Hidden Shadows...


When Seraphina's grandmier begged her to come to Carnival she didn't stop to think twice about it; and she even coerced her friends Ashley, Kendra and Jessica to go with her.
But, when the girls forced her to go up to some random guy at Carnival and kiss him, because it was the Carnival Tradition; Sera never imagined in her most erotic dreams it would be a kiss like that...
(Shape-shifters, vamps, lycans, witches, warlocks, all five Councils).

Italy 1602...

  Roman frowned looking up as Eirnin walked into the room.

     "What do they want now?" He muttered, and Eirnin grinned.

     "What do ye think?"

     "And did he shew ye the letter?" Roman asked, and Eirnin nodded.    

      "Fuck! And did they sey when I wus to be thar?"

    "Now. Ye need to take some precautions though mate. I havena see the like since Sephoroth killed Marvin."

     "Alright, and what am I bein charged wit?"

     "I don't know mate, but they've sent Roxix after ye."

     "Bloody bastard! Before night fall they'll have a price on me head."

     "But what Ah don't understand, is why ye did it mate?" Eirnin wailed.

     "What else cud Ah do Nin? They know this legend will come to pass some dey, and I'll not let them hide it awey! Mate, we cud be rid of the bloody Council once and for all." Roman hissed, and Eirnin put his hand over Roman?s mouth.

     "Do ye want them to bloody hear ye? If ye do, it means war mate. They'll try to wipe the lot of us out." Eirnin hissed back.

     "I'm goin mate, and ye'd be wise to as well. I don't care if I have to live the rest of me life on the run, than I will. But I'll not let them take charge of this, and hide it awey like everythin else which can unseat the lot of those fucken bastards."

     "What will ye do wit it?"

     "I know a monk who has promised to keep it safe, till I can return for it. I canna find a wey to help yer brother and the others, until I'm on the outside." Roman whispered, then looked to where some of the elders were as they walked the halls, then pulled Eirnin in the other direction.

     "When are ye leaving?" Eirnin whispered.

     "Tonite, so don't look for me on the morrow. And when they come to ye, because ye know they will; ye had no clue I'd escaped. The marks alone which Mags, Quil and I took will give them some clue of whaur I've gone, I just have to be one step ahead of them. Tis for yer own safety Nin."

     "Do ye really think ye can get him out? I know he hates me, but he's still me brother none the less."

     "He dosna hate ye Nin, he loves ye tis why he's so pissed. But yes, I've already paid off a guard. All he has to do is slip the note to Auron."

     "And what of Magnus?"

     "When ye do finally meet again, don't ever tell him, he needn't be involved in this. He's already in enough trouble."

       "Rite, then ye best not tarry any longer." Eirnin whispered, embraced Roman, then nodded and walked in the other direction.

Eirnin stood there for several moments confused. 

Why the bloody hell was he standing in the hallway?

He frowned, then walked off.

    Roman smiled as he watched his best mate for several moments himself. He had to make sure the spell worked, because the Council would be out for blood once they realized it was missing.

    When he saw the confused look on Eirnin's face, he knew then it had, turned and hurried from the building.






When we arrived it was already crowded, and my cousin frowned.

      "I will have to park here, and we will walk." He said, and we  nodded.

As we walked towards the celebration, I laughed as the people passed us singing, drinking, and running to and fro.

      "O sol esta` quase para baixo. Hurry!" The sun is almost down, he cried laughing, grabbed Kendra's hand and took off running.

     Ashley, Jennifer and I started laughing as we ran to catch up with them. Good thing my Nana said flats, I thought as Paulo ran into the crowd

They waited with abated breath as the sun made its final decent. 

As it sank into the horizon, there was a loud cannon burst, and confetti shot everywhere. I looked up laughing.

     My cousin handed me a shot of something, and I shook my head no. He frowned, continuing to extend the glass. I sighed taking it, knocked it back, then he handed me another one. 

My eyes widen.

      "You must do two at a time!" He yelled over the cheering.

I frowned, snatched the glass from him and knocked it back again. He started laughing then and pulled us further into the square.

    I felt the shot race to my head, as Jennifer took my hand pulling me along.

As we came into the square there was a huge water fountain in the middle, and people  surrounded it dancing, and drinking. There was another loud boom, and I looked up to see the fireworks.

      "Look." Jennifer said, as I turned looking at her.


      "The guy standing next to the dancing woman." She said, and suddenly some guy came up to her from out of nowhere and kissed her.

We both gasped, and he ran off.

I looked around the crowd, it was everywhere.

      "I dare you to go up to that guy and kiss him." Jennifer challenged, and Ashley nodded grinning behind her mask.

      "Are you flippen crazy. I don't even know him!" I yelled back, and they both started laughing.

      "And that's the point Phina. This is Carnival, you don't have to. You don't need a reason to!" Ashley wailed, just as some guy pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

She had a dazed look on her face as she pulled up the mask grinning.

      "Now...that...was a fucken kiss!" She shouted, and I couldn?t help laughing as I pulled my mask up so I could have a better look at the guy.

He was very tall, had dark shoulder length hair, but that was pretty much all I could see because of the mask and the cloak.

      "Forget it Ash, she won't do it. When has Phina ever walked on the wild side in her entire repressed lil life." Jennifer said, and I shoved her.

      "Fine." I snapped, snatched the shot from her, squared my shoulders, then walked off. I paused to throw the cape back at her, and they both started laughing.

     The revelers passed me laughing, and I side stepped them laughing too. I noticed he turned, and was now watching me.

      I leapt on the water fountain, then tiptoed my way towards him grinning. 

Those ballet classes of long ago coming in handy. 

He watched me as if mesmerized.

      I could see through the slits in the mask his eyes widened.

When I was half way to him, he stood completely, no loner leaning his foot on the fountain.

      When I was directly in front of him, I ran my fingers through his hair, then brought his lips to mine.

      What started out as a gentle kiss, caused something to leap through me and I gasped. I assumed he'd felt it too, because he'd done the same. His hand went to the nape of my neck, and he deepened the kiss. He jerked me into his body, and I swear I felt that kiss to the tips of my toes.

I broke away from him, as we both started at each other panting.

I turned, jumped off the fountain and ran into the crowd.



     "?Esperar!" Wait, Roman yelled, but she was gone.

Roman took off after her, wadding through the throngs of people.

He almost lost her by the statue of the Blessed Mother, but saw the green ribbons in her hair, jumped across the wall between them; but then she turned through a corridor near the church.

Roman looked up as he heard the hawk's cry, then smiled.



I was completely shocked, he was actually chasing me!

    I had no idea where the hell I was going; but that kiss had rocked my entire world, so it meant he was dangerous to me. I looked up as I slowed to a walk hearing the hawk's cries, then breathed a sigh of relief; he wasn?t behind me.


How the hell would I find Jenny and Ash now?

    The crowds were basically a trickle where I was, so I realized I was leaving the main center of town.


Just what I needed, to get lost in Brazil, ransomed off, or worse raped and killed.

As I came around the corner I nearly pissed myself, because he was leaning against the huge statue of Christ with his arms folded across his chest; and I could see he was grinning behind the mask.

     "O que?" What, I yelled and he laughed.

     "Voce nao pode seriamente significa apenas sair depois de um beijo como aquele amor?" Ye canna seriously mean to just leave after a kiss like that love, he countered, and I saw his grin widened.

     "And why would it matter if I did?" I countered, then saw his eyes widen in surprise.

     "Yer American?" He asked with a laugh.

     "Yes, why?" I replied as I turned walking back the way I'd came.

     "But wait, ye canna just kiss a mon like that, then just leave him be?" He wailed, and I laughed myself now.

     "Yer funny, bye." I countered mocking him as he hurried to catch up with me.

     "Can Ah at least have a name?" He moaned, and I laughed again.

     "Fine, Seraphina." I sighed, then paused to look at him.

     "Wait." He said, turned me, then took off the mask before I could stop him. 

I gasped frowning up at him.

     "I knew it." He whispered, and my frown deepened.

     "What? And why would you do that?" I cried, and he suddenly grinned.

     "Beautiful. My god, I cudna have even imagined how ye truly are." He said softly, and I looked up at him surprised. 

He tugged off his mask.

    My breath caught, and I started up at him for a full 40 seconds or so.


He was insanely gorgeous!

Could a man be beautiful I suddenly thought?

Because if he could, he definitely was.

    He had shoulder length jet black hair, and the most amazing emerald green eyes. The fact that his hair was black, caused those beautiful eyes of his to stand out even more.    

    He had a five o clock shadow, and when he smiled, my breath caught again. 

I suddenly whispered; My God you're beautiful.

     "Meu Deus, voce e lindo."

He smiled as he stepped closer to me.

     "Not nearly as beautiful as ye are my love." He replied softly, and before I knew it his head dipped.

    He put his hand into my hair and drew my mouth to his.

Before I could react I was kissing him back.

       He placed both hands on my shoulders, drawing me even closer. He almost lifted me, as if he wanted to invade my very being. I suddenly felt the same feeling as before, and it jumped from him to me, and vise versa.

    I jerked away from him and drew my hand to my lips, watching as his chest rose with his shallow breathing.

     "Okay, I have to go." I said, turned and started briskly walking away from him.

     "Wait, please." He called, and I paused with my back to him.

     "Can I at least see ye again?"

     "I don't think it would be a good idea. Plus I'm leaving in two weeks." I countered shaking my head no, then started to walk off again.

     "Ye canna tell me ye didna feel it Sera." He questioned softly, and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. He'd called me Sera, not Phina. 

No one ever did that, and surprisingly I liked it.

     "Seriously, I gotta go." I said, then took off running.

As I came around another corner, I realized he wasn't following me this time as I looked behind me. 

I saw the dog too late, we both collided, and I tripped over him. I cried out, and he yelped.

I sat up, then reached out for the dog.

     "Awe sweetie, I'm so sorry." I lamented as I hugged him, because he was a well groomed beagle; so you could tell he belonged to someone.

There was an R&M on the dog collar. I rubbed his fur then.

     "Come sweetie; let's see if your owner is around." I coaxed, and he moved forward with a limp.

     "Oh no, I'm so sorry hunny." I wailed as I saw he was hurt.

   My cousin came around the corner of the large white building running.

     "Seraphina! Onde voce esteve? Eu estava preocupado doente." He yelled, where have you been? You had me worried sick as he embraced me.

     "I got lost between the buildings, but I'm good." I said, then realized my ankle hurt as I limped forward.

     "What happened?"

     "We collided, and seems we both have a limp now. You didn't happen to see his owner around anywhere did you?" I asked, and my cousin shook his head no with a frown. "Well, I can't just leave him here Paulo if he's hurt." I moaned, and his frown deepened.

     "You want me to take him home?" He cried, and I frowned.

     "No, I'll take him with me to Nana's; then tomorrow we can ask around or something." I suggested and he sighed, then finally nodded.

     "But could you carry him for me?" I grinned, and he frowned again.

     "Only because you are my beautiful American cousin who I don't get to see often." He stated, I laughed, then hugged him and we started back towards the others.

     "Where the hell did you go? And whose pup?" Jennifer questioned as Paulo and I walked up.

     "A long story, I just wanna go home and have a drink. You would not believe what happened to me, and then what stupid thing I did after." I moaned, as I suddenly got an image of that grin. 

I sighed, climbed in, then took the dog from Paulo.

     "Well boy, I guess it's just you and me now." I whispered as I nuzzled his fur, and he licked my face whining.



When we reached my grandmother's house, I was so ready for bed. She was already asleep, so I poured myself a glass of wine, said good nite to my cousin, then the girls, and headed to my bedroom with my new friend as he limped behind me.

     "Okay boy, you can sleep in the bed, but you better keep your paws to yourself." I laughed to myself then.

   He took a seat right in front of the bed, and I could have sworn  he nodded.

I slipped off the costume, then sighed as the binding top came off and I could breathe again.

I looked at the dog, his ears standing up as he watched me.

     "You, go to bed." I said shooing him as I covered my breast with my hands, then started laughing to myself.

     "Okay, I'm losin it." I said shaking my head as I walked to my suitcase and took out a nightgown.

I washed my face, took out the ribbons, pinned up my hair, then got into bed and turned the light off.

     "Come on, its okay you can sleep up here." I said as I heard him whining. 

He probably belonged to a child, I suddenly thought.

He crawled up next to me, and I rubbed his fur.

     "Awe, your lil owner must just be missing you terribly." I said as I nuzzled his neck, and he buried his nose into my boobs.

     "You must be a boy?" I said laughing, and he licked me again.  "Okay, sleep." I commanded yawning, then closed my eyes.

I had no clue what time sleep claimed me.



    Roman grinned down on her, then smoothed the hair from her face. She was beyond beautiful. She would take him home, without knowing where he'd come from; just because he'd been hurt.

    Of course he wasn't, he'd pretended to see what she would do. He had no clue she'd actually take him home. He knew he had to see her again, because he could feel her coursing through his veins already. He smoothed the hair from her face again, kissed her forehead, and she stirred but didn't wake.

    He knew from the moment she'd kissed him she was the one for him. 

7 centuries, and he'd finally found her.

    He sighed, got up from the bed, then shifted.    

He crawled onto the ledge, looked back one last time, then leapt down to the grass under her window.   

 Roman trotted off then.