The Gargoyle Keeper; best mates forever...



Dragged to yet another one of her sister Mak's New Years Eve parties, Kalanit felt like choking someone! When she decided to take a break from the Trump wannabees, and saw the blonde standing there she knew there was something different about Quillan, and not just his name. 
Magnus' best mate Quillan returns, only he has a lil secret about daylight...
(Gargoyles, Black Death, the Legend of Merlin, and the Palid Council)

Wales 1558...

Kings's Tower


   Quillan looked up at the sky, then frowned. If this potion worked, he would surely get back into the kings good graces.

  He mixed the vial and it turned blue. This brought a smile to his lips as he swirled the liquid in the vial.

  The door suddenly burst open, and he saw San Carlo.

   “Take him!” He yelled, and Quillan gasped as they threw the hood over his head.

  He could smell the horses as he was tossed into the back of a carriage. He heard the driver yell, and the horses took off.



The King’s Palace…


 Some time later, he was snatched from the carriage and pushed through a door.  He listened to the sounds, and there was suddenly a collective gasp as he was pushed forward falling to his knees.

  The hood was snatched off, and he looked up gasping for breath.

         “What have ye done?” The king sneered as he frowned down on him. “San Carlo here informs me  ye have been practicing black magick.”

          “Tis not magick ma lord, but science.” Quillan stated as he got to his feet. He knew the word science was just as dangerous as magick.

          “I have a form of my own science me boy.” The king replied grinning as he motioned the men forward, and the sorcerer stepped towards Quillan. Quillan frowned. This couldn’t be good.

           “Did ye seriously think I would let ye discover a cure Quillan? It was my sorcerers who came up with it in the first place. Hold him.” He nodded to the men.

            “Ye canna do this Ansen! What aboot the people? If ye have no subjects, then ye have no kingdom!” Quillan cried struggling with the king’s guard.

              “It will no longer be yer concern after this, now will it?” He grinned, and the sorcerers came forward.

      As they began to chant, Quillan could feel his muscles begin to harden, and he looked up at the king.

               “Ah wull kill ye fur this Ansen.”

              “That, is not likely; now is it.”

   Quillan screamed, and the crowd gasped.

                “Take it outside.” The king spat, and the guards picked up the statue and left the room with it.

                 “That was very wise of ye sire. Although I do not sanction the use of magick, it is what needed to be done. Quillan was dangerous.” San Carlo stated with a sardonic little smile. The king had done his work for him, and this was one incident he would not, be reporting to the Holy Father.

    He was nearly finished with stamping out the Avantes. At least for the last two houses, because no matter how hard he tried; he just couldn’t find them. His smile grew as he nodded to the king, and then waved the priest from the room; exiting himself. That took care of both him and Magnus.


King’s Tower…


      “Dewch yn y modd hwn.” Bring it this way Rian commanded the guards and they followed her. “Here.” She said pointing to the spot by the large window. “That will be all.” She told them and they left the room.

    If her father knew, he would kill her for sure. She went to the table, mixed the potion for the spell, and then cast it. She saw the slight shimmer of the statue, but that was it.

      She sat down to wait. The sun was almost down. She closed her eyes, then laid back to wait.

When the sun was finally gone, she jerked awake as he screamed.

         “Wh…what happened?” He asked as he fell forward.

         “Tis cyfnod Quillan, gan hudolion y brenin. Ni allaf gymryd i ffwrdd o chi, ond yr wyf wedi lleihau ei effeithio ar rai beth. “ Tis a spell Quillan, from the king’s sorcerers. I can’t take it off of you, but I have lessened its affect some what, she whispered going to him.

           “But why Rian, what have ye done? Yer father will surly kill ye.” He cried as he jerked her to him.

            “Ye must know how much I love ye Quillan.” She whispered, and he rested his forehead on hers. He didn’t have those feelings for her though. To him, she was just a child.

              “I know, and all these years I have steyed awey from ye because of it, least I give ye the wrong impression.”

               “This I know, but I have always known you had no love for me like that. And I have accepted it, but it does not lessen what I feel for you. Now, you must go.”

                 “But how have ye done this Rian?”

                  “The spell will only work for night. Ye will be as the same in the daylight hours, but once the sun sets, ye'll return as such.” She said as she gestured to him.

                    “Now, go, before the guards come.” She said and he nodded. She handed him her money purse, and he shook his head.

                     “Yes, ye must; tis the only way ye’ll get away. Now go!” She ordered.

      He suddenly grabbed her, and the kiss he laid on her made her toes curl.

“I shall never forget ye Rian, tis a promise.” He stated, his blue eyes twinkling. She touched her lips, and smiled as she nodded. He went out the window then.   

Manière de Porte…

Lower Council Headquarters…


“Who the hell sent for San Carlo?” Rafael cried as he came into the room, and Malfoy frowned, then nodded to Mildred.

     “There wasn’t much else we could have done to contain him Raff. He would have destroyed the lot of us.” Mildred cried, and Rafael frowned even deeper.

     “But why wasn’t Menelaus called?” He countered.

     “Because Jade said it was beyond the Flamine’s or the Arvantes jurisdiction.” Alice replied, and Rafael looked at Malfoy then.

     “And Anna and Sean? Does it not even matter they were his parents, and sacrificed their lives for this Council? Just as Caleb and Dottie?” Mina cried referring to both Quillan and Magnus' parents, and the members frowned.

     “It was beyond us Mina, believe me. I have love for Quillan, as well as Magnus. They were some of my best and brightest students, and this saddens me greatly; but this is a decree from Jade. They even over ruled Pallid on this; and that’s saying a lot.” Mildred opposed, and Mina frowned.

      “And what is to be done with him? Or Magnus for that matter?” Jennings asked with a slight frown.

     “San Carlo is to take them both to the inquisition.” Malfoy returned, and the people in the room gasped.

     “Surely not?” Mina cried, and Malfoy nodded.

     “And who’s to say he doesn’t come after the lot of us Malley?” Jennings howled, and Malfoy frowned.

     “No one, but he has expressed orders, for the two of them only. Jade wants to make an example of them.” Vincent stated as he walked into the room, and some of the members paled. Anytime one saw Vincent, it was their last. He grinned as he looked at their faces.

     “I have not come for the lot of ye, when I do, ye’ll be the last to know.” He responded, and Rafael sent him a nasty look.

     “This is to be left alone by Amber. Pallid will be handling this from now on. Malfoy, a word. Jennings, ye may be excused.” He said, and Jennings frowned, but did what he was told. When he had gone, Vincent took a seat.

     “The lot of ye will be moved to Pallid.” He said, and the women gasped, then Mildred and Alice smiled.

     “Yes, it is a decree from Jade. Ye are to be at Atrium by tomorrow afternoon.” He commanded, and they nodded. “I shall see ye in two weeks for a report on this matter.” He said as he rose, and they each nodded. He left the room then.

     “Well, this is great.” Malfoy stated smiling, and Rafael frowned.

     “Fuck ye say. Now, they have a greater fucken chance to end us if we fuck up.” He spat, and the Mina and Francisco nodded in agreement.


Chapter One…

Los Angeles New Years Eve 2009…

Downtown Los Angeles…



      I looked up at the sky, then frowned. I hated holidays like this where if you were alone, you were basically a loser. It was 9:30 and I was on my way to a New Years Eve party I had no intention of going to, when my sister called and pretty much forced me to go.

     This was like the fifth time this month she was trying to set me up with one of Jeffery’s friends. I knew she meant well, but I was sick of it.

  I turned into the parking structure, and then saw Ernie. Ernie was cool. He’d been one of the first Tuskegee Air Men, and I loved to hear his stories.

              “Hey gurl.” He called as I got out of the car and handed him the keys.

  It was sad this was what our elderly was reduced to. He had fought for his country got damit, had been the first black man to fly a jet, and here he was working in a fucken underground parking structure; because with the combination of his pension and social security he still wasn’t able to make ends meet. Fucken Bush, Obama better come correct, I thought frowning.

                “K Ernie, I’ll see ya later.” I called and he shook his head.

  My sister and her corporate lawyer fiancé lived in the new buildings they had just finished downtown, and I frowned as I went up the elevator.

  If she tried to fix me up with one more stuck up rich wanna be Trump bastard, I was gonna slap the hell out of her.

  The elevator dinged, and my frown was etched even deeper as I saw the people. They must be Jeffery’s stuck up ass friends. I so didn’t understand my sister anymore.

  She had left everything and everyone for this dude, and I couldn’t stand him. But she seemed like she was happy; so what could I say?

                  “Hey, Kalanit, I’m so glad you came.” She cried as she saw me.

                  “Sure MaKayla, if you say so.” I frowned again, and she took my coat and pulled me into the room. I got the total Jewish name, and my sister didn’t as you can see.

                    “Please Kal, just do this for me? Please?”

                    “Fine, but you know I can't stand his fucken ass.”

                    “I know, but you’re doing it for me, not him. But he’s asked me to marry him remember, so he’ll be family.”

                     “Not likely, Bubbe' will never like him; no matter what you do Mak.”

                      “I know, but just for tonight can you pretend?”

                      “Fine Mak, where is he?” I asked and she smiled and hugged me.

  My younger sister thought those baby blue puppy dog eyes of hers could get whatever it was she wanted.

      My dad always fell for it too. My dad was the first black profiler for the F.B.I, so we didn’t see much of him growing up. But the summers in New Orleans with our Nana had been a blast, till something popped off, and my dad said we couldn’t go anymore.

     We spent most of our time with my mom’s family, and they had literally almost died when my mom brought home a black man. My mom’s family is strict orthodox Jews, so the very idea  she would bring him home was practically a sacrilege. But it wasn’t  because he was black; it had to do with anyone who wasn’t Jewish.

       I sighed as I saw the new prospect. At least he looked better than the last one. I thought as I pasted on a smile.

   They rang in the New Year.

   About 3:30, I was so ready to go home and crash.

    I picked up one of the cigarettes off the table, and walked out to the balcony.

     They were in the penthouse suit, so I could see the entire city.

      I lit the cigarette, and then frowned down at it. I knew I shouldn’t, especially since I was wearing the patch, but they were getting on my fucken nerves.

      I snatched the patch off, then hissed as it took some of the hairs on my arm with it.

  I looked up as I blew the smoke out, and then saw something move above me.

  I walked some way out, standing on my tip toes to see if I could see what it was, then went to the balcony door and started up the stairs.

  When I reached the roof, I looked around. There was no one up there.

           “Ye know, smoking kills.” He said, and I turned.

           “Shit! You scared the fuck out of me!” I cried grabbing my chest and he smiled.

  And what a smile!

  I looked him up and down then.

  The blonde hair was to his shoulders, and I could see at least a two days growth on his jaw. He was dressed in a pair of slacks, and a buttoned down shirt. I immediately realized he must have been at the party.

           “I’m tryna escape.” I grumbled as I took a seat on the large air conditioner. He smiled and took the one across from me.

            “But why, ye seemed like ye were having a good time.” He grinned, and I was sooo loving the accent.

            “British?” I inquired, and he shook his head no.

            “Welsh.” He countered.

            “Oh, so how do you like California?”

            “Tis a bit much.” He replied grinning again.

            “I know, it can be overwhelming. I thought the same thing when my parents moved here like 10 years ago. I’m originally from Maine.” I stated and he nodded.

              “Well, I guess I’d better get back before my sister starts looking for me.” I grumbled again as I got up.

               “Do ye really have to?” He asked, and I looked at him then.

                “Well I guess I could sit for a bit more, God knows I so don’t wanna go back in there.” I moaned and he laughed.


               “Because for the last two years my fricken sister has taken it upon her self to fix me up with the worse, and I mean fucked up, blind dates she could think of. I know she’s just trying to help, but its gets on my nerves!”

                “Ye, a blind date? I can not possibly see why, yer beautiful.” He stated frowning and I looked at him then smiling.

                 “Why thank you.” I said laughing.

We talked for a while longer, and I noticed he kept watching the sky.

                   “Well it was so nice talking to you…?” I paused as I got up, and he got up too and put out his hand.

                   “Quillan. Me mates just call me Quil.” He grinned.

                    “Wow, unusual name.” I returned smiling.

                    “Yes, I suppose it is. May I call on ye?” He asked and I smiled.

                   “If that’s your way of asking for my phone number, than yes.” I replied laughing.

   I took the pen from my bun, then wrote my name and phone number on his forearm, and he laughed.

                  “On the morrow then?” He asked, and I shook my head. I supposed it meant tomorrow.

                  “Are you comin?”

                  “In a bit, I’ll just take the other stairs out after I see daylight.” He said, and there was an almost look of sorrow on his face.

                   “Okay, talk to you tomorrow then.” I called as I waved and he nodded, and then smiled.

I went through the door then.

  Quillan frowned as he saw the light of dawn. As he looked down at his arm, he smiled. She was beautiful; the ponce’s loss was his gain. He touched his arm, and then backed up against the wall. He took a deep breath, and as the sun rose, he froze.