "7 okay?"

     "Yes." I replied looking at the clock. It was just a little after 4pm.   

      "Where are we going?"

     "Tis a surprise." He countered, and I laughed.

     "Then how will I know how to dress?" I wailed, and it was his turn to laugh.

     "Ye my love could look amazing in a paper sac, but semi-formal will do." He replied, and I felt the same shiver go up my spine.

     "Okay, then 7 it is. I'm in 302."

     "Alrite, see ye at 7." He said and we both hung up.

  I stood looking at the phone smiling, then raced into my bedroom.

     "Shit, what should I wear?" I moaned as I started throwing clothes from the closet.



    After an hour, I settled on a plum colored dress which came mid-thigh length, but bellowed with organza under it to make the dress sort of stand out, and high heel roman sandals.

   When I was done in the shower, I looked at my face, then frowned at my hair. It would take too long to straighten so I decided to put it up, straighten my bangs, then take out pieces to make it look refined; but wild at the same time.

   I finished up at 6:50, and as I was tying the straps to the sandals the door bellrang. I looked at the clock and smiled. He was five minutes early, I thought as I looked at the clock again and it said 6:55pm.

I straightened and went to the door.

As I opened it, we were both amazed.


   If I thought him insanely hot before, right now he seriously had to be related to Apollo.

Oh, my, God!

   I thought wide eyed as I looked up at him, and he smelled heavenly.

He was wearing a leather jacket, a black button down shirt, which was probably Dolce and black slacks. His hair was gelled, so it had a sort of spiky look to it, and I noticed he'd trimmed his goatee.

Shit this man was gorgeous!

He suddenly grinned.

     "May I come in?" He asked and snapped me out of the trance.

     "Oh shit...of course!" I cried and moved back to let him. ?Just let me get my purse.? 

He stood by the door, nodded, and I left the room. 

When I came back he smiled.

     "Ready?" He inquired, I nodded and we left the apartment.

When we got downstairs he took my hand, and I felt that same heat sear my body, and was suddenly short of breath.

     "Are ye okay?" He queried grinning down on me and I nodded, then took a looser grip on his hand.

What the hell was that?

That was like twice already.

   He walked up to the black B.M.W. and opened the door for me.

As I got in I unlocked his door, then put on the seat belt. As he got in he grinned at me, then gave me a quick peck on the lips.

     "I fucken knew it." He said laughing, and I smiled back.

     "Knew what?"

     "Nothin, tis a bloke thing." He replied, and I nodded.

     "Okay, so where are we going?"

     "I told ye, tis a surprise." He grinned as he took his eyes off the road for a second to look at me.

     "Fine." I wailed, then sat back in the seat. 

This was a nice B.M.W.

He drove up Wilshire then.

As he pulled up in front of the Beverly Palms Hotel I frowned at him.

     "No...it isn't why we're here!" He cried laughing as he saw my face.

     "Okay, it better not be." I retorted with a slight grin, and he leaned over and kissed the pulse at my throat, and I moaned before I could stop it.

     "Sorry love, impulse." He stated grinning.

I smiled and nodded.

He came around the car, handed the keys to the valet, then opened the door for me.

     "By the way, ye look absolutely beautiful tonight." He said, and I could feel my cheeks blush.

     "Thank you." I replied looking down, and he reached over and tilted my chin up.

     "Ye look down to no one." He whispered, as his eyes did that darkening thing, then he kissed me deeply.

   I sighed as he drew back, then nodded, and he tugged me into the hotel restaurant.

I laughed because it was salsa night, and as if by perfect sync my dress totally fit. I looked up at him, and he grinned wiggling his eyebrows. I threw my head back and laughed as he walked us up to the maître d'.

     "Two for Sinclair." He said, and the maître d' nodded as he ran his finger down the list, nodded again then looked up at us. He snapped his fingers, and the young guy hurried to where we were.

   "Jones...Sinclair table." He stated, and the guy nodded and snatched up two menus, motioning for us to follow him.

    As we followed him I noticed our table was by the window. I could see the street, and it was bustling with Beverly Hills folk.

   He pulled out my chair, and I smiled up at him. He was such a gentleman.

     "Yo mama raised a good boi`." I replied as I sat down, and it was his turn to throw his head back and laugh.

     "Tis what ye think now." He whispered winking, and I felt the same heat again and nearly choked.

I picked up the water from the table and downed it.

     "Are ye okay?" He asked, and I noticed the half grin.

 I nodded as the waiter frowned down on me, then handed me the menu.

     "I'm fine." I said a bit breathless as I looked up at the water as I took the menu, and he smiled and nodded.

     "Yesenia will be your attendant for the evening." He told us, and left the table.

     "So, what's good here?" 

     "Well, since this is a Latin themed night...umm, oh the Sancocho. It's done quite well, although in Puerto Rico it's done just a bit different. The Bacán is delicious...done different in Puerto Rico too. Oh...and the Fricase de Pollo." He stated, and I looked at him.

     "What haven't you tasted?" I laughed, and he shrugged smiling. "It is, and have you been to Puerto Rico?" I asked smiling.

I would soo love to go to Puerto Rico.

     "Maybe one day I'll take ye." He countered with a wink, and I frowned. 

It was almost as if he'd read my mind.

     "How long did you stay?" I asked just making conversation.

     "Till I was ten. I'm half-Puerto Rican and half-British. I try to go back every couple of years." He replied grinning, and I choked on the ice water.

     "Really?" I wheezed, and he smacked me on the back then nodding.


No wonder he was so got damned sexy! 

My brain screamed, and he laughed. 

I frowned again. 

How the hell does he keep doing that? 

As if he's inside of my head, and he's hearing exactly what I'm thinking!

     "Good?" He solicited, as he went back to his seat. 

I nodded embarrassed as I noticed the people looking in our direction.

     "And do you speak Spanish?" I inquired and he nodded. "Oh yea, you said it was one of the languages you learned."

     "No, that one came natural from my mother. When I was 21 I was recruited to work as this top researcher, and it was a requirement to know the languages. I actually speak 15."

     "But you have a British accent? I would have never in a million years thought you Latin."

     "Well, I lived in Britain from the age of ten love." He countered smiling, and I nodded as Yesenia came to our table.

     "I'll start with the Ajiaco." He said as she nodded, then smiled at him. You could tell Yesenia was felling him too. 

I'd noticed the looks some of the women in the restaurant gave him as we walked in, much to the chagrin of their mates too.

     "Y las verduras son frescas el chef vuela a continuacion, desde Puerto Rico a la semana." She smiled looking at me, and he nodded.

For some reason, people always thought I was Latin myself.

What she said was the vegetables were fresh, because the chef had them flown in from Puerto Rico each week. Puerto Rico being the only other source for Cuban taste, since we got that lil embargo thang going on.

     "Wanna try?" He challenged, and I shrugged.

     "Sure, sounds good." 

Ajiaco is a Cuban soup made with beef, pork, and tropical vegetables

     "Then the Paella?" He posed looking at me, and I nodded smiling. 

I loved Paella.

     "And what would you like for your entrée?" Yesenia asked, he frowned, then looked at me.

     "Ye pick." He came back with, and I laughed.

     "Okay, the Rican Pollo, the Ensalada de tomate, topped off with the Amarillos a la Moda." I grinned, he laughed and so did she.

     "Good choice." He grinned, and she collected the menus.

What I ordered was; Puerto Rican chicken, tomato salad, and fried bananas topped with vanilla ice cream.

     "And would you care for something to drink?" Yesenia asked, and he nodded.

     "Yes, I'll have a Cuba Libra and ye my love?" He questioned, and I looked at the drink menu.

     "I'll have a Mojito, but don't crush the mint?" I asked, she nodded, took the menus and left.

     "So...may I ask how old ye are?" He put forward and I laughed.

     "No, you never ask a woman how old she is. But I guess, I'm 33, and you?"

     "639." He grinned and I laughed.

     "Wiseass. Fine, don't tell me, just as long as yer over 21." I mocked, and he laughed.

     "Yes...I am well over 21. Why...do ye have something increditably naughty planned for me tonight?" He asked with a straight face, and I couldn't help laughing.

     "You are so bad." I replied as Yesenia brought our drinks.

Dinner was delicious, but both our eyes were way bigger than our stomach, and we actually got a doggie bag.

   I waited inside the restaurant as he ran the remains out to the car. I wasn't about to let it go to waste, the food was amazing.

   As he came back in, he took my hand and tugged me towards the music.

The other side of the restaurant opened up into a dance floor, full bar and booths. He pulled me to the bar, ordered two more drinks, then told the waiter to bring them to the table in the corner.

I took off my jacket as I sat down, and I saw something flash in his eyes.

     "Do you salsa?" I questioned, his brow rose, and I laughed.

     "Well, I'm half-black; but you won't catch me tryna get crunk. I'm too old for that shit now." I cried, and he laughed.

    "Yes I do. Do you?" He countered, and I nodded.

   Of course I could, Catalina would kick my ass if I didn't do her proud. 

Gata was my best friend since the 5th grade. She'd taught me how to dance, then when she was 15 I was one of her attendants at her Quinceanera.

   We both watched the dancers, and I noticed he subtly kept sliding closer to me. I finished the drink, he asked if I wanted another,  and I thought what the hell; I didn't have classes or students on Wednesday's because I was a sub and stately mandated to take Wednesdays off.

     "Ready?"  He asked as I finished the second one, and I nodded grinning.

He took our coats and my purse to the coat check, then came back smiling as he pulled me to the dance floor.

   He placed his hand on the small of my back, and there was that feeling again. I looked up at him wide eyed and opened mouth.

What the hell was wrong with me?

   He spun me out, then brought me back, and wrapped my arms around his neck turning with the beat. He wasn?t kidding, he could dance!

     "Are ye a feminist?" He suddenly asked grinning, and I looked up at him surprised.

     "Why would you ask me that?" I frowned, then missed a step.

     "Are ye?"

     "Yes. To some degree...why?" I cried, and he laughed.

     "Because... ye just will not let me lead...will ye?" He asked laughing, I gasped, then laughed myself.

     "Fine." I said continuing to laugh, and he spun us as it became an Afro-Cuban beat. 

I felt the rum go to my head then and sighed. It felt amazing to be in his arms.

   I stated laughing as he did this move which is so a thing with Latin people. It looks like an old man dancing, and he bumped his butt into me for me to smack it and I did laughing; then he pulled me back to him.

     If I felt buzzed earlier, I must have been nearing drunk. I felt very flushed, and lightheaded. But was it really the drink, or the man I was dancing with? He pulled me closer to him as the tempo of the music slowed. The beat gradually changed to a Cubaton, and I turned my back to him and could feel his chest pressed against my back.  As his hands slowly come to encircle my hips, I felt him keeping the beat as he taped my hips.

    I?m was shorter than him even with my heels on, so his chin was resting on the pulse at my neck because his head was bent, and I could feel his soft breath on the side of my face. Needless to say I was in heaven. 

    He brought my arm up and placed it around his neck backwards. It sent shivers down my spine as his hand gently ran down the length of it. I sighed and moved further into him, and  heard him chuckle.

    Massair's Be Easy sang into the club, and I he pulled me completely into him as his hands went to my hips again and swayed them. This song was so seductive , and the fact that I had just finished off three Mojitos seemed to make it even more so. Not to mention, the bartender was pouring heavy. 

I'd probably had the equivalent of four or five.

   But I didn't care.

   He smelled so good, and the scent of him seemed to envelope me even more. The song changed to J.Lo's Hypnatico, and I laughed. 

He was certainly that!

    He turned me again so we were facing each other, and placed his knee between my legs pulling me even closer.  

As I looked up I saw the heat in his eyes.

Well, at least this way I get to touch him and not be held accountable for it. I could always amass it to the dance later.

I thought to myself grinning.

We both sway with the music, he spun me again, then pulled me close. So close in fact, his lips hovered over mine.

    As I looked up and into his eyes, I could almost believe I saw something more than just lust there. As his head bent the first thing that came to mind as his lips took mine...was oh my fricken God!

I moaned against his lips, then pulled back from him looking away from him.


     "Don't be embarrassed, ye do the same to me." He whispered, and when I looked up at him he was smiling.

The music slowed to a Bichata, and I sighed as he just held me close.

Finally, he asked;

     "Wanna sit?" I nodded.

He pulled me back to our table, then called the waiter over.

     "Would you like another drink?" He asked, and I nodded, because I was thirsty.

     "Yea,but my last." I grinned, and he nodded smiling. 

    I noticed he didn't order one.