Dark Premonitions; the                          Seeker...


Thanks to her old college roommate Debbi...Sahbania's finding that late night séance long ago just might be true.
All in the name of fun and games her ass...
Yet, everything Debbi predicted was coming true!
Not to mention, she wanted to know just what the hell a Succubus was, how she became it, and did he seriously just bite her...

England  1756....

Greyten Hall...

“How cud ye? Efter everythin thá they’ve done to the lot of us Nin ye fucken join those sarry bastards? Ye werna thar boy, ye canna ever understand what they did to us! 

Had it nó been fur Roman, every last fucken one of us wud be dead Nin!” Lychelin shouted, and both Auron and Ambrose rose to their feet frowning as they felt Lychelin’s power rise.

This did not look good.

“Ań how wud Ah Lye, because ye never tell me shite! Meybe if ye had, then Ah cud have had other choices!” Eirnin yelled back.

“Ye canna do this Ah forbid it! Ah willna let ye sell yer soul to those bloody motherfuckers, even if Ah have to kill ye me fucken self boy to stop ye from it!” Lychelin threatened standing to his feet then.

“But Ah had to Lye; they’ve threatened to kill her if Ah don’t do it!” Eirnin shouted back.

“So ye wud sell me oót fur thá lyin fucken whore Nin?”

“She isna a whore, don’t call her thá! Ye just never liked her in the first place Lye. Ye canna see thá I fucken love her.”

“Then take it back, tell them ye canna! Especially not fur some trollop like her!” Lychelin shouted, turning red in the face.

“Ah canna, Pallid has vowed to kill her if Ah don’t.”

“Get the fuck oót me sight Nin.” Lychelin spat, Eirnin gasped, then frowned at his brother.

Why would he ever expect someone like him to understand?

Lychelin had everything, even to his title of Ulfric.

How could he possible understand he didn’t want to be referred to as Lye’s little brother for the rest of his fucken unnatural life!

“Why shud Ah have thought ye’d ever understand this or me? Ye havena ever loved anythin in yer entire fucken life Lye, me included. Why shud Ah think ye gave a shite about me, or anythin thá ever mattered to me, fucken arse.” Eirnin spat back, and before they could stop him, Lychelin sailed over the desk punching Eirnin in the face.

They both scrambled to their feet, then both went through the two-way glass case, as Lychelin punched Eirnin in the face repeatedly.

“Shud we stop them?” Ambrose cried looking at Auron. Auron frowned as Lychelin and Eirnin smashed through the double doors.

Auron grabbed Lychelin, and Ambrose took hold of Eirnin.

“Ah hate ye! Ye hear me Lye? Ah fucken hate ye for life! Ań Ah’m never comin back! Ye hear me Lye, ye fucken arsehole, Ah hate ye!”Eirnin screamed as Ambrose held onto him. Eirnin jerked away from Ambrose wiping the blood from his mouth as he exited the room.

“Should we not stop him my lord?” Mavalin asked, and Lychelin frowned.

“Nae, let the fucken lil arse go. Ah canna look at him right noó wit oót wantin to kill him.” Lychelin growled, then walked from the room wiping the blood from his own mouth.

“This isna good mates.” Auron replied sighing.

“It bloody hell isn’t.” Solaris frowned as he looked around the room, then towards the door they’d both vacated the room from.

“Shite, bloody shite.” Ambrose wailed, all three of them leaving the room as well.                     

Chapter One…

Ancient Myths 101…

       “So, are you telling me the myth of the Werewolf has no bearing in reality at all, even now Professor? Aren’t most legends part truth at some point anyway, and just get jumbled up down through the centuries?” Kristopher Mitchell asked and I frowned.

I hated kiss ass know it alls.

     Not only did he think he was the latest thing in approved literature, but he had to sit in the first row, raise his hand constantly, and try to show me up at any given moment, just because he could.

     “Has anyone ever told you, you are an insufferable fucken know it all?” I murmured, he gasped, and some of the students behind him snickered.

I sighed then.

Shit, I needed to watch what I said, because it was just like him to run his ass to Snively to have me reprimanded. I sighed again, then walked to my desk and sat on the edge of it trying not to frown at him.

     “But it’s true none the less right?” He smirked, and I felt like slapping that smirk right off his face.

He drove me to treat him the way I did.

I swear I had a valid excuse for hating his lil kiss ass!

I sighed again, as I could feel the beginnings of a fucken migraine.

    “Werewolves…all I can say to that…is bullshit. Even if you subscribed to the belief Romulus and Remus were the first, and here I strongly stress the word IF, it is said the she-wolf only suckled them not bit them. There is no mention in historic, valid text this ever happened!” I wailed walking back to the podium, and he opened his mouth to speak again, but I cut him off frowning.

   “Not to mention Romulus killed Remus before Rome even became an Empire. I mean come on, you can’t seriously believe in that crap. Lycans, as they are presumably called, Vampires, ghosties and gobbling do not, and I repeat, do not exist! In addition, just say we do take up your point as valid Kristopher, the very idea of the “Werewolf” was actually Norse in its origin, a trick played on men by once again petty Gods, who believed the person was getting their just rewards.   

     The Norse God Loki is said to be responsible for this, which I state once again is purely speculative myth.  It was a way of combining the best of both man and animal. But I reiterate…it is myth only.” I said shaking my head as I leaned on the podium.

    “Ań is this not an institution of higher learnin? Twuld seem an attitude like that wud demean the purpose of this class in its entirety.” Someone in the back countered, and I came from behind the podium to have a better look.

The accent was to die for though.

He was sitting in the nosebleed section, so I couldn’t see his face clearly.

    My class was full today, and I guessed it was because of mid-terms. Most of my students only showed up for test or finals, and skipped class at least once a week. Moreover, since this was a summer course, it was accelerated.  I’d been roped into teaching Gothic Folklore, and was pissed about it. Professor Height had taken her pregnancy leave one month before the summer session, so I was stuck with it. I had to give up Romanticism, Contemporary Historical Sites, and The Age of Faith for this bullshit!

     “I would suppose that’s true to some point Mr…?”

     “Wolf.” He supplied, and the entire class erupted in laughter.

     “Mr. Wolf is it? Well Mr. Wolf, if there were any scientific evidence in the matter, then we might actually entertain the idea. However, for the simple fact that through the many centuries the myths and legends of both Werewolves and Vampires have existed, and although have been referred to throughout time in countless literary works, there is no proof they actually ever truly existed.

       If this were true, then why have we not found one shred of evidence? Even the bible has been noted to have certain pages tested, that ultimately proved true. From a scientific viewpoint, the bible didn’t state Christ walked the earth, but it does give proof of his existence, whether supernatural or not. Therefore, we must surmise that he did as well, in whatever fashion.  But then like I said it is all just theory, even Christ hasn’t been scientifically proven yet.”

     “Ań just because there is no scientific evidence this makes the belief in legend false?”

     “In most cases yes, I…”

     “Have ye always been this much of a cynic Professor Tonga? Have ye seen the kings of old, like Constantine then?”

     “Of course not, but…”

     “Yet many believe he ruled despite the varying degrees of scientific proof am I right? Or Buda for that matter. The ancient Shiva, the Koran, antediluvian Chinese, Japanese emperor scrolls, ań the like? So basically what yer sayin is anything that canna be proven by yer science, or seen in the literal sense, dosna exists?”

     “Of course not, but then that takes us back to the emotional and not science. What you’re saying has to do with feelings, and not science.” I replied as I tried to get a better look at the wiseass.

     “So if Ah feel thá Ah might be a werewolf, Ah might be?” He asked, and the class erupted in laughter again.

     “You know that’s not what I meant at all. I don’t think my cynicism has anything to do with evidence, now if we might get back on topic.”

     “Okay and that’s fine Professor Tonga, but if it wasn’t true in some respect, why would the myths have been referred to century after century? Not to mention, why would they have survived for so long at all then?”  Kristopher asked again and I felt like throttling him.

   Just as I was about to answer my students realized it was ten till and started gathering their stuff.

     “Whoa…just a sec! Quiz on Tuesday, and Kris leave the vampires and werewolves at home this time. It’s on the Egyptian Goddesses. We don’t actually get into vamps and wolves till next week.”

     “Sure thing Professor T.” He responded smiling as he and Jennifer Richardson walked out together. I smiled, and as I was about to turn back towards my desk for my briefcase he passed.

    As I looked into his face, his pupils seemed to dilate as his eyes flashed. His grin widened as I gasped. He tipped his head in my direction, then went out the door.  

   What the fuck was that?

   I rushed to the door, but as I looked into the hallway he was gone, it was empty.

    I went back into the room, grabbed my briefcase, then paused to turn off the lights. I didn’t care too much for night classes. This fucken campus was way too big, and I hated walking to my car at night. I’d shelled out $45,000 dollars for the new Vela with the heat sensory just so I’d be aware if someone was behind, or in my car. I clicked the alarm off, and as I was about to get into the car I heard a howl.


    I spun, but there was no one there. I threw my case in the front seat, then jumped into the car. I immediately locked the doors and started the engine.

   As I pulled out the lot, I sighed my relief. I flipped on my Ipose, and Kate Havnevik’s “Sleepless” sang into the car as I relaxed.

That was just weird as hell.

   My entire lecture was on deflating the werewolf myth and I hear that howl?

It had to be a coincidence they do not exist.

I said as I turned into Ben’s Beanery parking lot.                                   

Ben's Beanery...

   As I got out the car, I took off the pumps, put on my flip-flops, and my feet screamed relief. This was my second year at Westwood’s best, and I wasn’t used to all the dress up. I’d transferred in from BSU two years ago, and the only time we’d ever dressed up was when we had visiting professors or Symposiums. My good friend Ginnabeth had spoken to a staff member here, and through her mom got me the invitation for an interview.

    As I opened the door to Ben’s, I gasped as I saw Mr. Wolf with his back to the glass smiling as I walked in. He saluted, then went back to his book. I walked to the counter, then realized the line was on the other side as the girl behind me frowned and whispered something to her friend.

“Good grief I didn’t see it,” I mumbled as I walked to the end of the line.

   As I waited in line, I looked at him. Just from the profile, he was gorgeous.

  Why hadn’t I ever noticed him before?

He had shoulder length dark brown hair, and as he looked up to bust me looking at him deep beautiful blue eyes.

  I quickly looked away, but not before, I saw the grin.

  I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for my green tea latte, then snuck another look at him.  

  He had his head bent as he read. The tee shirt screamed from the indentations of his chest, and as I looked down, I noticed he had on flip-flops too.

  The jeans were loss and almost hung off his waist, because I could see the top of his checkered blue boxers.

He was hot though, I thought as he ran his fingers through his hair.  The deep tan caused his eyes to stand out even more.

Dark brown, almost back hair and blue eyes was sexy as hell.

I took a deep breath then.

  It’d almost been five months since I’d had sex, and just looking at him right now was not good for my delicate senses.

I thought laughing to myself.

     “Sabhania…green tea latte?” The girl at the counter called.

Finally, I thought as I walked to her and took my drink.

     “Very unusual name.” He replied as I started for the door.

     “Yeah, it’s Samoan. My dad’s Samoan and my mom’s African-American and German.” I returned as I opened the door.

     “Think ye might have a few minutes to discuss yer lecture?” He grinned, and for some reason I wanted to do just that.

Think it had something to do with the way he looked?

Naw… I told myself grinning.

     “Sure, what was it you wanted to know?” I asked as I pulled out the chair and took a seat.

     “Well for starters I’m here on vacation, my first time in America in a very, very long time. But anyway, I’m quite fascinated at how much time this country spends on legends, myths, folklore, and the fact that ye even have whole courses dedicated to them; which is really not unusual because we have the same.” He replied grinning and I nodded.

     “However, the peculiar part is ye don’t believe in anything ye teach. Ye reverence them, but ye don’t actually see any of them as true. Which I find quite strange, because how can ye teach something ye canna ever believe in? Some say werewolves, vampires, witches, warlocks, Fae and demons actually exist.” Eirnin replied as he looked into her green-blue eyes.

She was one gorgeous bint, Eirnin thought.

She probably didn’t even realize it. As he looked at her face, he realized she didn’t have one stitch of make-up on. Wow, he thought a natural beauty.

He hadn’t seen that in centuries.

    “Yeah right!” I laughed and he smiled.

    “They even say there’s a war that has been brewing for 12 centuries now, and soon a time will come when ye’ll have to choose a side.”

     “Now I know you’re just bull-shitting me?” I grinned and his brow rose.

     “Am I? The only reason it hasna spilled over into the human world is because of a truce. But that truce is comin to an end, ye’ll seriously have to choose a side.”

     “Oh stop.” I came back with laughing, and he laughed too.

My God, he was the best lookin man I’d ever seen!

I stopped myself then.

I so did not need to get hooked up because of a student.

However, as I looked at his face, there was a small gut feeling which told me he’d just told me the truth somehow. Nevertheless, if I believed that than he and I would both be loony as hell.

     “Scots?” I inquired, and his grin got just a bit wider.  I noticed the length of his canines, and the fact that they were pointy. I frowned then.

Naw I’m probably just hallucinating. 

I suddenly remember Cathy in my fifth grade class; she’d had a set of pointy eyeteeth as well.

     “Actually Keltic.” He replied looking me directly in the eyes then. I didn’t ever recall seeing eyes do blue, and depthless.

My god, I could get lost in them.

I noticed his grin got just a bit wider, and I shook myself mentally. I seriously needed to stop it. I chuckled to myself, but with looks like his, how could I? I seriously wanted to jump his bones. I frowned as he stared at me for several moments, and that grin got even wider.

      “Oh.” I said, as I realized he’d replied to my question. “Keltic, but I thought it was spelled with a C?” I countered grinning myself now.

     “Not the old Druid Norse sect. The K became a C after many centuries.”

     “And are you from Scotland?” I asked taking a sip of the latté.

     “Yes, but I havena been there in cen…ammh years. Ma home is in England now.”

     “And what do you do in England or on vacation here of course besides disrupting my lectures, and being a wiseass?”

He laughed out right at that.

     “It wusna my intention. I wus generally curious as to how someone so beautiful can be so jaded?” He asked, a serious look coming to his features as he frowned slightly.

     “Years of practice.” I muttered, and he tilted his head to the side as if he were confused.

      “Truly?” He responded, and I looked at him.


I told myself. This was dangerous ground. I needed to leave, and now. Those eyes could get me to say yes and do just about anything. Moreover, that smile, no, no, no, I said shaking my head before I even knew it.

       “Yeah, well I guess I’d better get going, lectures tomorrow.” I replied as I got to my feet.

      “So ye willna answer the question?” He countered looking up at me grinning.

      “Why? Tis nó like yer a potential mate or anythin?” I mocked winking as I pushed the chair in and began to turn when his voice stopped me. It was barely audible, but if I was not mistaken, I could have sworn he’d said, “We shall see.”

      “I’m sorry?” I asked frowning.

      “I said I shall look forward to yer stunning informative lecture tomorrow.” He grinned, but I knew he was lying.

     “Ahhh yeah, see you in class tomorrow.” I called over my shoulder as I walked towards the door.

     “See ye soon Nia.” He whispered, and I felt the heat of that look from where I stood. I grabbed my chest, took a deep breath, then rushed out of the door.