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This is for the Male in You...

Posted on May 15, 2013 at 3:45 PM

Author Alexandria Infante.

This is the Teaching between Midnight and Dawn Series...






I was listening, or more like eavesdropping, lol on a conversation between this couple. The girl was complaining that the guy had no spark anymore. He was pretty much absent in the relationship, and she wanted to know if it was over between them. The guy came back with the normal guy speak, ending with the infamous, "Just because I don't say I love you everyday, doesn't mean that I don't!"

I sorta chuckled to myself, then shook my head, finished my Starbucks, then left.


Since Sundays seem to be the only day I don’t have a million fricken things to do, I’ve decided that I’ll make Sundays blog day. For some reason your body seems to just go into that lazy mode, and won’t come out of it :)

In my quest for the perfect relaxing Sunday, I did a bit of internet surfing, downloaded some new tunes, and just pretty much vegged; with a cold glass of moscat or as the popular term so deems it, moscato.


And no I didn’t do it wit no hands…


Well, my music library is pretty nil now (My music man isn’t home for the summer yet :( especially since it seems like there’s a new hit every five seconds, so I thought I’d replenish it. Moreover, since I write Romance, I try to keep my library full of sexy cuts like Trey, Drake, Omarion, Robin Thicke, Bichatas, and even some alternative love songs.

In my search for love songs or just some get down and get nasty music lol, because I need that too since I write sensual Romance. I paused to think about the slow jam, the alternative love song, or some of that plain amazing 70s and 80s music, which was sung by some relatively hot looking guy who swears he meant the words he was singing.


My mind instantly reverted back to that conversation between the guy and girl.


(Love songs by women are entirely different), and for today this is about the “Male” lol.



Steven Tyler’s, “Don’t go to Sleep”, Player’s “Baby Come back”, Journey’s “Send Her My Love”, Incubus’ “Wish You were Here”, Mike Posner’s “Please Don’t Go” Nevershoutnever’s “Trouble” Crossfade’s “Cold” and Trap’s “Echo;” they all seem to imply some romantic sense of what men think. Especially, when that certain woman decides she’s had enough and walks.

Nevertheless, as I delved deeper into the music, I found myself going back to my roots, R&B, Bichatas, and the like.


My first impression was; why can’t men really think like this?


Seeing that I write romance, I normally get my creative juices (my brain people) flowing when I listen to music.

If it’s a fight scene, then it’s Evanescence, Nickel Back, Link n’ Park, Three days Grace, Disturbed ect. If it’s dialogue, then it Michael Bubble’, good old Frank, and 70s & 80s music as a whole.


However, when I get to the intimate scenes or argument scenes where the two main characters are pissed, have a huge fight to which one eventually storms out, I find myself going back to real R&B, (Tank, Tyrese, Usher, Robin, Jon. B., Trey, Jamie) or what my daughter and her friend like to term “Ridiculously Black Slow Jams”, love songs (mostly women here, because after all, I am. I loveeee Adel) because it seems to stimulate my brain for what it is exactly I need to write. In addition, don’t even get me started on Musiq Soulchild’s Beautiful!


God, I loveee that song!


Nevertheless, as I was listening to music, Trey Songz’s Role Play to be exact, I wondered to myself;


“Why aren’t men really like this?”

And if they are, where the hell are they??? Lol

Any wonder we women love Romance in most forms.


If you’ve watched any of Trey’s videos, you would think he was in actuality, the “Black Casanova”, because the sensuality just exudes from his videos. I had an urge to watch the video, and I was still amazed at how men just don’t seem to get it?


To my Male Counter parts out there;


This is what a woman wants!!!

Usher’s Trading Places is one of the hottest videos out there, and I suddenly thought;


“If men spent as much time watching these types of videos as they do say “Sports!” They would have a clue as to how a woman wants to be treated intimately, and essentially score major fricken brownie points.


Sadly enough, most men think artist like Drake, Tyrese, Trey, and Usher are punks (nicest word I could think of as opposed to what some of my guy friends called them), because they give up too much emotions. Nevertheless, here’s the thing guys; if you took even the slightest amount of advice from their songs, you know that hot chick you’ve been after for so long?

She would ultimately melt in your arms, if you took your head out cha ass for like two seconds and said hummm, “Maybe there is something to this.”

I swear, she would be eternally yours.


Even if you’re well endowed, if you don’t know how to use it, and when I say use it, not just the sex; but the sensuality of it, then you’re still a douche lol.


Moreover, learning is fun, and maybe you might even actually go so far as to ask her what “She” wants.


You might just be the guy women fight over.


Have you ever wondered why that amazing looking chick was with what you would consider a douche or a nerd?


It’s because he put her first (sexually, sensually, and emotionally). There is no such thing as emotionless sex, no matter how both sexes like to think there is.

Yet, to my male compradors, this intimacy is what keeps her there!

If you find that your relationship is lacking, your marriage just doesn’t have that spark sexually anymore, or something is just missing; try reading Women’s Fiction.


Even if it isn’t manly,

consider it your research lol.


Whether its a Sexy Paranormal, a Hot Steamy Contemporary, or that Sensual Historical Fiction, they all have one thing in common; they were written by Women for Women.


What better way to know the mind of a woman, or what she wants then to read it?


It is written there in plain English what she wants, what she dreams, and her wildest fantasy...


In addition, if you’re a guy who dates women of color, (African-American, Latina, Indian, Arab, ect) you had better invest in some ethnic culture. The one major thing the above artist have in common; is women all over the World LOVE them, no matter what Race, Sexuality, Sexual Orientation or Creed they are, and you know why?


Because they speak to the heart of the women, and what she wants intimately...


Just a thought.


If you’re a male reading this, women know what other women want.


It’s like my younger brother used to tell me when I was on the dating scene and asked him about some guy I was dating. He would reply, “Don’t ask another man about a man, unless you want the truth.”


That goes for us women too…



Have an awesome day!!!

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