Carousel; Legacy... 


When Keelik introduced the 15 insanely hot men, then said they were the progenitors of the species; Arieanna nearly fell off her chair.
It wasn't in a woman to resist men who fricken look like them!
Then after Thigby cast Malefesia's Sleeping spell she asked herself what else could happen to them?
But when Stenos walked into the room...she nearly stopped breathing...
(Titans, progenitors, Delineate Council, Exodus Council, and Nia's Premonition....)

Hollywood Hills...

      I sighed looking up at Naquamorta. She gave me that look, and I knew there wasn?t shit I could do about it. 

There never was.

     "But..." I started, and she shook her head.

     "You must if we are to win this Arieanna."

     "But I know you can feel it Naquamorta!" I wailed, and she sighed again.

     "Yes, but this is a must child. He is the progenitor next to Sekhmet. He's the only one besides the Goddess' and Gods who can teach you to truly tap into that side of you. He's a power which goes beyond what you think. And if he still retains even a small portion of what he once was, you'll need what he has to offer. And since neither of the Gods has made any demands he doesn't; seems like they are in-line with this. We'll not win this if you don't child. You and your son amaze even us elders. You have a power we've not seen before, and if anyone other than the gods can help you harness it; it's Stenos."

      "But I have no control where he's concerned. Look at the mess already Naquamorta!" I lamented, she sighed again nodding.

     "This I know too child, but I am afraid this must be. I don't see this house, nor any of the others standing if you don't sweetheart." She stated, I frowned, nodded, then left her sitting there.

     As I walked out the double doors and across the estate, I felt like screaming, so I did.

There was no way I could resist him. When he was around me, it clouded out everything else; especially since he'd tricked me into drinking his fricken blood.

    Why was it no one ever fucken thought about how I felt, how this affected me? I was three months pregnant by three separate men. 

 If I'd felt like a hoe before for Seph opening those fucken links; I felt like Jezebel now!

    I sighed, walked further into the wooded area, then paused as I heard something.

I looked around, but I didn't see anything.

Plus with the way I felt right now, whoever the fuck it was had better step the other way.

     "Hey." He said and I turned, then groaned.

     "What do you want? Can't I have two seconds of peace from you?" I moaned, and he had the nerve to grin.

     "Ye know I have to train ye, whether ye want it or not. We have two months, three weeks before Delineate and Exodus gets here; and the lot of us have to be ready for whatever they bring. Elders included." He replied frowning and I nodded, even if I didn't want to as I sat down on the huge bolder. 

He was suddenly next to me and handed me the daisy. I took it, then looked over at him and sighed.

See damn it!

No one should fucken look like this!

My brain screamed, he grinned and I punched him.

     "What was that bloody for?" He cried laughing, and I shoved him as I jumped down from the rock.

     "Stay out of my fricken head." I retorted and started walking further into the woods, him following me. 

He caught up to me, then took my hand and walked along side me.

     "Hungry?" He asked and I shook my head no, and my traitorous stomach growled just like the last time. 

He laughed.

I looked at him frowning as we were suddenly in his dinning room.

     "Damit Stenos!" I cried stamping my foot, and he just shrugged, then pointed to the chair for me to sit down.

I sat down with a humph.

But I had to eat. Especially now since I was eating for someone other than myself.

As the servant placed the plate in front of me, I smiled my thanks and she moved back smiling as well.

     "Thank ye." Stenos said, and they bowed and left the room. "Eat, ye can be in bits with me later." 

     "So why is it I can feel you now before you even appear?" I asked as I took some of the tropical fruit and put it on my plate, the shrimp, then the lobster. 

He poured me something to drink. 

I frowned at him and he started laughing.

     "I swear tis completely pure. Scouts honor." He grinned holding up two fingers then.

     "When were you ever a scout, and what fricken honor." I mumbled, and he laughed as I sniffed the cup. 

It smelled okay, so I drank some.

     "Because ye drank my blood. I have a link to ye now which surpasses them all except yer son, because of my age and who I am to ye." He stated, and I saw the half grin.

   Shit, no wonder Auron and Jeff were so pissed at me. But like this was ever my fucken fault? I swear to God, if I knew what it was which drew them all, I would cut it from me no matter how much it hurt.

They were fucken driving me crazy!

    I sighed as I placed my head in my hand.


   I could barely control myself around him. It was like I could feel him in me, around me, and completely enveloping me all at the same time.

     "Are ye okay?" He whispered, and I looked up at him then. 

The look on his face seemed genuine.

     "Yea, I'm just peachy." I muttered, and he frowned, then that grin was back.

I pushed the plate away from me, and he filled my glass again. I frowned, and he shrugged sheepishly. 

I looked at the chocolate cake then as the servant placed it on the table not far from me.

It was exactly what I needed.

     "This is Noel." Stenos said, and I smiled at the servant.

     "Would my lady care for a piece?" Noel asked, and I nodded smiling up at him. He was very handsome. He looked Filipino, but really tall.

Stenos frowned as he looked at Noel.

 Noel bowed, then left the room.

     "That's what chue get for interrupting my thoughts." I snapped, and he grinned.   

     "Why can't I block you? I can even block Jeff and Seph now, but not you?" I asked as I took a large gulp of the drink, then brought the chocolate cake to my lips.

As I took a bite, I swear I almost moaned.

     "Shit." I whispered looking down at the cake. 

I swear it had to have been made by the gods themselves, with the way it tasted.

     "Because only the elders can, yer not old enough love."

     "Ohhh goodie for me." I garbled as I looked away from him, then finished off my slice of cake.

     "Come, tis time." He replied as he got up, then pulled me from the room.

He made us both drinks, but this time I stood right next to him frowning, so I could see what he was doing. 

He threw his head back and started laughing.

     "I promise not to do that again." He said, and I took the glass and walked towards the sofa. "Not to mention, I already got what I wanted." He whispered, but I didn't quite catch it as I turned to look at him.


     "Nothin, now take a seat on the floor. We last stopped yer training at me trying to teach ye to control that confounded temper of yers. We need to also teach ye elements of mind control."

     "Fine, but I thought we learned it last time?" I frowned, then sat down on the floor, him sitting in front of me. 

He sounded like my mother. 

Who even used the word confounded anymore? 

I sighed as I looked up at him.

He suddenly took off his shirt, and I nearly chocked on the drink.

     "What the hell are you doing?" I wheezed, and he grinned.

     "Ye need to do the same. Ye can't commune with them fully clothed love." He replied frowning slightly as he removed his shoes, then his socks and my eyes grew even larger.

     "Oh yes hell you can. I do it all the time! Plus, Mags and Quil never taught us like that." I cried as I scrambled up.

     "First off, neither Magnus nor Quillan are as old as I am; so they have no notions of what true magick is. Second, we are not entreating As't nor Osiris sweetheart. I am not linked to either of them. In order to come before her, this is what she requires. She, is unlike them in any possible way ye might think." He replied with a slight smile.

      "Okay, but I'm not sure I, should be doing it? The last time Auron basically got fucked from communing wit her ass. Not to mention, Saix nearly killed Jobey, and I can so tell she doesn't like me." I whined.

     "Tis not the same. That was a spell he invoked himself, and if I'm not mistaken, Saix disobeyed her." He stated frowning up at me.

     "But she changed the words of the fucken spell, and of course Saix did. She wanted him to kill my cousin!" I yelled at him, and he frowned even deeper then.

     "She did no such thing, it was merely a test. Now come. This must be. Ye may remove just yer clothes if it will make ye feel better." He said grinning, and I gave him the finger wrinkling my nose. 

Of course he laughed at that.

I took off my jeans, and he smiled.

     "At least look the other fricken way!" I lamented, he sighed, then got up.

     "Bloody fine." He muttered as he went towards the fireplace, turned a switch, and the flames jumped to life.

Shit, I frowned as he turned around and walked back to me. He was the epitome of a God, his muscles rippling as he sat back down.

I quickly snatched off my shirt, then sat down.

He put his hands out to me, and I sighed again. 

I gave him my hands, and his grin widened.

     "Now, close yer eyes." He said, and I sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time, then gave him my hands. "The black lace and red satin is quite fetchin on ye." He said quietly, and I groaned. 

The black lace bra was a peek-a-boo, and I could feel my cheeks color instantly at his remark.

     "Shut up." I barked, and he chuckled.

     "Fine, concentrate. Just like the last time, feel it around ye, then draw it in." He whispered, and I nodded.

     "Can ye feel that?" He whispered again, and I nodded but didn't speak because I couldn't. Something surged through me, and I cried out. 

It was pure lust! 

I swear.

She appeared, the look on her face was one of surprise. She looked from me to him, then back at me grinning.

    She was instantly in front of me, then tilted my face to look into it grinning. She turned towards him, kissed him, and he gasped as his eyes changed.


I thought, this was so not good.

    He looked at me, and fuck me! 

Was the first thing that came to mind.

She touched him again, he screamed, and fell to his knees panting. I tried to jerk my hands from his, but he wouldn't let go. 

I gasped as the images began to spin through my brain, and I saw she was laughing.

    Each thrust, each kiss, each caress I could feel. I screamed as it caused the heat to rise in me. He was panting now even harder, and I tried to break his grasp again but couldn't. 

It was rising way faster than I'd ever felt before, and I screamed again as it completely seared my body.

He yelled, then let go of my hands.

    We were instantly back in his parlor panting as we both started at each other wide-eyed. He snatched me to him, and I looked down on him shocked because I was sitting in his lap now.

     "Fuck, yer wicked." He whispered harshly, and I didn't have a chance to respond, because as his fangs sank into the curve of my neck; a pleasure I'd never felt before in my life swept through me as I screamed.

     "Please...Stenos...no." I moaned as he drew back from me gasping for breath. 

    He kissed me, then jerked my hips forward and I screamed again as I felt it rise; and he whimpered against my lips, his grip on me tightening.

     "If I could have ye just once Arieanna, I swear it would release the fire ye've caused in me." He moaned as he drew on my skin, and I felt the ripples go through me again and screamed.

     "But...you...can't." I moaned again, and he grinned as he laid me on the carpet.

     "Please, say I can? I promise, I'd give ye whatever ye wanted." He said, and I was shocked, but shook my head no.

     "And if I enthralled ye Arienna?" He whispered as he brought his lips back to mine, jerked me to his lap again, and I swear I died just a little bit.

When he drew back, it was like whatever he was drew away from me as well.

     "But you promised you would never do that." I wailed, he sighed, then looked up at me.

     "Fine, but I will have ye eventually Arieanna. Ye were not meant to be with either of them. Tis a power neither of them can control." He said as he ran his fingers through his hair, kissed my forehead, then sat me on the carpet.


Dodged that fucken bullet!

I swear he was something I wouldn't be able to control. If I'd thought Jeff wicked, he'd surpassed that like four or five levels ago! When he had me in his arms, I could feel him completely around me, in me, and just about everywhere; all I heard was his call. 

I wasn't even sure if I would want it to stop.

Fuck me!

I then thought.

 I'm screwed                                                 




        "Did the lot of ye know Stenos has taken an interest in Arieanna?" Cremora spat as she walked into the Council chambers. 

Mildred frowned. 

Why the hell were the elders still here anyway?

         "Actually we didn't. Since when?" Rafael asked frowning. 

That was all they needed, was for him to take up with her. 


He spat to himself, then looked up at Cremora. 

Obviously she was beyond livid, because Stenos was the last person she would muck about. That gave him a small amount of satisfaction, and he grinned slightly.

         "Well, what do we plan to do about it?" She cried stamping her foot, and Malfoy frowned.

          "I am not sure what it is you think we can do Cremora? Stenos supersedes the lot of us, even you." Malfoy stated, she screamed, then stamped out of the room.

Mildred and Minerva had the nerve to laugh, and Malfoy frowned shaking his head.

       "She is not one to trifle with lightly ladies, remember that." He reminded, and they both nodded with a slight grin.

       "What do we do?" Rafael questioned frowning now himself.

       "Nothin, tis not our place. Hugo and Xavier are both here now, and it shall be handled as they see fit. And I can honestly say I am happy for it." Malfoy returned, then exited the room himself.