Blackwind's Song; love at first sight...



Tobey was just as amazed as everyone else when she appeared out of nowhere from Revelin's Life Spell. 

When he received the ancient tattoo of Horus the Elder, and the woman running with wolves; as he looked at the image he realized it was her! He had to find her, because the look in her eyes told him she and he would be more than just friends. 

(Ancient Blackfeet legends, Shaman, Horus the Elder, the Jade & Delineate Councils of Foremen


      "I want it taken care of immediately Malfoy." Hugo spat, and Malfoy sighed.

     "Yes ma lords. But what shall ye have me do?"

     "Whatever is most convenient. Wenatchee is a threat that has been taken care of, but she must not live. The seers have stated  she will surpass her father, and since she has refused us, she is to be dealt with." Cremora spat, and Mildred sighed.

  Just like that bitch Cremora. 

    Because she couldn't have the girl, she wanted to get rid of her. If they would only let her cultivate the girls power, Mildred knew she could make the girl unstoppable, and she would work for the Council! Mildred frowned as she looked at Cremora again.

      "And what of Magnus and Eirnin? Are they both not in America at this time?" Alice asked.

     "Yes, but I can tell ye now, neither of them will do it." Jennings said, and many of the members nodded.

     "I don't fucken care who does it, just have it done immediately." Hugo hissed, and he, Viktor and Cremora ebbed from the room.

     "Shite, I guess send Roxix, Felecia and Billings." Malfoy returned, and Dandridge nodded and hurried from the room.



Salem Massachusetts


The Cliffs...

      "Bring the accused forward.? Reverend Bailey spat, and I was shoved forward by one of the men.

     "Aisling Blackwind, do you understand what you have been charged with?" The Reverend hissed, and I grinned.

     "I have been charged, because the white man is afraid of my people. You fear what you do not understand, but I will not be judged by you." I hissed back, and spat on the ground at his feet. The man standing next to me slapped me across the face, and as he was drawing back to strike me a second time, the Reverend raised his hand.

     "That is enough Moseley; these savages will never accept the good lord. I bind this evil, in the name of all that is holy. You will meet your maker girl, and let us hope he is a bit kinder than these here town's folks." He said, and then nodded to the men, and they snatched my hands behind my back and dragged me to the edge of the cliff.

      As I looked down from the cliff, I frowned. I knew these idiots would have no clue what a pair of Gelding Gloves were; so I knew someone on the Council was helping them.

     This day, I would indeed meet my maker, because they knew with Gelding Gloves, there would be no way for me to call magick; I just wasn't old enough. I looked at the crowd then and saw my mother. She opened her mouth, and I shook my head slightly. There was no need for her to be on this ledge with me.

Mirina Koskorboa had gone against every thing the white settlers here believed by marrying one of the savages, and they had seen fit to gun him down after they were married. But what they didn't know was the Blackfoot tribes man was a shaman, and his magick was passed down to his unborn daughter.

     My mother had nearly been stoned once they found out she was with child. However, the good Reverend Bailey was in love with her and took pity on her and asked the town's people for a reprieve, because after all, Russians were nearly savages themselves; and the good lord would smile on them if they allowed her to repent of her ways.

     I had grown up marked, even if there were no visible signs of it. When I came of age, I decided to live with my father's people, but it was my blue eyes which continually reminded them of my white blood. I had to be faster, stronger and smarter than any tribesman just to fit in.

    I looked down again, closed my eyes, and then called on the Great Spirits. If it was the will of them, then this day I would die a warrior, and not at the hands of a bunch of fucken cowards.

         "I love you." I mouthed to my mother, and she nodded sobbing. Just as the man was about to shove me off of the cliff, I jumped, and my mother screamed. As I went over the edge, I saw my friends Eirnin and Magnus running my way, but it was too late.

         "Well, the good lord sometimes welcomes savages, may hap since she was still young, he had pity on her." The Reverend replied shaking his head, as he placed his arm around Mirina?s shoulders and led her away from the cliffs.

The town's people threw their clubs, sticks and rope over the side of the cliff, then began to shuffle back towards town.

        "Finally, I was beyond sick wit it from that fucken bitch!" Felecia spat, turned and pulled Fagan with her. If for no other reason, she knew the little cretan's friendship with Eirnin had been ended; and that was exactly what Felecia wanted. She frowned as she saw him and Magnus running towards the cliff.

Before he could see her, she placed the cloak over hear head and dragged Fagan the opposite way.


Three days later... 

         "What is it you will do father? We can not let Ko'komíki'somma's death go un-punished." Sipistoo snarled, as he watched his father prepare Aisling?s body for burial.

        "We do not have the numbers, or the strength to fight the white man. Now, we must prepare Ko'komíki'somma for Wangi Yata. No more talk of this Sipistoo." Wacanga said, ending the argument.

       "And we shall add insult to injury by burying her the white way father?" Sipistoo shouted, and his father frowned.

      "It is Mirina's wish, and since she has asked this of me, I shall do it. She is still my brother's wife, even if she is among the whites." Wacanga replied, and then sighed as he looked at his niece. He knew her life had not ended here this day as Sipistoo believed.

     Sipistoo watched his father, and vowed he would exact his revenge for what they had done to his cousin, even if it was with his last breath. He left the lodge then and walked towards the thickest part of the woods. Runs-with-Wolves would give him what he sought, and he knew it.

As he moved the flap back to his lodge, he was seated on the floor in meditation.

      "What is it you seek boy?" He asked, but didn?t open his eyes.

      "Revenge!" Sipistoo spat, and Runs-with-Wolves opened his eyes to look at him then.

      "And are you willing to deal with the consequences of what you seek my son?"

      "Yes!" He swore, and Runs-with-Wolves looked directly at him then.

      "Fine, it is done." He said and waved him off.

      "What's done?" Sipistoo cried, but he ignored him.

Sipistoo sighed, and then left his lodge. Crazy old fool, he thought frowning as he walked back towards the village as night fell.

    Sipistoo woke several hours later to a searing pain in both his stomach and head. He crawled to the flap of his lodge, and began walking unsteadily towards the woods. What had that old fool done to him, his mind screamed as he fell to his knees panting. He got up, then tried to run. But only got half way to Runs-with-Wolves lodge when he fell again screaming, because it felt as if someone was skinning him alive.

Runs-with-Wolves suddenly appeared.

      "Wha...what...have you done...to me?" Sipistoo panted looking up at him.

      "I have given you a means to exact your revenge. Remember you were willing to deal with the consequences." He stated, and Sipistoo screamed as he looked down and the bones in his fingers began to contort, and he could hear the bones throughout his entire body cracking as they too began as well.

       "We shall be pack, family and clan." Runs-with-Wolves whispered as his eyes turned amber, and he threw his head back and howled.



December 2010...

Chapter One...  


   Shelly looked at the graves and sighed. It seemed death never took a holiday. He sighed again as he took a seat on one of the tomb stones. Now where the blasted hell did that boy go? He thought frowning. He looked at the giant crucifix, and then frowned again. Tonight of all nights seemed a bit creepy, he thought as he looked up at the full moon.

     "Ned, get yo butt down here and now. We need to finish these here graves befo the sun is up boy!? He yelled into the walkie-talkie still frowning. That's what he got, he thought for hiring his brother's no good lazy son.

   He heard something behind him and whirled around with the shovel in hand. He saw nothing, but he had the strangest feeling. He heard it again, turned the other way, and stood shocked as he saw what looked like power, shatter one of the head stones on his right; and then ripple throughout the entire cemetery. Ned chose that exact moment to place his hand on Shelly's shoulder.

     "God amighty boy! You scared the living daylights out of me!" He cried grabbing for his chest.

    "What the hell is that?" Ned whispered in awe, as he saw the hand shoot up from the grave.

     "Lawd Jesus!" Shelly cried, and moved back and raised the shovel.

     "Dude, that's a girl! Think she's a zombie?" Ned cheered, and Shelly looked at him then frowning.

     "That aien't no gal boy, that thar is a demon!" He shouted back, and started running for his truck.  

      "I shuda steyed in blasted Mississippi!" He yelled as he started the truck, and Ned ran to catch up with him before he left him there.



     I took several deep gulps of air, then rolled from the grave and just laid there. Where was I? I could hear the night sounds, but I somehow knew this was not home.

I sat up, then looked down at myself. I was wearing white mans garments. I slowly stood to my feet then amazed. I shook off the dirt, and tried to clean it from my ears, face and hair as best as I could. I looked around again, but the area was empty. As I saw the tomb stones, I realized I was in a grave yard.

How had I gotten here?

     Or where was I for that matter?

That day on the cliff came rushing back to me. I took several deep breaths, and bent slightly to control my breathing.

     I noticed the wind seemed to pick up, and the moon gave the impression it shone just a bit brighter.

    For some reason, two names immediately popped into my head. I thought about my friend Eirnin, but the other name Revelin, was strange to me. I had no clue why, but I knew I had to find the both of them.

    Maybe Eirnin could tell me why I was back on this side, in this strange place, and no longer among the spirits. I sat down, crossed my legs, then closed my eyes. I gasped, as I felt the power surge through my body. I knew something in me had changed, because as the bubble surrounded me; this was power I did not have when I was living.

    I pulled the magick into me, felt it pool around and above me, and then released it from my body. Either one of them had to hear that. I thought, and then sighed.

   I saw the bustling city across the way, and the large town center in the middle of it; but what caught my eye was those strange things which seemed to just glide across the center of the road carrying people!                                                                




   Tobey frowned as he lifted the casket, and then looked at Magnus. His eyes were red, and his face was somber. Gereld had been like a father to Magnus, and it had taken Emmalinda four days of constant pleading to get him even out of the house. Gereld?s was the only traditional funeral. Lychelin had elected to give McFigis a proper Scott's funeral, and Ennix, Malcolm and the rest they had been able to find were cremated.

      Tobey sighed again. He hated funerals and didn?t wanna be here, but since Saix had made him his Secunda, he was basically obligated. Don't get him wrong, he loved Figs, and the rest, he just hated the solemn event of putting the one you loved six feet under. He was more partial to cremation. It just seemed a more natural way.

      He looked to the front of the church and noticed his sister sitting alone, and then looked towards the outer doors trying not to grin as Saix gave him a nod. He guessed after 452 years, he still didn't wanna tempt fate.

      Once the priest began to read the rights, the sobbing began. He watched as they handed Magnus several small black bags, but he was so distraught, Emmalinda had to take them.

 Two hours later, they were all sitting in Shadow's parlor looking very dismal.

      "I think I'll go check on him. I'll have Neven make up some rooms encase anyone wants to rest for a while. Funerals always seem to drain emotionally, so I completely understand." Emmalinda stated, and the people in the room nodded.

       "C'mon babe, I seriously need to lie down." Revelin told Ryzo, and he nodded as he picked her up, protruding belly facing up grinning.

       "I think I'll take a nap too." Arie stated, Auron frowned but nodded anyway. 

   They seemed to be growing apart lately, and it seemed no matter what he tried, it always ended up in a fight. Since waking, he was having a hard time suppressing the natural wolf's instinct. He'd even bitten her outside of making love, and he'd had no clue why.

     He was still apologizing for that one. 

But it seemed when they argued now the rage just continued to build, feed off of her, and then intensify almost to the point he couldn't control it; so he would just leave the room.

    Ever since that night six months ago when Osiris called him, he didn't seem to be himself. It was as if, something else took him over every time she was around him. They made love at least 4 times a day, because he couldn?t seem to get her out from under his skin! The lust would build, just simply by being next to her.

     He'd thought maybe it'd been something Ast' did when she rescued him, but the more and more the lust grew; he could only believe it had to do with that night.

      He frowned again as he saw her walk up the stairs. That Secunda shite with Seph ever loomed before them, and for the life of him; he just couldn't seem to let it lie. She'd lied to him for almost a year now, and he was just supposed to let that go? There was no way in hell he could do it, so trying to smother what he felt only made it fester worse. He sighed and brought his attention back to the room.

        "I'm too wound up to nap, anybody hungry? Mags has an amazing grille in the back?" Tobey grinned as he loosened the tie, and threw the suit coat on the settee.

        "I'm feelin that." Danni cried and Lychelin smiled.

        "Just remember, yer not with child now." Lychelin countered, and Danni punched him in the chest.

        "Ass!" Danni rolled her eyes, and then followed Tobey from the room towards the kitchens. Cook was sure to have some prime steaks out there, she thought grinning to herself.

       "So when is Keelik expected?" Auron asked Lychelin, and he frowned.

        "After his meeting with the elders. Thanks to their fear of Naquamorta, we 're safe for now. But ye yerself know the Council, they are most assuredly waitin for the right opportunity to strike, and Keelik wants us prepared for it. I believe there's even talk of Mulkie coming to this realm."

        "No shite, Mulkie? I figured him dead centuries ago." Ambrose whispered awed.

        "Nae, and he is one person the Council willna fuck with lightly." Lychelin spat, and the men in the room nodded.

         "But what of the houses?" Saix questioned.

        "We rebuild. Well technically, Quil and I cud probably just fix them now." Magnus replied grinning slightly as he walked into the room, Emmalinda close behind him.

        "And ye have that much juice?" Ambrose queried astonished.

        "Of course we do. Well the lot of us. If Em, Bina, Mak, Kal, Quil and I pull together, it can be done in two days." Magnus stated, and Lychelin nodded.

        "Tis good to see ye back mate, and I say get started as soon as ye can, because we canna continue to meet here like this." Lychelin said as he pointed to the boarded up windows and Magnus nodded.

        "So until then?" Solaris asked as Sabina walked into the room and kissed his cheek.

        "We wait." Lychelin replied frowning, and they nodded again.

        "Nae ma love, ye know I canna, he never listens to me." Eirnin whined as he and Sabhania came into the parlor. She handed him his son then.

        "Baby, I'm only gonna be gone for like three hours. I can't afford to pass up this symposium. You can do this. He loves his daddy." Nia cajoled, and Eirnin grinned as he looked at his son and Camden put his arms out for Eirnin to take him.

        "Okay love, but ye promise no more then three hour?" Eirnin suddenly hit the floor screaming.

        "What...what baby?" Nia cried as she kneeled next to him, and the others jumped from their seats.

        "What's happening?" Lychelin yelled looking wide eyed at his brother on the floor convulsing.

        "I don't know, you saw he just started screaming, and then fell to his knees!" Nia wailed as she kneeled next to her husband trying to control him.

They suddenly heard another scream from upstairs.

        "Move back Nia." Lychelin said, and as soon as she did, Eirnin passed out.

        "Its Rev, she just passed out!" Arie shouted as she ran into the room.

        "Have Ry bring her in here, Eirnin too." Lychelin cried, and Arieanna nodded and ran out of the room.

        "Send for Mingis!" Lychelin yelled at Remey, and he nodded and ran from the room as well.

        "Put him on the sofa." Auron commanded, and Magnus, Saix and Quillan picked him up, just as Ryzo walked into the room with Revelin and laid her on the sofa opposite Eirnin.

Both Eirnin and Revelin suddenly shot up from the sofa wild eyed.

        "What?" Lychelin demanded looking up at his brother.

        "Fuck! That wus wi...cked!?"He whispered harshly, as he ran his fingers through his hair, and then took a seat.

         "I'll say!" Revelin cried, and Eirnin turned to look at her wide eyed.

         "Ye felt it too?"

         "Yes, who was she?"

        "What?" Nia yelled at them. "You scared the fuck out of me Nin!"

        "I know babe, and I'm sorry." He said as he got up and embraced his wife and son.

        "But what wus it mate?" Auron asked frowning.


        "What?" Magnus cried looking at Eirnin and Revelin as if they'd just grown two heads; and Quillan's mouth just hung open.

        "But mate, I thought she wus dead?" Quillan questioned.

        "We witnessed it mate." Magnus whispered as Eirnin nodded.

        "She wus...but she isna anymore. Fucken 'ell. This is bother." Eirnin said as he ran his fingers through his hair as he looked at Revelin again.

        "But what does any of this mean?" Nia asked.

        "Remember the spell Rev?" Eirnin asked, and she nodded.

        "No fucken way?" Revelin whispered wide-eyed.

        "Yup, and good for ye she is on our side. But tis what it is I'm almost certain of. And it means I have to find her. Or rather we have to, she's linked to ye, but I'm assuming I wus the last person she remembered; so she called me too. She knew what I wus." Eirnin replied as he took a seat.

     "But why you?" Nia questioned frowning.

     "Because she called me. She probably dosna even know what time period this is, or where she is. She died in 1869 luve." Eirnin countered as he rose to his feet again.

They all looked towards the door as Tobey walked in carrying steaks.

      "Whas up?" He asked grinning, but his grin faded as he saw their faces. "Shit, what now?"

     "One of me mates who died long ago just contacted me and Rev. I have no clue how, but she did. And I have to find her." Eirnin replied looking at Nia. Nia's frown deepened.

     "But you don't even know where she is?" Nia cried.

     "It dosna matter ma love, I still have to. I promised her centuries ago, I wud always be there for her. Mags and I heard about her conviction too late, and by the time we got there, they had already killed her. She needs me right now."

     "And what about us Nin? We need you too!"

     "Love, don't be like this." He wailed, as Nia stormed from the room then.

     "And how do ye propose to find her?" Lychelin inquired frowning at his brother, and Eirnin sighed.

     "I don't know. But tis not like that mates I swear; she wus like a little sister to me. Tell em Mags!" He yowled to Magnus, and he nodded, as Eirnin looked at the men around the room; then at a wide eyed Revelin.

       "Do I need to go with you?" She questioned, and he shook his head no.

      "No, especially in yer condition. If and when I find her, I'll bring her back here. This is wicked, and Meng will have to fix this shite. Because if what I know is true, she's linked to ye because ye were the one who brought her back; then she's linked to Ryzo as well, because of the link the both of ye share. I have no clue how I come into play here. It may just be because beside her mum, I wus the last one she saw before goin over the cliff." Eirnin stated, and Ryzo frowned.

      "And yer sure she's what ye've said?" Ryzo asked, and Eirnin nodded.

       "I'd stake me life on it mate, if ye wud have only known her. When ye meet her, ye'll see."

      "But how do you know she's still the same person Nin?" Arie probed, and he frowned.

     "I just do." He said forcefully, and she nodded.

     "Maybe we can scry for her? Do you have anything that belonged to her?" Tobey asked, and to everyone?s surprise, Eirnin took the ring off his pinkie finger and gave it to Tobey. Lychelin frowned at him, but didn't say a word.

   Tobey slipped the ring on the string with the crystal, and then swung it back and forth.

When it stopped, he looked up frowning.

Eirnin walked over to the map, gasped, then looked up at Tobey.

     "And yer sure mate, tis where she is?"

     "Yup, the stones don't lie." He replied grinning.

     "Fuck me. Then I have to go."

     "And what of yer wife idiot?" Lychelin demanded.

     "I'll go with him so he won't get into any trouble." Tobey said grinning.

     "Truly?" Eirnin asked grinning now himself, and Tobey nodded and Eirnin sighed.

     "Twuld it be too much to ask if ye told me wife too?" Eirnin replied sheepishly, and Tobey started laughing.

     "Is you on crack, ahh I think not.  She aien't guttin me." He laughed, and the rest of the men in the room smiled slightly.



As I lay down on the enormous bed, I was surprised at how comfortable it was. I had been used to my mat a century ago, and this was the first time I had ever slept in a white man?s bed. Although, my cousin said they were not to be called that anymore, but I felt like it was a lot more graceful than the words he had used to describe them.

     I still couldn't seem to get used to the changes, and the fact that women ate and drank like men was astonishing to me. Women could actually go as they pleased, and had no one to answer to but themselves. I smiled at that. I think I would like this century just fine. I smiled as sleep claimed me. The Great Spirits knew I needed it.




     I awoke sometime later to shouting. I shot up in the bed, pulled on the robe and ran from the room.

     As I came down the stairs, I saw Eirnin standing there. As I looked at the man standing next to him I noticed he had the same reaction to me as I had to him. He was very handsome, and looked as if he was one of the mulatto slaves. He had curly blond hair, and beautiful gold eyes. I caught myself, and then felt the blush creep into my cheeks as he smiled slightly.

       "Eirnin." I said, then embraced him, and my cousin frowned.

       "How Aisling? I have been wrackin me brains tryin to figure it out!" He cried as he drew back from me, and I laughed. His brogue was still as thick as ever.

       "I have no idea. One minute I was among the Great Spirits, and the next I was here. Not to mention I had to release myself from the grave." I stated frowning, and I noticed the man next to him frowned, and then gasped.

       "You mean you had to dig your way out? Shit, that's wicked!" Tobey cried, and David frowned.

       "And you are?" I asked, and he smiled fully at me then, and it was wonderful.

       "Tobey." He said extending his hand, and my cousin was immediately in front of me. He shook his head and growled slightly.


       "Its kewl, I get the markin the territory thang. My sister's married to a vamp, and my cousin one of you guys." Tobey replied as he took a step back, but something about him drew me, and I took a step forward without even realizing it. He smiled again.

      "Ummm...well, we need to take Aisling with us." Eirnin said clearing his throat. He too had noticed Aisling's reaction to Tobey, and hid his grin. Whether her cousin wanted it or not, she was already attracted to Tobey.

       "Shit you say." David stated.

       "No...seriously dude...we have to. Rev is the one who cast the spell to bring her back, so Meng has to fix it. She's linked to both Rev and Ry, and it could be very dangerous if she begins to manifest Ry's traits."Tobey countered frowning.

     "Don't call me dude, and who the hell is Ry?" David spat.

     "11th century vampire. We need to fix this David, and now." Eirnin commanded, and David nodded reluctantly.

     "So my cousin and I shall go with you?" I questioned frowning now myself.

     "Cousin?" Tobey inquired with a lifted brow, and I tried not to smile as David growled again.

      "Yes, we canna know what will happen till we speak to Menge."

      "And who the fuck is this Menge?" David questioned frowning still.

     "Revelin's uncle, and the one who told her to cast the life spell in the first place. We had no clue about you, so we didn't buy you a ticket; but I'm sure you can get one at the airport. But we gotta seriously be ghost, and now. There is no telling what the Council is up to."Tobey stated frowning.

     "Shouldn't he fucken know? You bastards are the ones who killed her in the first fucken place!" David spat taking a step towards Eirnin, and Tobey frowned.

     "Actually he wouldn't since he was burned by the Council, almost killed, and his wife was bit by both vampire and Lycan. What Eirnin may have been, isn't anything like what he is now. You got a problem with that?" Tobey challenged as he stepped to David and he growled again.

      I gasped as the sudden blue light surrounded the man Tobey, and his entire body began to illuminate that same blue light. He curled the blue and gold ball in his hand, as if he were daring my cousin to make a move.

     "David, stop it." I yelled at him, and then took a deep breath, because something suddenly went through me. My cousin looked at me wide eyed, because he noticed Tobey was panting as well. I looked to him then wide eyed myself as I tried to regain my breathing. I noticed he grinned as he continued to catch his breath.

     "What...the hell wus that?" Eirnin cried, and I took a step back, because his eyes were amber.

     "Her." Tobey whispered grinning even wider than.

     "We need to get the fuck back to England and now." Eirnin commanded, and Tobey nodded. "We leave now. And none of yer shite David." Eirnin stated, and he nodded reluctantly and guided me from the room.

     "There are bags in the closet, put the new stuff we bought this afternoon into them, and quickly." David commanded, and I ran for the stairs nodding myself.           


     "What the hell wus that?"

     "I've no clue dude, but I'm so lovin it!" Tobey cried laughing, and Eirnin grinned despite the situation shaking his head.

     "Well let it lie for now mate, till we at least clear these shores. Ye mate are a wanted man, and the sooner we get ye the fuck outta here, the better."

     "Yea, cuz I am seriously feelin that mate." Tobey replied frowning as they both came back down the stairs. He reached for her bags, when her cousin growled at him.

     "Dude, chalaxe, it is so not that serious." He grinned, and then winked at her, and she tried not to laugh.



     He was a character, that much I could see; but for some strange reason I was drawn to him more than I had ever been to any other man in my life. 

Finnegan included. 

As he reached for my bag, our hands touched, and something akin to lightening shot up my spine and I gasped.

    By the way he looked at me, I knew he felt it too. He picked up the bag, and then walked out of the door. I took a deep breath, and then went after him. I could feel my cousin frowning at me. 

Then I remembered, he'd been the one to tell me women of the 21stcentury answered to themselves, and themselves only and I smiled. 

Yes, I would like this century, I thought as Tobey opened the door for me, then slid in next to me.