Cycles of Change; Jade                       Council...



If you told Arieanna a year ago this is where she'd be, she'd have thought you flippen crazy! 
When he appeared in her dreams, she thought it was just that; until Dagda knocked on the car window. 
Not to mention the links to Sephoroth? 
Was it even in her to resists the both of them? 
Centuries old men who looked like Apollo himself. 
A 2,085-year old vampire, and a 3,500-year old Celtic God? 
Sephoroth with his depth-less ice blue eyes, Kan svant, and Dagda if for no other reason than his beautiful spinning deep blue eyes and dark looks. 
 And what of Auron?
(Lycans, Vamps, Warlocks, Witches, Demons, Merlin, Celtic Gods, the Pallid, Jade, and Delineate Councils of Foremen).

Rome 80 C.E.

Column of Tarjan...

Establishment of Delineate Council

         "We have established the Order, and all is well Octavos. If Alsandair is upset in anyway, it is his own fault. I went to him thrice in three days and he has ignored me; so we move forward." Nerva said and the people in the room gasped looking at him surprised.

      "Then we are to press on at once. We can no longer wait for his approval. The Order must stamp them out immediately."

     "And what if this is not what he wishes?"Anatolia cried.

    "Then he shall have to accept it anyway." Coven stated, and then looked around the room, and the rest of the people in it nodded.

     "But are we to take such liberties?" Septimius asked astonished. "For he is still emperor?"

     "And has not ruled like one in the last decade, and all because of that torturous bitch." Titus spat, and everyone at the table looked at him then with a slight frown.

     "And what of the one called Mulkie?" Romani asked with a sigh.

     "I am not sure as of yet, but he is the most grave of the entire sect. I want him strung up before the sun sets."Nerva hissed, and Romani frowned. Mulkie had found great favor in not only her bed, but her heart as well; but she knew better than to go against Nerva.

   The fact that she was even allowed to be here in the first place proved they needed her magick to pull this off. But what concerned her the most, was Domitian had no clue as to what they were up to. She knew if he did, they would all be seen as traitors to the republic, and executed immediately as an example.

She sighed again as she looked at Titus. 

Was he actually bitter, because he was no longer favored by Rome?

     "And his aide Mueso? What shall be done with him?"Marcus inquired, and Nerva frowned.

     "He is still yet young, mayhap we can sway him to our liking."

     "Then we are formed?" Demetia questioned, and he nodded.

     "And what shall we be called?" Marcus inquired sarcastically.

     "I believe we shall be called the Delineate Council." Nerva stated, his chest moving out just a bit more than usual.

The inhabitants looked around the room at each other, and then smiled nodding to each other.

      "We shall meet on the full moon in two days hence to discuss the possibilities of Mulkie and his cohorts. Meeting adjourned." Nerva stated, and they nodded and began to file out of the temple.

     "Titus, shall I have a word?" Nerva called, and Titus paused at the entrance, then turned and retraced his steps.

     "Yes my liege?"

     "I want both Mulkie and Mueso dead before the sun rises on the solstice. We can not afford the sway of their votes. Romani alone will petition the rest of the members for their say, and it can not happen. If it comes to that, than she must be done away with as well."

     "Yes sir. And will you call forth Exodus?" Titus asked, and he shook his head no.

     "Not until there is no other choice. They have sanctioned Delineate, but we shall leave them out of this." Nerva said, and Titus hurried from the temple to go in search of his men.

     Nerva looked around the temple. Yes, it would all be his; because Domitian was not fit to rule, and hadn't been for the last seven years. He had Exodus' promise on that. He would rule Rome the way it was meant to be ruled.

Nerva left the temple to go in search of Clea, he needed to pump her, and now.                                                                        








 Sephoroth looked at the spell and smiled. He had no clue  Diggings would be able to find it this fast. It had taken Sephoroth at least five months to be able to control himself.

      The power grew each day, and he was now able to control each of them if he wanted. He sighed as he looked at the spell again and gave into a moments regret. 

Should he do this?

He asked himself.

Was his want this great of them? And if he did, would they ever truly love him like they did Auron, Rue and Saix?

 He picked up the spell and looked at it closely.

       Not to mention, it would keep the lust more concentrated to the three of them. The others would still feel a small portion, but not like before.

       As well, it was killing him. Every time they made love, he could feel it, and it alone was testing his skills.

      The Greeks had always been a favorite of his. 

He thought smiling. 

He took the spell into him, felt it spin through his mind, and then breathed it from him. He gasped as it took effect, and then smiled wickedly as he saw each of them gasp and whisper his name. It just wasn't in him to not take what he wanted.

He suddenly laughed as he poured himself a glass of brandy. 

As if he would ever have serious regrets?

       Sephoroth took his customary seat, and then contemplated the spell again. He knew what he was capable of , but did they? He was over the sting, but it still irked him they had what he didn?t. And his daughter, he smiled as he thought about her.

          "Yes, I shall make myself welcome today, whether he wants me there or not." Sephoroth said and  ebbed from the room.




Lychelin looked up as Sephoroth ebbed into the room.

          "Speak of the bloody devil." Eirnin muttered as Sephoroth walked in.

           "Rue, if I may have a word?" He questioned, and Rue frowned but nodded anyway and they left the parlor.

            "I wish to take my daughter for the day." He stated looking Rue in the eyes, and Rue frowned.

          "Then why are ye asking me, tis not like ye ever cared what I thought before?"

     "Because I have been told I must....what was the phrase she used? Ahh yes...stop trippin, if I wanted to see my daughter again." He grinned, and Rue frowned even more because it sounded just like Luna. 

So he had to have been with her lately.

     "Fine, I'll call and ask." Rue said and left him standing there.

     "Yes, ye do that." Sephoroth grinned, and Rue looked back at him, his frown deepening as he left the room.

He returned ten minutes later.

     "She said to have her back by the time she gets home." Rue spat, and Sephoroth could tell they'd been arguing, and it was exactly what he'd wanted. 

It was quite obvious he'd won out. 

He thought grinning to himself.

     "Thank you." He nodded, and Rue wrinkled his nose and gave him the bird.

     "Tis not because of me that ye are." Rue retorted and walked back into the parlor.

Sephoroth walked up the stairs and into their bedroom. He looked at the bed, and then frowned. He saw the nanny, and she gasped. 

At least he had that, he thought grinning.

     "I am taking my daughter for the day, please ready her things." He stated and she scrambled up and began collecting Cecelia's things.

When she was done, she handed him the baby bag, then the baby.

    As he looked down on his daughter, she laughed up at him, and he couldn't help smiling. If he'd had a heart, it would be swelling with pride as he looked into her ice blue eyes. Just like her father's he thought. He shook his head then.

       "Why ye naughty lil minx, tryin to enthrall daddy." He said laughing as he ebbed from the room with his daughter.






    When he reached his mansion, he placed the bag on the settee, then sat down and placed her on the chair next to him.

      "Now, how can we get mummy to stay with us for the night? Or at least for the evening." He asked smiling, and she smiled back. He knew in order for the spell to take effect, he had to get each of them to sleep with him; but the dream state wouldn?t work, it had to be in the flesh.

    He picked up Cellie as she raised her hands to him and began to pace rubbing her back. She grabbed a handful of his hair, placed her fingers in her mouth and closed her eyes.   




       "So what did Rue want?" I asked and De' Luna frowned.

     "Seph asked to take the baby for the day."

     "Shit, and you're okay with that?" Kalanit asked taking a bite of her salad.

     "Yea, he would never hurt her. You should see the way he looks at her."

     "I know that. That's not what I'm talkin about. He?' a man! I?' sooner shoot myself in the head then leave Colum with Quil for more than an hour or two without Mildred." Kalanit cried, and we started laughing as De'Luna gasped.

     "Shit, I didn't even think about that." She cried herself and dug around in her purse for her cell.

     "Yes, it's me De'. Do you have a nanny there Seph?" She frowned as she looked at us.

     "No Seph, okay fine. When I'm done. No I hadn't planned on it. Fine Seph, stop whining 6:30." She said and hung up.

We all looked at her expectantly.

     "He wants to keep her till 6:30."

     "Seph whining, I'd love to see that?" Nathalie cried and I laughed.

     "No...you wouldn"t." I stated, and they all laughed.

     "I'm even surprised he asked, especially since he's been all professional. But I did tell him if he didn't stop trippin and start respecting Rue he wouldn't see Cellie."

     "Wow, and how did he take that?" MaKayla asked looking wide-eyed.

     "He frowned, then just nodded and tried to kiss me." She said rolling her eyes.

The entire table laughed at that.

     "So what are you wearin Ar?" Jobey asked me and I frowned.

     "I've no clue. I'm gonna have to go over to Tillie's."

     "Me too. You do know Seph is hosting this shin dig right?" Danni said and I looked at her wide eyed then.

     "No, Auron never told me." I wailed, and she shrugged.

     "That's because he probably didn't know it. Lye just told me this afternoon before we left." Danny replied and I sighed.

     "Damn, this sucks." I muttered, and so did Jobey and De'Luna.

     "Well, we may as well head for Tillie's." Nathalie said and we nodded, paid and left the restaurant.



   When we reached the house, Sephoroth called De' Luna and told her he had a sudden meeting and asked if she could  come and pick up Cellie. I was a lil leery about it, but De' Luna said she would be fine and left the house without telling Rue. She said she didn't want him upset.

     She would quickly go and pick Cellie up and be back before he knew it. We nodded and agreed not to mention it.

     I walked up the stairs and thought I'd take a quick nap. I shed my clothes, and lay down in only my underwear. For some reason the room was like a furnace. I sighed as I turned on the air conditioner, and felt the room immediately began to cool off. I could feel sleeps pull.                                                             





     As De' Luna walked into the parlor to wait for him, she swallowed the lump in her throat. She had never been to his home before. It was beautiful, but she was a lil apprehensive. Maybe she should have had one of the girls come with her like Kalanit had suggested.

     She was on his playing field now, not her own. And Sephoroth could be tricky.

She looked up as he walked into the room, looking as sexy as fuck. She smothered the gasp because she knew he'd caused the lust to rise in her, and he proved it just by the grin on his face.

     He had Cellie in his arms, and De' Luna frowned slightly as she realized just how much they looked alike. Cellie had her skin color, but she was her father's daughter, even down to the blond pigtails and ice blue eyes. Cellie placed her arms around his neck, and he smiled and kissed her.

    He walked to De' Luna and pulled her to him and gave her a deep kiss. She jerked away from him.

       "Ai promis Seph!? You promised Seph! She wailed, and he looked at her surprised, and then sighed. Cellie put her arms out to De' Luna and she took her. They both gasped as she caused a silver, green and gold hue to surround them. De' Luna frowned, and Sephoroth threw his head back and started laughing.

       "A se vedea, chiar 'i fiica mea ?tie c' voi îmi apar'in." See, even my daughter knows ye belong to me. He stated laughing.

       "Don't start Seph, please." De' Luna moaned and started for the door, when he caught her arm.

       "I really need to speak with you for a moment. And in English. I'm quite surprised he taught you." He said, and motioned the woman forward. He took Cellie, kissed her fat cheeks then handed her to the woman.

       "And who is that Seph?" De' Luna cried.

       "My new nanny, is that not what ye said?"

       "She better not be some ancient trick from your past Seph, or Ima kick yo ass." De'Luna hissed, and he laughed.

       "She is not. Now sit." He laughed gesturing towards the large sofa. He handed her a glass of champagne, and she shook her head no.

       "Afraid?" He challenged, and she took the glass rolling her eyes.

       "What was it you want Seph?" She asked as she took a timid taste of the champagne.

       "More time with my daughter."

       "But Seph..."

       "No Luna. I have waited the entire two years, waiting till he was fucken comfortable with the idea; and I shall wait no longer. Cellie is my daughter, and he can not change that. She's almost three bloody years old Luna." He hissed and De' Luna sighed. Had she not just told Rue the same thing? He had a right to be with his daughter, just as Rue did his son.

      "Fine Seph." She muttered and downed the glass. He filled it again, and she frowned at him. He gave her a sheepish grin. "So why is the meeting at your house tonight?"

       "Because I've agreed to host it. Tis been a while since I have." He replied as he got up from the chair and sat down on the sofa next to her. De' Luna looked at him, and then inched just a bit towards the other side of the sofa. His grin only widened.

   She took the glass and downed its contents again, then sat the empty glass on the table. He offered her more, and she shook her head no. He took her hand and she gasped, as her eyes closed automatically; because he was suddenly next to her, and she felt his fangs graze her neck before they sank into the curve.

She moaned his name.

       "Seph, you promised." She whispered, as he jerked her body into him, and then raised his lips.

       " 'tiu, 'i îmi pare r'u. Am nevoie de tine Luna ca am nevoie de energie pentru a tr'i." I know, and I'm sorry. I need you Luna like I need energy to live. He whispered back, and she knew exactly what he meant.

   Seph didn't need to sustain himself on blood, he was psychic, so he could go for years just living off of the life force of others. It was why he played so many games, because it was like blood to him. It was equal to Rue telling her he needed her like he did blood.

Fuck, she thought, as they were suddenly in his bedroom. 

When had he done that?

        "Seph no." She moaned as he ran his hand up her thigh, and she heard the first bars of Case and Joe's All the Things

Of all days to wear a fricken sun dress! 

She yelled at herself through the haze.

        "Please Luna, god yer killing me." He moaned, she was instantly in his lap, and they were both naked.

   De' Luna shook her head to try and clear it, but it didn't work. He wasn't stopping this time, so there was nothing she could do.

       "You...promis...promised!" She screamed as he took her into his mouth, and she felt his fangs, and wave after wave of the most exquisite pleasure washed over her entire body.

     He pulled her back to his lap, and brought his hips up, and she screamed his name as he ran his fingers through her hair and jerked her back. He could feel the power building, and the spell played itself on the backs of his eye lids, but she had no clue as she dug her nails into his back and he grinned.

       "Oh,My,God, Seph!" She screamed as he pulled her hips forward, and then pushed them backwards. 






    I woke up gasping, when I suddenly saw him in my minds eye grinning.

     "De' no." I moaned, because I couldn't help it. I rolled as it hit her, and nearly screamed, my fingers curling into the sheets because I could feel it too. My god, he was too damn good. Which was the part that sucked. I threw myself on the edge of the bed, with my head hanging towards the floor as I felt her fall forward, and heard his laughter. He looked at me, and I knew it was a promise to me the next time I saw him.

       "Ass." I muttered as I tried to catch my breath. I closed my eyes, and then gasped as I was suddenly in Auron's lap, and he was naked.

       "What were ye just doin luve? Ye have me hard as a rock." He moaned against my neck, and I laughed because his eyes were amber. He could smell the sex. Before I could say anything, he already had my undies removed, and thrust his hips forward as he took my nipple into his mouth and I screamed.                      




    Two hours later we were all dressed and waiting in the parlor. De'  Luna looked at me and I frowned. She mouthed "I can explain". I nodded and let it go. Jobey looked at me and frowned deeply too, and I gasped as she nodded. I knew instantly she'd been there too.

   Auron suddenly kissed my neck and I looked up at him and smiled.

     "Ready?" Lychelin asked, and we nodded.

We left the house then.





     As we pulled up to Sephoroth?s estates, I forgot how amazing his home was. When we got out of the car, each of the women gave a low whistle.

       "We thought the same." Danni replied, and we laughed.

The valet took Auron?s keys, and I frowned. Seph was such a show off.

   When we got to the front door, we were ushered in. The place was already crowded. I looked up and saw Sephoroth in conversation with Bailey. Bailey was a council member, and one hot number. I suddenly began shielding, and frowned as Auron looked down on me with a slight frown of his own.

   Shit, it was like second nature now, but I kept forgetting it was to him as well.

Sephoroth walked our way then frowning.

        "I need to speak with Arieanna for a moment." He stated, Auron took my hand, then shook his head no.

       "Tis Secunda business, or I would not bother." Seph replied dryly, Auron gave him a dirty look, then let my hand go.

       "I'll be right back sweetie." I said, kissed him deeply, and he smiled and nodded. 

I left the room then, Sephoroth's hand on the small of my back.

When we reached his study, he jerked me into the room, and the kiss he gave me made my knees go weak. I jerked away from him gasping.

        "Fucken Seph!" I wailed, but he pulled me back to him.

        "Please Arieanna, yer killing me." He moaned and before I could stop him, his fangs sank into the curve of my neck, and I almost screamed.

        "Damit Seph!" I cried pushing him backwards as his head rose, and he started laughing as his eyes turned silver.

        "I'm sorry." He replied as he wiped his mouth.

        "No you're not! Why must you always be an ass?" I wailed as I could feel the tiny holes in my neck began to close. 

Thank God for the Goddess.

        "Because, ye belong to me and you know it. I need you Arieanna. How can you deny me so. Ye know I love ye!" He wailed back and I sighed.

        "What do you want Seph?"

        "Nothing obviously, except this?" He cried, and I frowned.

        "No." I started for the door.

        "I have not been this saintly in centuries wench. But You Three do something to me. I can't help it. Its like I'm addicted!" He whined, then gave me another deep kiss.

I shook my head trying not to laugh.

       "Bye Seph, and get yer arse out there soon too. I don't need shit from Auron because of you." I snapped, and he only laughed.

       "Fine Arieanna, but I shall have ye...one way...or another." He declared grinning.

       "We shall see Sephoroth." I mocked, and he laughed again as I walked from the room.

   I sighed as I closed the door.


    What would I do now? 

Sephoroth and I'd never actually had sex in person, out of the lot of us, Revelin had been the only one personally seduced by him in the flesh. But I certainly knew at some point, I would be too.

    We'd made love several times, always in a dream state, but shit, if De' Luna couldn't control him in person; how the fuck could I or Jobey. 

I was his damned Secunda! 

Which meant I had no choice but to be around him.

But I should have known.

    I looked into the mirror outside his study, my neck was a little red, but both marks were gone. I got busted by Nia.

     "Whatcha doin?"

     "You seriously don't wanna know." I replied rolling my eyes as I dragged her back towards the double doors and onto the patio with the rest of the guest.


   Sephoroth looked at the door then frowning. 

He'd known it wouldn't work with Arieanna. 

He would have to take a different approach with her, or maybe even a full enthrallment. 

She was an even harder nut to crack. It was the reason he wanted and needed her so much. He shuddered just thinking about it.  

He looked out the window and saw her standing with Nia and Jobey. She looked up, and he grinned. 

He watched as the D.j wheeled his equipment onto the patio, and she looked up at the window surprised.

   He walked from the study then grinning. 

He would have all three of them, and that he promised himself.



        "Okay, so whas up wit that? What's he up to?" I asked Jobey and she shrugged.

        "I thought ye might like to unwind a bit." He said suddenly behind me, and I gasped as the shiver went up my spine. I took a step away from him, he bowed, then walked off.

      "The meeting will begin at ten once Keelik and the elders have arrive, so until then enjoy yourselves. My home is yours." Sephoroth said as he handed the mic back to the D.j.

   My eyes widened, because he was instantly in front of me, extending his hand to me. My eyes flew to his face, and I violently shook my head no, then searched out Auron.

He was frowning as usual.

       "Surely ye won't begrudge me a dance with my Secunda?" Sephoroth asked grinning, and everyone on the patio looked in Auron's direction. His frown deepened, but he gestured to me.

Fucken Seph! 

    The dance area was immediately crowed with people. I looked up shocked as Katy Perry's Teenage Dream was suddenly mixed into the other song. His grin widened, and he turned me. I was surprised that he could dance. But then I guess it went along with the package of seduction.

     He rested his chin against my temple, and swayed me to the music. He brought my arm up and placed it around his neck backwards, then ran his fingers down it and I couldn't help the shudder which went down my spine.

    He turned me and I was facing him. As I looked up his eyes were swirling, and that fucken grin was on his lips. He placed my arms around his neck, and grinned again. I took a deep breath, and looked into his eyes, my lips slightly apart as the gasp left my lips because he caused the heat to suddenly sear though my body. I closed my eyes, but I could hear the erratic beat of my heart, so I knew he could too.

    Shit, how could anyone resist him, he was like liquid sex. 

I suddenly felt light headed, and I frowned. He was an orgasm constantly waiting to happen. It took all of my concentration not to give in to him. Just thank God for me he hadn?t fully enthralled me. I thought about that.


   If he did?

   Had he ever fully enthralled any of us? 

I wondered. 

My god, I'd probably pass out from the sheer pleasure of it.

     He suddenly chuckled and I looked up at him. 

He bent so our lips were mere inches apart. I was shocked as the song changed to Pretty Ricky's Grind on Me.

       "Mi amor son como Luna, que parece que se olvide de proteger a mi alrededor. Y no, no. Sin embargo." You my love are just like Luna, you seem to forget to shield around me. And no....I have not...Yet. He whispered next to my temple, spun me out, and I had to grab hold of him.

     My breasts were molded against his chest. I looked up at him frowning and he was grinning. 

Why should I be surprised, it was all part of the allure.

He probably spoke all of the sexy languages; French and Italian too.

    As I looked around, I could see nearly everyone was watching us, even the people dancing next to us. He turned me again and placed my back to his chest, then encircled my hips with both hands swaying them to the beat. I shook my head to clear it, and he turned me again, and when I looked up of course he was smiling.

        "Why Seph? You know this is only gonna piss him off." I hissed as the song changed to Adam Lambert's Whataya Want from Me, and I frowned.

        "I could ask the same thing Seph."

        "And I have already told ye." He whispered back, and although he didn't kiss me, when I looked up at him I felt his lips on mine. He set me away from him, nodded, then walked away from me.

     I looked after him for a moment stunned, then felt Auron staring at me. I turned to look at him, but he walked off as well. I immediately left to go after him.

 I caught him on his way out of the front door.

         "Auron!" He paused to look at me frowning. "Where are you going?"

        "Why Arieanna?"

      I knew he was pissed, because he'd used my full name.

        "Just stop, come here baby." I wailed, his frown deepened, but he just stood there.

     I went to him and jumped into his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and then gave him a scorching kiss. I jumped down and tugged him into a room off the left of the hallway. It was small, and almost seemed like some kind of meditation room. I pushed him into the chair, and then unbuckled his pants, and as I sat in his lap he moaned.

        "It was just a dance. I belong to ye, and ye only." I whispered into his neck, and then felt the shudder go through his body. He grabbed my hips, and jerked me forward, and my head went back as I screamed.

        "To who?" He whispered by my ear, bit my neck, and I couldn't help the scream.

        "Fuck, you, you." I moaned and he sped up his rhythm. He pulled down the straps of the dress, and as he took my nipple into his mouth I moaned louder. I could feel the orgasm building, and as I looked up the power pooled over us.

        "Arieanna baby, take it in."He grunted harshly, all I could do was nod as it hit me, and I couldn't help the loud scream.

     As Sephoroth watched them, he dropped to his knees panting. 

Shite, he knew they were powerful, but nothing like this. 

He could feel the pull on him, so he knew it started with her. She'd pulled something from Auron, which caused the power to build.

     Now more than ever he knew he had to have her. 

He unsteadily got to his feet panting, and then ebbed from the room.

       "Fuck Arieanna, Fuck." Auron moaned as I raised my hips, and then slammed my hips back down. The magick was still above us, and as he pushed me back on his shaft, he hit something in me which caused the power to turn a deep green, and I screamed.

       "Yes, take it in, take it in luve. Show me ye want me." He hissed, and I nodded, because as the power and the orgasm built higher and higher, it was all I could do.

  Just as we both hit release, the power dipped, entered us, and then spread throughout the entire room. I fell forward, kissing him.

       "Fuck womon, I swear ye'll be the death of me. Yer so naughty, surely they'll know what we've been up to." Auron panted as he tried to catch his breath.

        "So." I giggled, and he slapped my ass. I got off of his lap, fixed my dress, and then kissed him.

      He rose and pulled his trousers up grinning. As I watched him grinning I suddenly thought about the power.

        "Sweetie, why is it now every time we fight or make love the power rises?" I asked as I fixed his tie.

       "Because one, ye drank Seph's blood so ye have what he has, and two; remember I said when I was with Set, Isis did something to me. Then the night with Osiris and the wrong spell got cast? Lye wus able to smother some of the lust, but not all of it. Any time I touch ye, ye seem to pull at it, and it causes the power to rise.

        I think it has to do with some kind of ancient Egyptian scripts, or maybe just anything from the time period. We hold both gods. She said it wud keep us one." He countered frowning.

        "Why are you frowning?"

        "Because it dosna seem to be workin does it? Just so ye know, the sex like that dosna work like ye want it to anymore Arieanna." He stated and left me at the door.

        "Baby!" I wailed, but he walked off. 

I'd realized about five months ago, the sex didn't appease his anger anymore, especially since the wrong spell got cast.

   It use to be whenever he was pissed, all I had to do to distract him was touch him; but not anymore. Even after we made love, and the power exchange, he was still angry. I sighed as I saw Jobey, and she was wagging her finger at me grinning.

       "Well it didn't work." I murmured.

       "Even after the sex?" She whispered wide eyed, and I shook my head no.

       "No, he's still pissed. I'm sure he went to look for Lye or Saix." I muttered, then took two glasses of champagne off the passing waiter and downed them both, and my cousin laughed.

      "The meeting is about to start." She said and I nodded and followed her.

When we walked into the meeting hall, he frowned at me, but then patted the spot next to him. I sighed, then walked to him. He automatically wrapped his arm around my waist, and then ran his fingers through his hair as Crillian walked onto the stage.

      For the next hour and a half, I listened, but really wasn't listening. He looked at me as he felt my shields come up, and I frowned.

     I looked at Sephoroth, he smiled, then nodded and I felt Auron's body tense next to mine. I let my shields down, but his immediately snapped into place as I looked up at him. His jaw line was hard, so I knew he was still pissed. There would be hell to pay when we got home. 

I sighed and slipped mine back in place.

     Was this really any of my fault? 

I couldn't help that I was attracted to Seph, shit he was over 2 thousand years old. Fuck, he had mastered the art of seduction, probably a hundred times over by now. I didn't even think another vamp could resist him!

   Sephoroth grinned at me then, and I knew that grin. I gave him the finger wrinkling my nose, and he threw his head back and laughed.

    Everyone in the room looked at him, and Auron snatched my hand down frowning down on me. I jerked my hand from him, then got up and walked out of the room. I could feel both of them watching me.

     I just needed some air. 

I told myself as I walked onto the balcony. I sighed as I felt the cool night air touch my skin. I leaned over the rail, and for some strange reason I swear I wanted a smoke. I shook that off, especially since I'd made Jobey quit. I?d be a hypocrite if I did.

     I sighed again as I looked up at the full moon. 

Maybe that's why he was in such a pissy mood.

        "Tis not it and you know it. He knows I want ye." Sephoroth breezed through my mind, and I gasped as I instantly felt his lips on my throat.

       "Then stop it." I moaned as my head went back of its own accord.

       "But I can't help it. I need you. I'm infected." He whispered, and I would swear I felt him behind me.

      "Then maybe what you need is a shot." I snapped as he wrapped his arms around me laughing, and I moaned as I felt his fangs sink into the nape of my neck.

      "Seph no." I whispered closing my eyes. 



     Auron looked across the room frowning. 

Why the fuck was he smiling? 

He wondered as he saw him looking down with a grin. He noticed his lips were silently moving, then he laughed to himself.

    Sephoroth was really pushing the limits lately, he thought frowning. 

Could he really kill him? 

Auron asked himself for the hundredth time. Especially after the last year and the lust. 

He frowned because he knew he couldn't, but he'd like to at least cause Seph some serious damage.

    Sephoroth's eyes flashed silver, and Auron frowned again. 

When had that happened? 

Probably because of the papyrus. He sighed as he looked over at Saix, and he was frowning as well. Saix nodded towards the door, Auron got up and started from the room, when Keelik suddenly shook his head frowning.

   Auron frowned himself, walked back into the room and sat down. Saix looked at him, then bent and told his wife something. She looked at him surprised, then looked at Auron nodding.

    Sephoroth looked up as well, then frowned himself. He watched Jobey walk out the room, grinned, then looked at Saix shrugging.                                                           



       "Seph please." I said, and was shocked because he was gone. 
Fuck! I gasped as I gulped much needed air.

       "What are you doing?" Jobey cried as she jerked me around, then took a step back looking at my face.


      "What?" I asked wide-eyed.

      "Your eyes, they turned silver Ar." She whispered, and I looked at her stunned.

      "Its fucken Seph. I can't help it I'm channeling him. Not to mention, this is his house. I'm having a hard time controlling it Job...and him...help me. It seems like the power's increased the heat!" I wailed panting, she embraced me, then took my hand and pulled me into the house.

We went upstairs, then ducked into one of the bedrooms.

      "Okay, take deep breaths." She coached, and I did as I looked at her. "Shit, I can feel him too. He's all around us." My cousin whispered, then closed her eyes moaning.

      "Jo, no!"

I instantly felt his lips again, and so did she. 

We both moaned.

      "Seph, stop being an asshole. My husband is sitting right there." Jobey screamed as he did something, and her back arched.

      "And it is yer wish that I what?" He asked laughing.

      "Stop it!" I moaned, and he sighed.

      "Fine, but I need to see the both of you in person tomorrow."

      "Ahh no." I said.

I saw him in my minds eye, his brows raised.

      "Fine Seph, now release us." I snapped. I was his Secunda, I couldn't say no.

      "Jobey?" He questioned, and she took a deep breath.

      "Fine...ass." She muttered, and then got to her feet. "But only because I don't want Ar around yo ass alone." Jobey commented, and he started laughing.

       "Then I release ye." He grinned, and we both gasped as we felt the link close.

       "Shit, we better get back downstairs." Jobey cried, and I nodded as we rushed from the room and down the stairs. 




Auron and Saix both looked over at him as he threw his head back and laughed again. 

    They could both tell something was going on, but neither had a clue. Auron looked at the door as his wife walked back into the room, and his frown deepened as Sephoroth watched them both. Sephoroth's eyes followed them as they walked to their husbands and took a seat. Once they were seated, Sephoroth turned his attention back to the podium.

    As I sat down, I could feel his entire body was tensed, and he recoiled a small fraction away from me as I sat down. I looked at him wide-eyed, and he shook his head.

That spelled a nasty fight when we got home. 

Fucken weres, there was no jealously on this earth like a were's.

    Not only did they fucken eat up that dog marking its territory shit, but they mate for life. The only way I could ever leave him was through death or for him to disavow me. 

How fucked up was that?

They still held onto the antediluvian ideal that a woman didn't exist outside of her husband. I sighed, because Mid said it was even worse for Fae. 

I instantly remembered the shit with Rev.

     However, the disavowment was something I'd only learned about this year. He'd told me when we met there was no way I could ever leave him, because they didn't believe in divorce; and not knowing any better, I'd believed it.

    yet, when all the shit popped off when we'd first gotten back, I was doing some research with Magnus, and stumbled upon this ritual. I picked it up, looked at it, showed it to Magnu, then asked what it was. I was surprised when his face lost some of its color, then he cleared his throat and explained it to me.

   As he did, I wondered if Auron ever wanted to do it to me. Our time in America when this shit first happened with Sephoroth would've been a perfect time for it. 

    I sighed, and he frowned down on me. 

Maybe even last year when we found out about Aisling, and he couldn't control the lust. He'd certainly threatened to kill himself, me included!

    I could feel it rising. 

I ignored it and him. 

The last almost four years had been wonderful, but hell as well. It was like anytime we took two steps forward, we had to take three back because of some new bullshit. At least a dozen times I'd contemplated just taking Gaelen and going back to America. 

But then I'd look into his eyes when we were happy, and the feeling would just dissipate.

    I just wanted a peaceful life. 

Shit, I was turning 35 in three months. I was getting too old for this shit. Not to mention, everyday I was afraid something would happen to Gaelen, or I'd be teaching class and some of these assholes would show up to my classroom to take me out; and my innocent students would get caught up in the cross fires.

    I sighed again as Crillian rose, and this signaled the meeting was over. I was glad for that. I just wanted to go home and snuggle Gaelen. However, as he took my hand and propelled me from the room, I knew that shit wasn't happening. 

Sometimes it sucked to be married to a fucken werewolf.

        "Nite, call me in the mornin." I told Jobey as I kissed her cheek.

        "He's pissed too, so we'll be fighting as well." She whispered near my ear, I nodded, then embraced her. 

        "Tell Nia I said I'll see her tomorrow." I called over my shoulder, and she nodded as Saix tugged her in the other direction.

     He didn't say anything as I got into the Jag, buckled up, then he pulled off.

The drive on the motorway was silent, and I was praying he would just let it go this time, when he finally spoke.

        "Cad é an fuck a bhí go Arieanna?" What the fuck wus that Arieanna? He asked, and I sighed. 

He could never just let shit go.

        "Cad a bhí an méid Auron?" What was what Auron?

        "The fucken dance Arieanna! Not to mention the meetin?"

        "First off, Ah had nothin to do wit the dance. Ye, cud have sed no. Second, what aboot the meetin?" I mocked, and he punched the dashboard putting a hole in it. 

I sighed again.

That was like the third dashboard this car would need.

       "Ná fucken patronize dom. Tá a fhios agat cad é an fuck mé ag caint faoi!" Don't fucken patronize me. Ye know what the fuck Ah'm talkin aboot! He shouted, and I gasped because I could feel the power in him rise. 

Whenever he was upset, the brogue was thick.

As he pulled into the drive, I got out the car before it rolled to a complete stop.

        "Arieanna! Arieanna get the fuck bach here!" He yelled, but I kept on walking.

   He caught up to me, jerked me around, his eyes were amber. He pulled me towards the back shed and the stables then. I had to walk three times as fast to keep up with him. Since I'd had Gaelen, and the incident with the lust last year where he bit me, he never argued in the house anymore. I liked that, but right now he was hurting my arm.

        "Auron, you're fucking hurting me!" I yelled, and he shoved me into one of the stalls, blocking the entrance with his height. He put both arms on either sides of the stall and glared down on me. 

       "What the fuck is wrong with you?" I screamed up at him.

       "Ye! I?m sick to fucken death of this shite Arieanna!"

        "Then just disavow me and be fucken done with me then Auron!" I screamed back, and the breath left him. 

He looked at me wide-eyed then. 

It took him a complete 40 seconds or so to control the mounting fury and rising power.

        "Saoire dom le do thoil Arieanna."  Leave me please Arieanna. He whispered as he closed his eyes. I saw his entire body was trembling.

   I ducked under his outstretched arms and hurried out the stables. when I got to the house,  I went straight to Gaelen, and told Nina she could leave. She handed me the baby and left.

      As I took him, he looked up at me, then put both of his palms on my face. I put him to my chest, then gasped as I heard the howl. 

I couldn't help the tears. Gaelen whimpered as he too heard a secession of howls. I sat, then heard the screech and peel of Auron's tires.

     Fuck, for the last year we'd had some really bad fights since coming back to England. The shit with Seph constantly hung over us, and no matter what he said; I knew he wasn't over the fact that the Council made me Seph's Secunda. 

I sighed blinking rapidly.

     We'd only just gotten back to trusting each other. But, I had no clue where that came from. If he did it, I would have no life. If he did it, I could never see my son again, he'd be dead to me.

My fucken mouth sometimes.

     I cried even harder, then gasped as I saw the blue globe encase me. 

I looked down on him, and he gave me that face babies give just before they're about to cry, and that made me cry even more as his globe shone brighter, spreading throughout the entire room.






        "Hey, a rá cad tú?" Hey, what say ye? Lychelin asked as he walked in. "Shite, again?" He questioned, Auron nodded as he took a seat, then put his head in his hands.  

       "Should I even ask? Seph?" He stated, Auron looked up with unshed tears in his eyes, and Lychelin gasped.

       "We were in one, and Ah sed Ah wus sick of the shite, and she yelled for me to disavow her and be done wit it." Lychelin choked on the drink.

       "Cé a dúirt an fuck di sin?" Who the fuck told her that, Lychelin wheezed.

       "I've no idea. But if she truly knows what it means, why wud she tell me to do it Lye?" He moaned.

       "I don't think she meant it Aur, tis just the heat of the moment. She cudna, she'd never get to see Gaelen again." Auron looked up surprised.

       "But why?"

        "Mate, ye've obviously been gone far too long if ye don't remember. If ye were to disavow her, she becomes dead to each of us, not just ye. And as Ulfric, I wud have to make it so." He stated, and Auron sighed.

        "I forgot."

       "Exactly, and do ye think Arieanna really wants that? Danni alone wud kill her. Not to mention Gaelen." Auron nodded, then sighed again as he took the drink Lychelin offered him.

       "I say stay here tonight, and let her see what it wud be like if ye did. Hell, I say for a couple of fucken nights. These women drive ye to fucken drink, and if Danelia' ever told me that shite, I'd take off for a fucken week with out tellin her, to let her see how it felt." Lychelin spat, and then grinned.

        "I don't think Ah cud do a week, but I will do a couple of days." Auron said grinning back.

      "Come on mate, I'll have Minnie make ye a place for the night." Lychelin grinned as he placed his arm around Auron's  shoulder and led him from the parlor.                    




         "Why?" Jobey shouted, as Saix jerked off his coat and threw it on the bed.

        "C' tii cum m' simt nenorocit despre tine fiind în jur de el!" Because ye know how I fucken feel about ye being around him! Saix yelled back as he jerked his fingers through his hair.

       "And so as always, this is my fault?"

       "M-am s'turat de nenorocit lupta cu tine Jobey. Am terminat !" I?m sick of fucken bovver wit ye Jobey. I'm done! He yelled, and she felt the power in him rise and gasped.

       "Deci, m-ar r'ni din cauza asta?" So you would hurt me because of it? She screamed, and his eyes suddenly turned a deep blue.

      It fucken sucked to be married to a vampire sometimes she thought frowning. 

    He could smell Sephoroth, and the smell had everything to do with sex. Not to mention he was a psychic vamp because Seph was his sire, so he could feel exactly what had went on. Jobey noticed they seemed to be fighting more than usual. She'd been more tolerant with him because of Ennix's death, but it seemed like it was just getting worse, and the fights were brutal.

       "What do you expect me to do; I'm fucken sick of this shite!" He yelled and put his fist through the wall.

       "Apoi, doar nenorocit renun'e la mine 'i s' fie f'cut cu mine Saix! Nenorocit o faci. Pentru c' M-am s'turat de rahatul asta prea!" Then just fucken renounce me and be done with me Saix. Fucken do it. Because I'm sick of this shit too! Jobey screamed, and he looked at her wide eyed, and if he'd had a beating heart, it would have stopped.

     She started for the door, when he caught her arm and snatched her around to face him. She looked up at him frowning, and his entire body was trembling with fury. She noticed his eyes were rimmed with a red ring, and his lip was curled into a snarl almost. He shoved her away from him suddenly.

     "Leave the room now please." He said quietly, and then turned his back to her.

Jobey hurried from the room and down to the nursery. She picked up both sleeping babies, grabbed the bag and walked out of the room.

     Saix took several minutes to subdue his rising anger. He looked out the window as he saw her car pull off. He left the room then and went to the nursery. He frowned as he saw she'd taken the twins.

   How the fuck did she know about renouncial?

Who would tell her that? 

He walked into his study, and then called for Bentley.

       "Yes sir?" He said bowing.

       "I was curious to know how my wife figured out I could renounce her?" He asked frowning, and Bentley swallowed hard.


      "Ye heard me." Saix spat as he got up and poured some scotch into a glass, then added a cube of ice.

      "I believe she, her cousins and Mr. Magnus were doing some kind of research and stumbled upon it. She asked me to clarify it for her, and well sir..."

     "Fine, leave me now." Saix snapped and as he turned to look at him, Bentley gasped, nodded then hurried from the room.

Fucken Mags!

   Saix grabbed his leather jacket and walked from the study. As he exited, he looked up and saw Tobey. His grin faded as he saw Saix's face.

      "What happened? I can feel it from here?"

       "Yer sister just told me to renounce her." He moaned, and Tobey's eyes widened.

       "Who told her about that? I mean I knew, but I never told Job; you two fight too much!" Tobey cried laughing, and Saix frowned. "Sorry dude, but you do." Tobey grinned, and Saix sighed.

       "Fucken Mags damn him." Saix wailed, and Tobey's grin widened.

       "Where you off to?"

       "To see Auron." Saix muttered.

       "He's not there mate. I just came from there. He went to Lye's, seems they had a fight too. It's that Tasini blood." The Tasini's were a tribe in Africa, Tobey's father's people.

       "Shite, okay I figured as much after Seph pulled his shite."

       "What shite, come on I?ll go wit ya so I can tell you guys what I found out."

       "Shite, I forgot ye weren't there for the meeting."

       "But I got a good excuse"? Tobey replied grinning, and Saix smiled despite the situation as they walked out of the front door.





          "So are we gonna discuss what I smelled from ye this evening?" He asked, and De' Luna froze.


     She had hoped by her and Cellie stopping off at the pet store, it would have comoed the scent.

       "I'm not sure what you're talking about sweetie?" De' Luna said calmly as she walked to the other side of the room.

    He'd promised he would never invade her mind like that again, but she could feel he was pissed off, so she didn't trust it. Sometimes he reacted rashly where she was concerned. The fact that he'd lost his good friend Malcolm weighed on him for the last year, and she was desperately trying to give him his space; but the fights were nastier than ever now, especially since she?d become Seph's Secund?.

        "Yes the hell ye do. What was it Luna?"

   She looked at him, then quickly away. She snapped her shields into place, and walked to the other side of the room. Okay good, she told herself.

    He obviously had no clue she'd been enthralled and slept with Sephoroth, or the room would be trashed, and he probably would have drained her at the door. She sighed as she thought about that. 

Would he ever be angry enough to do that? 

What did it say about this relationship, if she would think that.

     As she looked at him, thinking of what she could say to appease him, she frowned. But why should she? She shouldn?t have to appease him though. Hell he was a vampire, so he knew what Sephoroth was like.

       "Ce vrei s' spui, pentru c' eu pot spune ca esti r'sf' pentru o lupta?" What are you saying, because I can tell you're spoiling for a fight?

He paused for like two seconds surprised by her answer, but the anger was immediately back.

       "I smell him. He kissed ye, didn't he?" He yelled, then jerked her around to face him.  

De`Luna looked up and gasped. His eyes were a deep silver blue, but the red ring around them told her he was beyond pissed. She jerked away from him angry herself.

       "Yes, and what the fuck do you think I can do about it?"

       "What can ye do?" He shouted, and she was shocked, because he was red in the face. She had never seen that happen before.

       "Sunt nenorocit bolnav de acest rahat De Luna, 'i vreau s' spun c', cu toat' inima mea!" I'm fucken sick of this shite De`Luna, and I mean it with all my heart. He yelled and she frowned up at him.

        "Mend', dac' sunte'i atât de bolnav, atunci tot ce trebuie s' face'i este s' renun'e la mine, 'i eu 'i copiii mei vor fi plecat!" Fine, if yer so sick, then all you have to do is renounce me; and me and my babies will be gone! She screamed back.

     De' Luna looked at him wide eyed then, because he closed his eyes, and she suddenly felt power crawl along her skin. She had never felt that before either? She knew from Arieanna every time they made love now, power would be transferred, but she wasn't sure if it had taken. What she felt just then was close to Saix. When he opened his eyes, she had never seen his eyes look like that either, even when he'd slapped her.

       "Las'-mi, v' rog acum Luna." Leave me now please Luna. He whispered, and she walked from the room.

   De' Luna went to the nursery, and just like Jobey; she took the twins, a bag, and then left the mansion.

     Rue stood there for several moments, until he could control the anger. When he had, he walked from the room to the nursery, which is where he?d figured she had gone. He was startled as his cell rang.

       "Hey Tob." He said sighing into the phone.

       "No, why?"

       "Alrite, when?"

       "Now, okay in like ten minutes." He replied and hung up the phone. He looked around the room, and he felt she'd left the house with the twins. He left the nursery.

       "Fuck!" He hissed, then kicked the bedroom door in, snatched up his jacket off of the bed and left the room; then frowned at the door on the floor.

He turned and walked down the stairs, then out the front  door.                                                            




             "And which one do ye believe has the most power?" Hugo asked Alice smiling.

            "The oldest. Mary's been there since his birth, and she's even tested his power. Ye would not believe what the boy will be capable of. Not to mention both sets of twins. I'm not sure if the Council knows this, but both Mary and Nina swear the girl is Sephoroth's."

      "What?" Mina screeched and got to her feet, as Alice nodded.

      "No shite?" Jennings asked grinning, and Alice nodded again.

      "Finally, some fucken leverage where that bastard is concerned. I'm sick of the lot of them thinkin there are no consequences for their actions." Rafael spat, and the people around the table nodded in agreement.

      "Nina says on four separate occasions he came to see the girl, then the day before yesterday he took the baby from Jessica and kept her nearly all day until the mum came to collect her."

      "And ye've sent them already?" Lilith asked, and Alice nodded.

     "You know you'll have to kill the both of them if you do this right? Now might be the time for reason." Mavis stated, then looked up surprised as the guards suddenly appeared, then slipped a pair of gilding gloves on her. She frowned as she looked at Hugo, then snarled.

      "Ye know this won't hold me."

      "I know." He sighed, then nodded, and the guard knocked her out. 

      "Take her to Shiva." He said, they nodded, picked her up and left the room.

     "Now we just wait?" Malfoy questioned, Hugo nodded, then sighed as he took the cup of tea the young girl gave him. 

He smiled because she was new. 

He could tell from her full round figure and plump face, she had to barely be in her 20s. 

He would have to taste her wares later.

He thought smiling to himself.