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Social Media @ It's Finest...

Posted on June 5, 2013 at 5:15 PM

Social Media at its finest...

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Cruising some of my sites that I subscribe to, I found myself wondering; why is it that because the internet offers some form of anonymity, people just run with that?

I like to use a lot of slang. I'm guessing the fact that I'm a Literature teacher, and I have to speak in proper English all day long; I kinda feel like when I'm at home it's kewl if I don’t. Well I was actually taken to task for my usage of slang, not once but twice trashed for it.

I happen to belong to this one site, which promotes dating as well as writing, and some tool said because I used a lot of slang, which he mistook for misspellings; there was no way in hell I could be a Literature/Art History/ Mythology Teacher, (personally, I believe it was just sour grapes cuz I turned his triflin ass down tee-hee-hee).

Moreover, on Monday, once again someone made a rather nasty comment about my slang. He even went so far as to imply that anyone who uses slang, can't possibly expect people to take them seriously as a writer. Can we say Pretentious AF!

Laughably, then again yesterday, I was actually kicked out of a group, because the thread was in an interracial group get this;

Black Women, who Love White Men!



I only went into the group to see what it was about, after laughing hysterically. What caught my eye the most was the fact that it was named Black Women, instead of White Men, who love black women, especially seeing as how the administrator is a white male.

Misogynist much!



Anyway, I liked many of the people despite the horrible name cuz c’mon I write interracial romance, so of course I am attracted to white men. Well one group member named Shanesha had me in stitches the entire time, because she was hysterically funny. So, there was a post from this woman, where in my eyes, she basically set women back centuries. It was on relationships, and how she made her man her king, how he was the king of his castle, how she made him a hot meal each morning, a homemade lunch, rubbed his feet, blah blah blah. I can understand this if you are a stay at home wife, and you have nothing better to do than that ( hope I don’t offend anyone, but  I did the domestic, not to that extreme, but I did). Well, it’s an open forum, so I was like well my idea of a relationship is 50/50. You squeeze the orange juice, and I fry the bacon.


Boy, did that start a shite storm lol.


Some guy named Paul, I wish I remembered his last name, so he could be put on blast for the misogynistic bastard that he is, responded to the post very negatively. He even went so far as to spew this sexually defined bullshit, and because I called him on it, he began to rudely comment on me saying I was bitter, probably hurt by some man, and crap like that. He was looking for a traditional wife ( I say more like a backwater slave) and it wasn’t get this, he actually typed Alexandria Infante. Then had the nerve to say that I had an attitude problem, and I obviously couldn’t take a joke. The whole ordeal was far from funny, and I was shocked that he would think that it was.


They kicked me! Hahaha, off the site.


I am assuming they have a policy which says no arguing, so I can understand removing people from the site who do. But come on you lil jerk off admin, make it fair. If you’re kicking me off, do the same to him, fair is fair.


How do I know he’s still on?


Another member I became friends with said the conversation was still going on, he was still talking trash about me, incited the rest of the members too as well, but he was still allowed to be on the site. I could say a whole lot of nasty things about the admin, the guy and the Facebook group as a whole, but I’m just moving on. However, it does bring me back to the topic of the day;

The only thing I hate about the internet is how people can hide their identity, so it means no one has to take responsibility for what they actually say. People can spew the most hateful, evil, misogynistic, derogatory racist shite they can think of, yet are never held accountable for it.


Just my thoughts for the day, while I sit here giving my second to last final for my students lol.

My thinking, I should stay out of chat groups and social media sites, unless it has to do with my writing, or teaching lol.


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