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Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn features Lycans,  the mythologies of the Goddess Sekhmet the supposed original Vampire, Mulkie the first Lycan King, and Ast' the Mother Goddess, Goddess of Life and Death; as well as the Underworld.

   Ast' is known to us Westerners as Isis. Teach Me the Night is the second in the series about teachers; this one featuring Vampires. 

     My site is to give you not only updates on Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn,

The series include;

Book 1: Arieanná Legend; 

Arieanná was pretty much happy with her life. Her students loved her, and she loved teaching; life was simple and uncomplicated. That's until she met Auron.  Sent by an exclusive underground sect, Auron's there to protect the descendant of Ast at all cost. His number one purpose is to keep the supposed volume of Ast's magick from entering the hands of the wrong people, in spite of the fact it might cause his death.  

Exiled two centuries ago from his Företag for insubordination and murder, Auron knows if Jimmy Mann gets his hands on that book, all hell will break lose. Centuries of war will spill onto a human battleground, and the causalities catastrophic. The governing Council will do whatever it deems necessary to keep that from happening; even if it means taking out the descendant, Lycans, Warlocks, Witches, Shape-shifters and Vampires alike. The hieroglyphs state she holds the key to the location of Ast's legendary book of magick; the only problem is, Arieanna doesn't know it yet! 

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Book 2 Teach Me the Night: Kissing Cousins; 

When her parents are killed, Jobey isn't thinking straight because she can't find her twin brother Tobey.

Yet in the search for Tobey, Jobey finds not only the hottest guy in L.A. to help her; but she also realizes she's connected to the descendant Arieanná , and Ast` infamous book of magick (Vamps, The Legend of Sekhmet the first supposed vampire, Amber Council).

Book 3Teaching Can be Murder: Avantes; 

Who'd have guessed professor Magnus Crookland would be anything but a book scholar?

From the way, he pushes up his black rimmed glasses with his middle finger, to the way he hordes the infamous diary of Sir Wyatt.

At the same time, Emmalinda realizes early on from that lopsided grin of his, there's something she's missing with Professor Crookland... (Ancient secret Church societies, Warlocks, Witches, Demons, Avantes, Brotherhood, Flamini, and the Pallid Council).

Book 4Dark Premonitions

The Seeker; 

Thanks to her old college room mate Debbi, Sahbania's finding the late night séance of long ago just might actually be true.

Not to mention she wants to know just what the hell a Succubus is, how she became it, and did he really just bite her?

Lychelin's brother Eirnin returns after 350 years of exile, and although elated to see his baby brother; Lychelin is pissed because the fricken anarok turned someone! (Roman Gods, Greek Goddesses, Three Day Love Fest, Lycans, African myths, the Pallid & Jade Council).

Book 5 A Kiss Between Midnight and Dawn: 

Sephoroth's Return; 

De' Luna should have known when she saw him in Brodens reading, he was too good to be true. 

Just the name Rue implied it!

With looks like that he was a walking orgasm. And those cerulean baby blues, mixed with that crooked grin; spelled trouble with a capital T...

Vampire Master Sephoroth returns... and boy is he pissed...

(Vamps, and the legend of Spartacus.  The Pallid & Jade Council).

Book 6. The Gargoyle Keeper: Best Mates are Forever; 

Magnus' best mate Quillan from centuries ago returns only he has a lil secret about daylight; and only Kalanit can help him fix it.

However, Merlin has decadently sweet plans for Kalanit, especially after she broke the stone and absorbed his power. 

There was no way in hell he would allow that lil shite to have her...

           (Gargoyles, the Black Death, the Legend of Merlin, and the Pallid Council).

Book 7 Red Ryzin: Okuza;

Revelin would never in a million years sleep with someone after just having met them!

Why it went against her girl code.

But, from the moment he walked up to her with the golden Ares mask, it was like she just couldn't think straight anymore!

From the minute he laid eyes on her, Ryzo had different thoughts entirely. Moreover, Revelin's mistake; she should have never looked into his beautiful slanted green eyes...

(Vamps, wolves, warlocks, the legend of the Genji, the first Japanese Empress, Fujiwara, Okuza, the Japanese Sun Goddess, and the Pallid & Jade Councils ).

Book 8. Blackwind's Song: Love at First Sight; 

Tobey was just as amazed as everyone else when she appeared out of nowhere from Revelin's Life Spell.

The moment he looked into her beautiful deep blue eyes he knew they'd connected; and as corny as it might sound, they connected on another level.

   When he received the ancient tattoo of Horus the Elder, and the woman running with wolves; as he looked at the image he realized it was her! He had to find her; because the look in her eyes told him she and he would be more than just friends. (Ancient Blackfeet legends, Shaman, Horus the Elder, and the Jade & Delineate Councils of Foremen).

Book 9 Cycles of Change: All Hell Breaking Loose; 

if you have asked Arieanna a year ago if she’d be here, she’d have thought you flippen crazy!

When he appeared in her dream, she thought it was just that; until Dagda knocked on her car window.

She knew instantly she would never be able to resist him, just the eyes alone would be her undoing. Not to mention the links with Sephoroth.

Was it even in her to resists the both of them? Centuries old men, who looked like Apollo himself.

2,085 year old vamp, and an ancient 3,200 year old Celtic God.

Sephoroth with his depth-less ice blue eyes,Kan svant, and Dagda if for no other reason than his beautiful spinning blue eyes and dark looks.

And what of Auron...

(Lycans, Vamps, Warlocks, Witches, Celtic Gods, and the Pallid, Jade, andDelineate Councils of Foremen).

Book 10. Loose Connections: Making Choices; 

Margaux had no idea what the hell a werecat was when he told her.

Then he had this insane notion that he was half-vampire, and half- tiger! 

Had he lost his mind?

But after one Kiss from Regan, Maggy didn't care. He kept saying she was his other half, she just had no idea he'd meant it literally!

             (Werecats, Lycans, Vamps, Warlocks, Keltic Gods, the Exodus Council of Ancients and the Delineate Councils of Foremen).

Book 11. Carousel: Legacy; 

When Keelik introduced the 15 insanely hot men, then said they were the progenitors of the species;  Arieanná nearly fell off her chair.

It wasn't in a woman to resist men who fricken look like them!

After Thigby cast Malefesia's Sleeping spell, she asked herself what else could happen to them? Auron and her were barely getting back to what they used to be, the links with Sephoroth didn't seem to bother him as much; and he'd even conceded Jeff (Dagda) was her husband as well.

But when Stenos walked in, she nearly stopped breathing...

(titans, progenitors, Delineate Council, Exodus Council, and Nia's Premonition....) 

 Book 12. Hidden Shadows: Sometimes the past should be just that; 

When Seraphina's grandmier begged her to come to Carnival, she didn't stop to think twice; and she even coerced Ashley, Kendra and Jessica to go with her.

Yet, when the girls forced her to go up to some random guy at Carnival and kiss him, because it was the Carnival Tradition; Sera never imagined in her most erotic dreams it would be a kiss like that...

(Shape-shifters, vamps, lycans, witches, warlocks, all five Councils). All boo-kie breaks loose, and Arieanná , Emmalinda, Kalanit, De' Luna and Jobey take on a new source of power.


 Book 13. Renewal: Do Overs;

Finnlagh had no clue why he was caught up in the middle of the chaos again.

Although, from the minute he laid eyes on Abseil, he knew she was connected not only to him physically, but to his future as well.

Arieanná finally, realizes the consequences of being a descendant of Ast' and Osiris.

Now she needs to contemplate if it’s worth it. In addition, even if she wanted too could she actually give this power back?

Moreover, if she did, what of the others....

(Vamps, shape-shifters, lycans, warlocks, witches, all six Councils).


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