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Reply Karina Brandt
3:42 PM on June 6, 2012 

Alexandria, wonderful website, and it seems your stories are intriguing and fascinating, I'll have to visit your site again to get a better study of it all.

Keep it going.

- Karina Brandt

Reply Sandy Nachlinger
2:31 PM on December 12, 2011 

Just read your post on "Reading Romance" on Book Blogs regarding your book idea. How about if your heroine continues dating both guys for a while and you add lots of "trouble ensues" moments. I think she should eventually forget both of them! The older guy sounds like a jerk, and the young guy could present too many complications. Does she really want to start another family? Maybe introduce a third guy who keeps popping up and have him be a possibility for her future as the book ends. But she needs to "find herself" and not feel like she needs either the younger or older guy in order to be happy. 

Reply Terri D
4:17 PM on December 11, 2011 

I am a hopeless romantic so my advice would be for her to follow her heart which it seems is with the younger guy.  Life is short and you only live once so you have to live each day to its fullest.  Stability is good too but as someone once said if you love two people love the 2nd one since if you really loved the 1st one the 2nd one would have had a chance to get that close to your heart anyway.

Reply Mariah
3:09 PM on December 10, 2011 

Allie, I had an additional thought that came to me late last night long after I'd posted here. You know something? My Grandma would say that Mr.43 is a very ignorant man who thinks he's a lot smarter than he is. He tries to come off like he's better than others with his superior ways, but "his tongue has made him deaf". And, that younger fella, Mr.26 is almost too good to be true with 2 major flaws for Emma. Not, it's okay for him to want those things, but not if Emma doesn't. It doesn't seem like either one of those men really accepts Emma for who she really is and they probably won't compromise or change for her, but they'll want her to change for them. That's not nice - they're both little boys and Emma doesn't need another child to raise.

That's how my Grandma would've looked at it, and then she would have concluded with the same thing that she told me, "When you quit looking for a man, that's when the right one comes along. Just when you think you've got your stuff together, that's when men come along and mess it up. But, the right one won't mess it up - he'll only make it better."

Hope this helps some. Take care,


Reply Mariah
10:57 PM on December 9, 2011 

Poor Emma. Man - she does have quite a conundrum there. Mr. 43yr and she have nothing in common except in the bedroom. That man is older than she is and I can attest to the fact that he's just going to continue to get older and probably even more conservative and opinionated. Also, the good that they have in the bedroom most likely won't last because one of the first things that goes south on most men is that which is south of their belt along with being able to put any serious time into their efforts, even with a little blue pill to assist.

Emma's son is also 12 right now, but he's going to be 15 and probably be like most teen-agers. Mr. 43yr isn't going to want to put up with the shenanigans of a moody, hormone charged 15yr old young man. That's when Mr.43yr may just show how conservative and opinionated he really is.

Mr.26yr sounds lovely, but he is at that age where they really don't know what they want. He wants marriage and children, which you state Emma doesn't want anymore of if I read that correctly. If he does want that and Emma doesn't, she may just want to find a way to nicely cut him loose before he grows tired of her. He may be looking for a "momma-figure", too - after all, he IS just 14 years older than her own son.

Were Emma my friend I would suggest to her that she sit back and look at what's wrong with the picture of these two men. Though both have some lovely characteristics, it doesn't seem that either of them have grown up yet. Emma doesn't need to raise another son or walk on eggshells. I'm sure she's a beautiful lady, too, so she met a great guy while in Starbucks, she can meet an even better one while she's in Target buying an athletic cup for her son. Maybe she'd meet a man with children close to the age of her son who was devoted to his child to the point where he didn't want another marriage or more children either, yet be a wonderful companion and dear "friend with benefits", so that they'd each have someone they could count on, lean on, have fun in the bedroom, and also have many wonderful things in common in many ways.

Reply Savvy Bange
9:16 PM on December 9, 2011 

Devestated yet slightly excited with her choice she decides to choose the 26 year old. However a final fling with her older boyfriend seems apropriate before she leaves. While having her final run with her unsuspected old boyfriend mr. 26 years old left his keys, coat, whatever and walks in (since he does have a key of course) and finds the two of them in the act. after a rant on how low she can be he storms out into the night and she follows. Leaving the older man angry and confused in bed. They confront outside and dispute about if its all worth it and how could she. But he leaves her. Broken and with out anyone. She learns bitterly what happens if you play with hearts.

Reply mary merrell
7:12 PM on December 9, 2011 

Hi Alie,

I thought your idea for our idea on your ending very cool, so I checked out yor website and it really caught my attention. I really like the fact you wrote about gargoyles. Have to check that out. My idea is: and it may be a little to sweet and mushy for your taste, but I must have a happy ending. Why not have her not make a decision on her own but meet a third man, not so young, not so old but just right. (Kind of like Goldlilocks and the three hotties)He can be hunky and a wonderful...father also to his own child. I don't know the details of why he's single - that's your job. Don't know what you think but that's my story. I write paranormal mysteries and you can check out my website www.maryemerrell.com. I've just uploaded my second book Curve Appeal in my Real Estate Mystery Series. Hope to hear from you.   Mary Merrell